MAY 20, 2020
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Jaime Marco
A story that warmed our hearts.
“Last year, a teacher brought balloons to school and asked his students to blow them up and then had them write their name on one of the balloons.

Once they wrote their name on the balloons they tossed them in the hallway while the teacher mixed them from one end to the other. The teacher then gave them five minutes to find their balloon with their name on it. The students ran around looking frantically but as time ran out, nobody had found their own balloon.

Then the teacher told them to take the balloon closest to them and give it to the person whose name was on it. In less than two minutes everyone had their own balloon.

Finally, the teacher said "Balloons are like happiness. No one will find it by looking only for theirs only. Instead, if everyone cares about each other they will find theirs as quickly as possible."

We are all in this together! Let's take care of each other!” - A share from a beautiful friend.
'Cause the World keeps spinnin' round and round — even in quarantine!

When we saw this latest Broadway performance benefiting the Actor Fund, we couldn't help but smile. While many of us have had our worlds turned upside down over the last few weeks, it's not always easy to find the bright side. We are confident that after watching this video, not only will it leave you smiling but it might even have you toe tapping along. So grab your hairbrush microphone and get ready because we bet..."you can't stop the beat! "
Are you Feeling Under Pressure?
As many parts of the world start to re-open, one thing is for sure, the differences of opinion are never going to stop. Many of us may be feeling "under pressure" from friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. While we can't help there, we can bring you some inspiration and relief for a few minutes with this jam session provided by Panic! At the Disco ’s  Brendon Urie the Roots  and  Jimmy Fallon . We recommend blasting it the next time someone tries to push their opinion on you.   Watch it here.
The Original Fort Night!
Over the last few months we have seen children be pretty creative and resourceful with keeping themselves entertained. One thing that stands out are all of the incredible DIY forts. While we may consider it an art of passage from our youth, this interesting article discusses the reason why children love to build forts and why now, more than ever, we should let them.
One business who clearly understands the mastery of making small spaces feel amazing, is now offering expert advice on DIY forts. While they may not come with the Swedish Meatballs we have all come to love, some of the designs are pretty epic.
Thank you IKEA for once again proving that your designs make us all smile just a little bit more.
I MASK Ask You a Question.
The debate of wearing a mask or not wearing a mask has been happening all over the place. One thing that has been certainly challenging is explaining this new way of life to our young children. Regardless of your stance, we came across this website that allows you to design your own mask. We have zero affiliation with them, and have not even placed an order with them, we just thought the concept was very cool.
Come together, Right Now, Clark Family.
What do you do when you are a professional musician in the middle of a pandemic while having to home school three young children? You school them on the power of family, music and YouTube.

Check out this amazingly talented family from Tampa, Florida who has gained instant stardom from their evening jam sessions. Read more here.
Excuse Me Madam....
Restaurants all over the world are preparing to re-open with new safety guidelines. Managing this change is going to be challenging and may have an impact on the overall atmosphere in their establishments. One three-Michelin–starred restaurant in the Washington, D.C. area has thought of a unique way to make their patrons feel like the restaurant is busy yet still feel safe with the social distancing guidelines. Read more here.
From Generation to Generation, Kindness Never Gets Old.
Thank you to Jason Garvale , Brand Strategist, for recommending this next one to us. Jason, an expert in helping businesses tell their story, knew that this story is exactly the type of piece we would want to share. The incredible generosity of these two young boys, aged 12 and 7, will inspire you to do more, give more, be more and help more. Get inspired here.
Mark Your Calendars!
This ancient, mystical site typically hosts one of the world’s most popular  summer solstice celebrations , attracting thousands of people, including the druid and pagan community, on the longest day of the year to watch the sun rise behind the Heel Stone. This year they will be streaming it live for all to enjoy. Read More Here.
Turns Out You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.
After nearly 3 months of non-stop virtual meetings, we have pretty much seen it all. Teaching the world how to use these virtual tools has provided us with comedic inspiration. One BBC sports commentator, Andrew Cotter, has taken it to the next level as he shares with us his latest zoom meeting. Get your laugh here.  
And the 2020 Gerber baby winner is.....
Cuteness overload. Read More about her here.....
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