Information for District 67 families and
community members, in conjunction with the
District 67 Emotional Awareness Committee and
APT Emotional Wellness Committee
November 2018
Did you know...

  • The difference between Emotional Wellness Committee (EWC) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

  • D67 is in the process of implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) district-wide! (What exactly is SEL? Click here for 25 Things to Know About SEL).

  • A K-8 D67 SEL Task Force piloted SEL programs and made site visits to learn more about the leading research-based SEL programs. As a result, Lions Quest was selected as the primary resource for direct teaching of SEL.

To read back issues of the 67 E-Pulse , please visit the Emotional Wellness page of the district website.
Parents and School... a Partnership

For Our Staff

  • 10 Steps to Self-Care - Self-care may be an overused buzzword, but it's critical. Many of us have scaled back our kids' commitments, yet still have trouble achieving balance in our own lives. We take ten minutes for lunch and listen to our voicemail in the car. If we exercise, it may be at the expense of sleep. Our friendships take a backseat when we connect through texts instead of over lunch. If we follow the advice we give children, we can restore equilibrium.

  • The Compliments Project - Learn how 8th grade health teacher in Stillwater, New York, Stephanie MacArthur’s project inspired her students to share compliments. This is a must see for teachers! 

A Dose of Emotional Wellness For the Kids

  • 15 Books for Kids Experiencing Anxiety - According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one out of every eight kids has an anxiety disorder. Literature can be a great springboard for discussing ways to cope with anxious thoughts.

Technically Speaking
Upcoming Events
Tuesday, November 20 – DPM “Families” Introduction. In an effort to create meaningful connections, foster a sense of community and belonging, and connect staff and students across the campus, DPM students will be assigned a “Family” on November 20, 2018. Each family will consist of 12 students (3-5th graders, 3-6th graders, 3-7th graders, 3-8th graders) and a staff member. Goals Addressed during “Family” time:
  • To build safe, meaningful, long-term relationships and connections across the 5-8 DPM community, both for students and faculty.
  • A fun engaging place where all students feel welcomed, valued, and respected.
  • A place where student voice drives the experience.

Tuesday, November 20 – DPM Assembly with Matt Wilhelm . Sponsored by the Spirit of 67 Foundation , this Anti-Bullying BMX School Assembly empowers kids to become confident, caring, and kind.