Issue 18                                                                                                                 March 2016
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Leader Board

64,055 performances added in March was a great accomplishment considering the most performances we've inserted in one month before was 43,023. A huge thank you to those who helped make this happen. The progress made this month in several facets is extremely encouraging about the future. With your help, we can get these lists complete much quicker.

Let's keep the momentum going
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Incomplete Rankings Lists
Large lists of performances from Poland, France, UK, Spain and the Czech Republic plus many complete meet results were sent to MastersRankings. Considering 97% of the performances listed are inserted by MastersRankings, this is a huge advancement toward making this site much easier to maintain. Efficiency improvements have resulted in significantly increasing inserted performances (2014 - 169,222; 2015 - 218,994; 2016 - 98,803 in 3 months). You can help us progress this further and make this much less expensive to maintain by:
  • Helping us arrange data sharing with organizations that already have rankings databases. Canada provides us rankings data from their database and other countries like Poland and Czech Republic provide us their rankings data in a format that is easy for us to process. It would be immensely easier to keep this site updated and complete if we could have rankings data from databases from Germany, France, Italy and any other national organization.
  • Emailing us complete meet results. We will take these in any form. Providing us results in our meet result spreadsheet will make it much easier for us to process. 
Of course, it is important to secure sustainable funding - we cannot maintain this invaluable site to everyone's expectations without it. We are at 7% of our 2016 funding goal but are stepping up our fundraising efforts this month. Our current efforts are for securing short term funding through major contributions and securing sustainable funding through corporate sponsors and grants. Major contributors are listed on each page of the rankings site. Sponsors' benefits are listed here. We and some athletes are working on soliciting Under Armour, major sports leagues and teams (NBA, NFL & MLB), Robert Herjavec and Richard Branson. We could use contacts for people connected with these organizations and people who can help us get in touch with and help us get sponsorship commitments. Please email me or call me if you want to be a major contributor and / or can help us secure sponsors.

Ranked Athlete Spotlight

Most of us have trouble finding time and places to train but high jumpers, pole vaulters, hammer throwers and hurdlers have it a little (or a lot) harder than most.  Compound this with cold and wet training conditions on dirt tracks and cycling lanes and you know how incredible Ivan's accomplishment was of setting the South American, M40, 400mh record in Lyon this past summer.  Ivan has set multiple South American age group records, won medals in 2011 Sacramento & 2013 Porto Alegre, won multiple Chilean National Championships, plus been honored by the Chilean Ministry of Sport and Chilean Masters Athletics Federation.  Ivan stopped competing while in his 20s but some friends convinced him to join masters athletics.  He thought it would be a temporary thing where he could just fool around with by occasionally competing.  Ivan's passion for hurdling was revived so he trains hard, sets high goals and his passion and perseverance is inspirational to young athletes with whom he trains.  He is currently busy preparing to achieve his goal of becoming a World Champion in Perth this year - we wish you much success achieving this!

Want to be featured in future Spotlights? Have a compelling or motivating story? We'd love to feature you. Email me @ with a little about you and your compelling story and I will send you a few questions to facilitate writing the article.
By the Numbers & Meet Results
Numbers since last newsletter:
  • 64,055 performances added (1,019 by athletes)
  • Representing 15,990 athletes from 90 countries
  • 6,334 new athletes listed
Complete Meet Results Added for (in order of number of perfomances):
Performance lists from Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, France and UK were also inserted (some of these were complete national rankings lists).

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Site Redesign Update
The updates, corrections and redesign progressed well this month. Most corrections have been done and bad links have been fixed. We should finish restoring all the pages and forms by the end of April. Thank you to everyone who contacted us about the site redesign. We welcome your ideas and requests for site improvements.  Make Suggestion / Request

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USATF in Albuquerque
Thank you to everyone who came to see me in Albuquerque. I have lost the notes I took while there so please contact me if I haven't followed up with you on anything we discussed. 
Facebook Notifications
Facebook has changed some things that I do not understand yet. Consequently, the posts we make on our  Facebook page  are not widely viewed (many posts would get up to thousands of views and now get between under 10 through a few dozen). I also thought we posted many more than I see now - we post almost every time we insert complete meet results and major lists. You may want to visit this page directly to see all our posts.
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Upcoming Competitions
The  Upcoming Competitions feature on this site needs your help to really benefit Masters Athletes. We all know that many athletes have a lot of trouble finding places to compete and this feature is intended to help athletes find competitions. Anyone can  add an upcoming competition to the list and we encourage you to submit information on any meets you know about. Thank you! 
Excited About the Future
I am so encouraged by what has happened over the past few months with more people worldwide who rely on this site (I see posts all the time where people reference something about the site), the increase in cooperation / collaboration and the help / interest in securing / providing sustainable funding. It feels like there will be a breakthrough shortly with funding, collaboration and awareness. Imagine how great this site will be then! 

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