February 2015

6 things to know in the snow 

Make sure to cover up when the mercury drops.

Whether you're walking downtown or skiing up north, it's important to be prepared for a Canadian winter's biting temperatures and slippery surfaces. 

The Pulse spoke with North York General Hospital's Dr. Katherine Ker, Lead Physician, Rudy and Rita Koehler Family Medicine Teaching Unit, about winter safety and what you should know when the mercury dips. 

Find out the things you should know.


Dr. Frank Sullivan talks about his exciting role
Dr. Frank Sullivan

Dr. Frank Sullivan arrived at North York General Hospital, he was struck by the hospital's potential to shape health care research.

"This is a place full of opportunities to make a real difference in how we treat patients and families in a community hospital setting," says the inaugural Gordon F. Cheesbrough Research Chair in Family and Community Medicine. "We have incredible partnerships - within academia and in the community - to really study the care we provide and find ways to enhance it."

Learn more about Dr. Sullivan.


Health Links: Better care comes in many forms


Health Links is a new model of care that makes it easier for people who rely on our system the most, such as seniors and people with complex chronic conditions, to access health care.

In the summer of 2014, Gaye Rudolph was hospitalized because she was having difficulty controlling her diabetes. She was also struggling to take care of herself at home. 

During that hospital stay, her family and physicians began discussing the possibility of Gaye moving to a long-term care home, but she wanted to stay in her condo.  Shortly following this hospitalization, Gaye was enrolled in the North York Central Health Link and slowly, with the help of her Health Links Care Coordinator, Lauren Lindsay , life began to get better.  

Murals prevent patients with dementia from wandering
Studies have shown door murals reduce the number of unwanted exit attempts by patients with dementia and have the added benefit of maintaining a peaceful environment.

When someone with dementia feels disoriented or confused, there is a greater chance the person will wander.

Many patients on one of North York General Hospital's 5th floor medicine units have cognitive disorders such  as dementia.   To prevent them from wandering and exiting the unit, Rachel Bressler was invited to paint the illusion of a barrier on two sets of doors.

Studies have shown door murals reduce the number of unwanted exit attempts and have the added benefit of maintaining a peaceful environment. 

Learn more about the murals and their impact on patients.

Supporting children and teens in a time of loss

Bereavement comfort package for children at North York General Hospital

Hospitals can be an intimidating place for children and teens, especially if a friend or loved one has passed away. 


Susan Mosure, Child and Teen Counsellor, and Joan Silcox-Smith, Director of Spiritual and Religious Care, are part of the bereavement team that started a pilot project to help children and teens cope with their emotions and deal with the passing of a loved one.  

Read about the bereavement packages.


Why we navigate the breast cancer system with extraordinary women every day 

Clinical Nurse Specialists Ashleigh Clarke and Doreen Saint  are patient navigators in the BMO Financial Group Breast Diagnostic Centre.

Patient navigators are relatively new at North York General Hospital. Patients in our BMO Financial Group Breast Diagnostic Centre are paired with a "navigator" who guides patients through the health care system by helping them access advice, education, information and support.

Clinical Nurse Specialists Ashleigh Clarke and Doreen Saint sat down to discuss why they wanted to become patient navigators.

Read their article.


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