63rd Annual Meeting of the Membership 
Elections Results + Recap

On Wednesday, April 20 at 3p, Community First staffers and Members met virtually for the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Membership. 

At the meeting, Community First Members re-elected Carel Van Den Heuvel, Jason Scott, and Robert Scott to the Board of Directors. Each Board member will serve a three-year term. 

Attendees heard reports from the Carolyn Welch, our Board Chair; Carle Van Den Heuvel, who substituted for Board Treasurer Robert Scott; then Monika Besancon, Credit Manager and Chief Lending Officer; John Kuhry, Supervisory Committee Chair; and from Scott Johnson., our Chief Executive Officer. 

The role of the Supervisory Committee is to ensure the assets of the Members are safe and proper controls are in place and being used. Additionally, they are responsible for the annual audit and financial statements.  

In addition to Kuhry, Christine Haggarty also serves on the Supervisory Committee.

The Board sets policy, approved the budget, and reviews the CEO’s progress in achieving goals and objectives. 

In addition to Welch and Van Den Heuvel, other Board Members include Vice Chair, Brian Cochran, as well as Arlene Colombini, John C. Burke, Madeline Holtkamp, Jason Scott, Robert Scott, and Tina Rivera. 

Both the Supervisory Committee and the Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers elected by the Membership. 

To view the recording of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Member click here