How often to the players aged 6 - 10 train?
For the Player aged 6 - 10 the program is two days a week of training and possible a third day for open play. One session focuses on all of the soccer skills, and in the other session the players will work on all of the components of being a better athlete such as quickness, agility, speed, coordination, etc. in a fun environment. Through the digital booklet and social media the players will also be equipped with drills they can work on at home during the week. We have found for this age group, two days a week is a good balance for players to continue to work on their skills over the summer while allowing them to also enjoy their time off. With the additional drills, players can choose on their own if they want to do some extra work throughout the week.

I have an 8 or older athlete that would like to do the 4 days a week program. Can he/she do that?
Yes, but it needs to be discussed and cleared with the program Director Alexander McLaurin.

My athlete is falls in the 11-15 age group, but mornings work better with our schedule. Is is possible to train in the 16+ morning session?
Yes, but it needs to be discussed and cleared with the program Director Alexander McLaurin.

For the players aged 11 and older I see the program is 5 days a week of training. Is that not a bit much over the summer during their time off?
This program was designed for players that are really looking to advance their skills and take their game to a different level during their off-season which is the best time for individual development. There is lots of research that states 6 weeks is about the time it takes for a player to really improve with consistent work, and it is also what happens at the US Development Academy Level. We designed this program to systematically improve a player through consistent day to day training, rather than random camps that last for 3-4 days then a couple weeks pass until the next camp. What we also noticed in camps was that players train about 3-4 hours at a time, with the drills often being very random. Our training sessions are 1.5 hrs of training which each week of sessions looking to build on the previous so that players really gain an understanding of the exercise and can execute the skill with confidence. The training is also just 4 days a week with the 5th day, free play Friday's being optional. Through our 5 year experience we have actually found that the players enjoy the consistency of training daily. While weeks 1-2 seem like there is such a long time to go, by the third week even the new participants are fully adapted to the daily training.

You can also check this link to see what players have said about the training program:

While the 4 days a week program sounds great, we still feel like it may be a bit much for us. Are there any other options within the program?
Yes, we also offer a 2 day options for those that feel 4 days may be too much. While we don't guarantee that your test results and improvements will be as significant as the 4 day program, we still feel like it is a great way to stay active over the summer and work on your skills and athletic abilities.

There is mention of a test-in and test-out process. Can you tell me more about that?
Absolutely. We want players/parents to see their improvements and also the areas they may want to continue to focus on a bit more. In order to do this, we test the players at the start of the program, as well as the end of the program. In the sports performance component this includes three test: L-cone (quickness and change of direction), 40-yd dash (acceleration and speed), and the Interval Test (speed endurance). For the soccer component this
includes: Juggling (1st touch/control), Figure 8 Dribble (control/dribbling/speed), 25 yd shuttle w/ball (control/speed/change of direction/endurance). For Goal Keepers there will 2 separate drills working on their distribution.

It is summer time, so we will be traveling and may miss a week or two. Does this impact our ability to participate?
No it does not. Again, while we can't guarantee the same level of improvement, it does not mean a athlete cannot participate in the program. We will be uploading some of the training drills that can be performed individually or with a partner so that dedicated athletes can still keep up with their training on vacation by taking 30-45 min to work on the skills or short fitness workouts. If players are going to miss a significant amount of time we can even look at a possibility of prorating part of the cost the program. You will need to contact the program director, Alexander McLaurin directly to discuss.

What do I need to bring to the sessions and what should we expect and what are the expectations of the staff for the athletes?
Athletes only need to bring water/sports drink and the proper equipment to the sessions. For the soccer sessions that is shin guards and cleats. Sessions will not cancel as they will be performed inside. There may be times that we move outside for some finishing or if there are good weather conditions. Players can bring a ball to the sessions if they want, but it is not required as we will provide everything needed. For the sports performance sessions players just need to bring their water/sports drink and wear flat sports shoes that offer good support.

Athletes can expect a professional staff that will make the sessions fun, challenging, and help them get better. The staff expects players to come with a good attitude ready to learn and improve. Players should be properly fueled with nutrition and hydrated to be their best for the session.

For any other questions please contact Program Director

Alexander McLaurin
(918) 237-0067