On 60 Minutes this past Sunday,
Las Vegas native and aerospace
entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow
was discussing the successful
deployment of his company's
BEAM module, which was
launched to the International
Space Station on April 8, 2016,
during the 8th SpaceX cargo
resupply mission.

Bigelow then proceeded to
surprise his interviewer by
being very blunt about his views
that intelligent alien life not only
exists but that it is "under our
noses." Despite constant calls
by the 60 Minutes host for him
to express doubts or concerns
over the negative reactions he
may receive from others for
holding these views, he said that
the opinions of others
affect the facts that
he knows.

Bigelow has plans to spend up to
US$500 million to develop the
first commercial space station.

Bigelow Aerospace has launched
two experimental space modules
and has plans for full-scale
manned space habitats to be used
as orbital hotels, research labs
and factories.

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