Dear friends and valued customers,

We are delighted to bring you the latest updates of our Create Your Cube concept with two new cube themes, the Soccer World Cup 2014 cubes and the 360� V-CUBESeries, that are now available through our web-store. We are also excited to offer a 20% discount in all of our range for June in order to celebrate our 6th anniversary!!!
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Soccer World Cup 2014 cubes
360° V-CUBE Series
Create Your Cube Gallery
6th Year Anniversary Discount
Soccer World Cup 2014 cubes
 On the occasion of the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil, we have designed a special series of cubes anticipated by every soccer fan. Cubes in this new range feature the flag and national team of countries participating in the Soccer World Cup. Such a cube could be the lucky charm or favorite gadget of anyone supporting their national team this summer.




You can find the current list of the Soccer World Cup 2014 cubes in our Gallery. The list will be enriched as the event progresses.
360� V-CUBESeries 

The 360� V-CUBE™ Series is an exciting theme that is here to stay. We project a single image on a cube that covers it entirely and in a seamless way. These cubes are amazing since the illustration is continuous all around the surface of the cube. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, have a look at the video below:


Crystal Waters Cube
"Crystal Waters" Cube


Currently available are the "Earth", "Crystal Waters" and "Opera" cubes but many more will follow soon so stay tuned.  



Create Your Cube Gallery

The Create Your Cube concept has proven to be very popular and a great success so far and many of the designs we receive are absolutely stunning. If you haven't had the chance to design you own, click the link below to give our Create Your Cube application a try!

V-CUBE Create Your Cube application

We, from our side, are continuously building up our Gallery in order to provide you with inspiration, demonstate what is possible with the technology and offer you suggestions of cubes we think you may find interesting. Of course old favorites such as the "Fishes", "Maze" and "Baseball" cubes are still in our Gallery, where you can find all of them.

6th Year Anniversary Discount 

It is already six years since V-CUBE introduced our amazing cubes based on our patented technology to the world. In these six years, our product range has expanded and new concepts have been introduced. All these thanks to you, our dedicated fans. In order to celebrate our anniversary with you, we offer a 20% discount to all our products sold through our webstore for the whole of June. The discount applies to the price of all products, including Collection Packs, Custom cubes from our Gallery and cubes that you design yourself through the Create Your Cube application.

Don't miss the chance to make the perfect cube for you and get it for a discounted price!

We hope you are excited about the latest cubes. Thank you for your continuous support.

Warm regards,

The V-CUBE™ Team 

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