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An Urgent Film About a Growing Trend of Laws
That Seek to Control a Pregnant Woman's Body
"The Muñoz case illustrates what's at stake when the distilled ideology of the anti-abortion movement makes its way into the laws of the land."
This weekend women around the world will once again march to demand fundamental rights for all. A recent article by the  New York Times ' Editorial Board  "Can a Corpse Give Birth?"  illustrates why continued activism and education remains vital. Through the story of the Muñoz family- subjects of Rebecca Haimowitz's 62 DAYS- the piece examines America's new pregnancy exclusion laws which are the  products of the anti-abortion movement's intent to make sure that the rights of fetuses supersede those of the women who are carrying them.
Marlise Muñoz was pregnant when she suffered a pulmonary embolism and was pronounced brain-dead. She had been clear about her end-of-life wishes: she did not want to be on mechanical support under any circumstances. But her  family was forced to keep her on life support because of a little-known law that states that life-sustaining treatment may not be withdrawn from a pregnant patient. 62 DAYS follows the Muñoz family as they journey from private loss, to unwanted media attention, and finally towards activism as they fight to change this law. 

As we approach the 46th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, 62 DAYS is a reminder that what's at stake in the war on reproductive rights goes beyond abortion and affects every woman in America. This urgent short film should be seen by anyone that cares about women's reproductive health and freedom.

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