PES and FES 6th Grade Transition Events

Dear 6th Grade Students and Family,

Below you will find a list of events that will take place to assist our 6th grade students in making a smooth transition to the Florence Junior Senior High School in the fall. I hope you will reach out to Mrs. Lesser, Mrs. Holman, or Principal Melendrez if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.   


Mrs. Lesser and Mrs. Holman

Event #1

Principal Melendrez and Ms. Hardy (7th Grade counselor) will give a brief in class presentation to our students. This is always a fun event because Mr. Melendrez brings Husky “swag” like t-shirts & lanyards.

PES: Wednesday, April 27th at 9:10 am 

FES: Wednesday, April 27th at 10:15 am 


Event #2

6th Grade Parent Meeting, visit the school, learn about electives, and ask questions. I highly recommend attending this event.

PES and FES: Wednesday, April 27th, 5:30-6:30 pm at the Florence Jr/Sr High School


Event #3

Our 6th graders will go on a site visit to FJSHS. They will eat breakfast at the elementary schools, depart by bus to the Jr/Sr High at about 8:30 am. They will have a tour of the school and spend some time learning about the expectations of a Husky. Students will eat lunch with the middle school students and then return to their elementary school. 

FES: Monday, May 2th Site Visit to FJSHS 8:30-11:30

PES: Wednesday, May 4th Site Visit to FJSHS 8:30-11:30

Event #4

6th Grade Students will participate in the Jr. High Band band concert night at Pioneer Park 

PES and FES: Tuesday, May 10th at 6:00 (students report at 5:30)

Event #5

6th Grade Continuation in the PES Gym. Parents and Family members invited

Wednesday, May 25th @ 2:00

6th Grade Continuation in the FES Gym. Parents and Family members invited

Wednesday, May 25th @ 2:00