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October 23, 2020
January 8, 2021
Important Websites for High School Families

1: From the Interim Principal
Happy New Year St. Louis Park Families,

We are nearing the end of first semester, and our students are working hard to do the very best they can to finish strong in this pandemic. I am well aware of the challenges our students face while learning in a distance model, particularly when it comes to motivation, anxiety and workload. I thank you for doing everything you can to support them! We are all hoping that the vaccine will be made available sooner than later, and that the Covid numbers continue to decrease because nothing would make our staff happier than to have our kids back in our classrooms.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are adopting a temporary grading practice allowing our students/families to make a choice regarding grading. Students and parents/guardians may elect traditional LETTER GRADES or a PASS/NO CREDIT option. In our efforts to hold students’ grade point averages harmless, we are taking the following steps:
No F’s will be given - if a student fails a course, they will receive NC, (No Credit) 
No D’s will be given - if a student earns a D, a P (Pass) will be entered for the grade 
Incompletes, (“I”), may be given. The teacher must follow up and change the grade when completed. Note: Senior GPAs will be pulled on March 1st to determine Honors Awards. 
A procedure for declaring student/parent/guardian grading options will take place from Jan. 20-27 in Park Connections. Additional information will be provided by Jan. 20th and you will be asked to complete a Google Form to make your selection. Student/parent grading choices must be submitted by the last day of the semester, which is Jan. 28, 2021.

Prior to making these choices, it’s important that students and parents/guardians know:
P’s do not impact the grade point average positively or negatively. 
Letter grades give more information on a transcript than P’s do. 
If a student is considering selective post secondary institutions, those schools may prefer to see strong letter grades (A’s and B’s). 
Post secondary institutions may not want to see a pattern of P’s. 
We encourage you to do the best you can and to use this option sparingly.
All post secondary institutions know grades earned during the 2020-2021 academic year were earned during the time of a global pandemic. We anticipate many post secondary institutions will be understanding of our practice and we do not expect that a small number of P’s on a transcript would negatively impact a student's chances for admission. However, we recommend each student reach out to the admissions offices at the respective post secondary institutions, to ask how they will view P grades on transcripts.
NCAA Statement for Division 1 or 2 sports:
For courses completed with a “pass” grade, the Eligibility Center will apply the credit earned in those courses toward the core-course requirement. If the core GPA would increase by assigning a value of 2.3, that value will be assigned to passed courses. If the 2.3 mark would decrease the scholar’s overall GPA, the core-course GPA will be calculated based only on courses with assigned letter grades from other terms. This policy will apply to scholars from all grade levels who successfully complete NCAA-approved pass/fail core courses in 2020-21.
I hope this grading option will provide some stress relief for students who may have traditionally earned higher grades than they are earning during this Pandemic. I believe that each and every one of our students and staff members are learning far more than they realize this year.
Lastly, we are happy to see the Covid numbers in a downward trend, and we certainly hope that trend continues. As we engage in plans for when we are able to bring our students back, we will need to reach out again to families to determine whether Cohort C students wish to switch to in-person learning. Much more information will be provided once decisions are made and dates are set.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Wendy Loberg
Interim Principal
2: Success In the Oriole's Nest This Week
Adin Garcia, grade 11, has been attending the Oriole's Nest Study Hall since the beginning of December. His mom had learned about the opportunity to come to school each day in a parent meeting with Principal Loberg, and encouraged him to attend. At first, Adin said he didn't think he needed to keep coming to the Nest, but then he started to think it was probably a good idea. He added, "It's a nice place to be. It's quiet and it's a better environment for me to get my work done."  Adin said he likes the opportunity to see friends once in a while, too. One of his friends comes each Wednesday and others come on different days. By attending our Oriole's Nest, he has raised his grades significantly in every single one of his classes. Keep it up, Adin! We have 3 weeks to go until the end of the semester.
3: Semester 2 Schedule Information
The following is a message from the Counselors regarding your Semester 2 class schedule:
Semester 2 schedules will be available in Powerschool starting Friday, January 15th. Please review as this is the most accurate version of student schedules.
The Schedule Change Request Form (online google form) will be available starting Jan. 15th as well for students to request a schedule change. Counselors will continually review the requests and be in touch with students via email regarding any changes. The google form link will be posted on the Powerschool Login page as well as on the Counselors Schoology pages.
Schedule changes will be made for the following reason:
1.    A wrong course appears
2.    A course has been failed
3.    A class is missing
4.    There is a class conflict.  
Please be advised there are no changes for teacher or time of day preference for classes.
Classes are still being balanced through February 1st, the first day of Semester 2, thus there still may be some changes to student schedules. 
All students should access Powerschool to see their updated schedule on Monday, Feb. 1st to start second semester
4: School Nutrition Meal Pick Up -January Schedule
Meal pickup schedule:
  • Monday 1/11/21 11:45am-12:45pm
  • Wednesday 1/13/21 11:45am-12:45pm ( Due to the holiday on Monday 1/18 the meal bag on Wednesday 1/13 will contain 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches)
  • Wednesday 1/20/21 11:45am-12:45pm
Breakfast and lunch is available for students in the building daily. Take home meal bags for students can be picked up in the cafeteria daily from 2:30-3:00pm
5: PEAC (Parent Engagement Advisory Committee) Meeting Notice

2nd Parent Engagement Advisory Committee (PEAC) Meeting, Tuesday, January 12, 7-8:00 PM via Zoom

Parents, please join us for the 2nd of 3 PEAC meetings this year.  
  • Hear from our principals as this year continues to evolve
  • Additional Academic Student support areas currently available as the semester winds down
  • CCR staff member Carrie Jennissen will provide updates on how your child can leverage College and Career Readiness resources
  • Learn about additional volunteer opportunities as we support students and staff

ID: 91989362795

Lauren Weiser and Julie Yakes 
PEAC Co-Chairs
6: Incoming 9th Grade Student Information 2021/2022
Greeting families and future 9th grade students,

Coming up is registration for Virtual High School Incoming 9th Grade Preview Night,
Tuesday January 19 from 6:30 to 8:00. Families in St. Louis Park will be receiving a postcard inviting you to this event. By registering you will receive two reminder emails the day of the event with a link of how to join the live virtual event via Zoom. During the virtual event, students and families will be welcomed by school leaders and participate in breakout rooms to learn more about St. Louis Park High School.

Breakout rooms will feature:
• Student Panel
• Academic Department Chairs -
• Guidance Counselors & Multicultural Liaisons
• Athletic Director & Staff
• Activities Advisors
• And more!

You can register for Preview Night at slpenrollment.com
We hope to see you there!
7: DECA Districts Wants You To Judge
In these unprecedented times, DECA is rising to the challenge and finding ways for our students to compete at the District, State and International levels. It will look and feel very different this year, and we still need your help!   

To find out more information about dates, materials needed and how to sign up, please visit this link

Questions? Email: lugo.abigail@slpschools.org 
8: High School Theatre Streams“Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play”
Saint Louis Park High School Theatre Streams
“Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play” January 8-10
Structured as a 1940s radio broadcast, Joe Landry’s “Vintage Hitchcock” executes three of Alfred Hitchcock’s early suspense thrillers: “The Lodger,” “Sabotage,” and “The 39 Steps.” A small ensemble of actors plays over thirty radio roles as crew members create live sound effects to bring to life tales of intrigue, espionage, and murder.

Due to COVID restrictions, the performance was pre-recorded via Zoom and will be streamed through Broadway on Demand for $5 per viewing. Performances will be aired in real-time. Please purchase streaming tickets in advance by visiting the link for the individual performance time/date: 

9: SLPHS Virtual Winter Band Concert
Enjoy the SLPHS Bands in our first-ever virtual winter concert! Band 9, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble each play two pieces. This concert is the result of over 3 months of teaching and practicing, 99% of it over Zoom in distance learning. Three music educators spend over 150 hours (almost 4 work weeks) editing and compiling over 320 video and audio recordings. If your/your child's video is not included, it was either corrupted, unusable, or their camera was off when recording. After eight months of distance learning, with no conductor or classmates for cues and feedback, students learned to be independent and confident with entrances, rhythm, notes, articulations, dynamics and tuning. This is all with about 1/3 of the instructional time of other years. It may be less polished than our live concerts, but we are proud of the incredible team effort made!

A sincere thank-you to all students, staff, parents, and friends who support music and the arts here in St. Louis Park. A special thank you to Superintendent Osei and Wendy Loberg for believing in music and supporting overdue facility and equipment updates currently in process. Thank you to Emily Brewer, Olin Edwards and Chelsea Lloyd, music education students at the U of M-Twin Cities, for their hours of editing work on the 320 recordings making up this concert. Thank you to SLP Friends of the Arts for donations of scholarships and instruments, to the BPN volunteers, to the SLPHS Band Council, to all SLPHS band parents, to SLPSH administration and staff and, most of all, to the fine students onstage.

Youtube link: 
10: Seniors - Order Your Cap & Gown Now
Please go to gradsmn.org to order your cap and gown now. FINAL deadline date is January 29, 2021. There is no charge to families. We order our cap and gowns from Jostens and due to the situation with the pandemic, they need to have this information as soon as possible. If you have any questions contact Kiki Christensen at christensen.kirsten@slpschools.org.
11: After Hours Help with School Work is Available
Looking for after hours help with school work? Starting this week, there will be individual after school help on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 11th and 12th graders from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Sign up for "After School Help" at slp.studentsupporttime.com or  email Ms Conroy directly at conroy.kari@slpschools.org to set up an appointment. 


Looking for after hours help with school work? Starting this week, there will be individual after school help on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 9th and 10th graders from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Sign up for "After School Help" at slp.studentsupporttime.com or email Ms Brown directly at brown.kelly@slpschools.org  to set up an appointment.  
12: Mindfulness Pre-Finals
13: Dollars for Scholars Website and Newsletter
Please see attached newsletter for information from your local Dollars for Scholars (DFS) program. DFS is a community based organization that raises money for scholarships for St. Louis Park High School seniors.  

Check out their website here and see the attached winter newsletter.

If you wish to make a donation before the end of the year, on the website, you can click on the 'donate now' button or mail your donation to:

St. Louis Park Dollars for Scholars
P.O. Box 16403
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Any questions, please call Barb Nelson, SLPHS Counselor and Scholarship Coordinator
14: Junior Fun Information
Current questions from Juniors are around the ACT Test

Please view videos from Ms. Cosgrove (also on Schoology & in students’ Connections Folder)

Test date information. When to take? Registration & Deadlines

Test Fees. Writing vs non-Writing costs. Fee Waivers

ACT or SAT, and my opinion about scores during the pandemic

Free electronic ACT practice booklet.
Includes a full-length ACT, as well as very detailed scoring procedures.

Free Test Prep through MCIS and directions on how to access.
This includes a practice test and an online prep course that also has practice tests.

Registration link to register at ACT.org
Allow at least 30 minutes to complete the online registration.

SLP will give a full ACT at the High School!  

Test optional growth since 2005 - 2020 (pandemic response).
15: Purchase Your Yearbook Today!
All students, purchase your yearbook today! Yearbooks provide a unique reflection of the school year, and this year is one to remember for years to come. For the 2020-2021 school year, yearbooks will only be sold online due to Covid-19 restrictions and distance learning. Books are sold for $70, but there will be a $1 transaction fee added to the cost. The last day to buy a 2021 yearbook is January 31, 2021. Sales will be closed after this day.
Purchase yours online now at slpechowan.com. For any questions on sales, please email echowan2021@gmail.com.
16: Relate Counseling Center
Instead of meeting with a therapist at an outpatient office, your child can meet with a therapist in school or virtually during the school day. For information about school mental health services offered through Relate Counseling Center click here.
17: Distance Learning and Student Assistance Information

Daily Schedule
A schedule can be found in this link.

Student Support App
To sign up for a help session with a teacher or for the Oriole Study Nest click here.

To sign up for transportation click here.

Other Supports are Available
Many supports are available including virtual support, tutoring, Learning Lab, math tutoring sessions, mental health supports and more. Check other supports available at the High School here.
18: Family Tech Help
For solutions to common technical problems that you may have with a student device, check out the St. Louis Park Schools Family Tech Help site which is located at https://slpfamilytechhelp.blogspot.com/.
19: Parent/Guardian PowerSchool Help
To learn how to set up a PowerSchool parent account click here.

Are you unsure of how to get the most out of your PowerSchool account? In-app help is available from a central online location in a simple, easy-to-use format. Once you are logged into your PowerSchool account, use the “Help” link in the upper right corner of the page to explore all of the things you can do in PowerSchool such as Review Class Information, Review Class Schedules, Email Teachers, View Grades and Attendance and more.
20: Drivers Ed
Registration for Driver's Ed is now open!
Register and find more information here: Website
21: Keep Your School Nurse Informed
Our Health Services Team is here to support staff and students - even during distance learning. Public health agencies at the state and county levels are overwhelmed with the current number of positive COVID cases and may not be able to answer questions in a timely manner. 

The Licensed School Nurse and Health Aide at the high school can answer COVID/illness related questions, work through guidance given by the MN Department of Health, provide information on COVID testing sites, and assist with contact tracing and investigating. 

Do not hesitate to reach out with your own questions or to notify us of students who may need support at this time. Please call the Health Office at 952-928-6108contact Susanne Otos at otos.susanne@slpschools.org or Anjonette Scott at scott.anjonette@slpschools.org.
Return to School Guide
The District released its Return to School Guide to families on August 14. This guide contains important information about the three potential learning models (distance, hybrid and in-person), health and safety guidelines and protocols, and other general information on a variety of topics including transportation, school nutrition, childcare, arts, athletics, and much more! Click here to download a PDF version of this document.

This document will be updated frequently and will be maintained on the district website at www.slpschools.org/covid19.
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