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Regarding God's Creation
Gen 7:19  The water prevailed more and more upon the earth, so that all the high mountains  everywhere under the heavens  were covered. ... 8:4  In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat. 5 The water decreased steadily until the tenth month; in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tops of the mountains became visible.   - NASU       (Bold emphasis added.)
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Petrovich Identifies Nimrod in Archaeology 

Recently we studied Dr. Petrovich's paper titled AMENHOTEP II AND THE HISTORICITY OF THE EXODUS-PHARAOH which asks if            
Amenhotep II fits both the Bible's narrative of the Exodus Pharaoh and the archaeological evidence. Here briefly are some of the facts found there:
Amenhotep II was not the eldest son of his father Thutmose III, Amenemhet was the eldest son. None of Amenhotep II's sons claimed to be his eldest son so the eldest son could have died in the Tenth Plague. Also, one prominent Egyptologist theorizes that the eldest son died inexplicably during childhood. It is often asked if Amenhotep II died in the miraculous sea crossing. The answer is no, Amenhotep II died in typical fashion, and his mummified body is still preserved! But in fact, no Biblical text actually states that the exodus-pharaoh died there with his army. Amenhotep II's second Asiatic campaign, which was launched just under seven months after the exodus, coincides extremely well with post-exodus events. Many of the details related to it and Egypt's post-exodus future cannot be explained without these connections. Of particular note is Amenhotep II's acquisition of 101,128 slaves in Canaan during his second Asiatic campaign. This would be needed only to satisfy a desperate need for slaves. Before the Exodus they had too many slaves to be manageable, but now they needed to capture a hundred thousand! It is also the only such campaign of its era that was launched in late fall and took so many captives. Why? Also, Amenhotep II captured 3,600 "Apiru" (Hebrews) during his second campaign. Finally Hatshepsut was the only legitimate candidate for Moses' Egyptian stepmother. Shortly after the Exodus there was a campaign to deface her images on Egyptian monuments. This could easily be motivated by Egypt's losses to Moses and a desire for revenge on Hatshepsut for enabling Moses.
All of the above matches history recorded by
the Egyptians with the Bible! It is exciting to many and properly so. But at this point the trail begins to fade. For example there is only one mention of Moses by that name and some dispute even that.
We have also looked at several published critiques of Petrovich's publications. While some are quite favorable, others are quite critical. It is notable that substantial evidence is offered that some specific is wrong. Mostly that Petrovich has unwelcome conclusions. There are two contrasting groups often called minimalist and maximalist in regard to the veracity of the Bible. Minimalist tend to think that there is no archaeological evidence for a Hebrew sojourn in Egypt, an Exodus, a miraculous sea crossing, or conquest of Canaan. They are generally committed to the JEDP Documentary Theory which has the Old Testament being compiled and written after the Babylonian Exile, long after Moses. Maximalist, also called biblical Archaeologist, proactively look for the evidence the Bible would suggest is there and have had considerable success finding it. Clearly Dr. Petrovich is in the latter camp and the minimalist tend to be offended by his work. For more information on these relationships see the excellent article by Dr. Gary Gromacki titled THE BATTLE FOR OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY.

One of the things the minimalist have traditionally pointed to is the current remnants of the Reed Sea which are not a real obstacle as pictured above. If there was an Exodus there, the miracle would
be drowning Pharaoh's army there! But there has been 3500 years of slow tectonics, erosion, and climate change since the Exodus, so why take the present as the case so long ago.
In the 1990s and 2000s satellite imagery started becoming available showing the structures below the sand which shows how the previous coast lines and drainage system between the Red and Mediterranean Seas was much different. In fact it has largely confirmed Manfred Bietak's contour maps developed from excavations decades earlier. Indeed the satellite data revealed a very different sea coast and a much more extensive Reed Sea and other elements
of that drainage system prior to the Roman period. The same data and archaeology has revealed a defensive canal system along the Eastern border and connecting the waterways that has long ben known from inscriptions as the "Wall of the Ruler" which was developed during the 12th Dynasty. These 230 foot wide canals were stocked with crocodiles and crossing points were guarded by strong fortifications. This system would complicate the Exodus rout. Unfortunately that rout is still not clear at this time. But note also, the Hebrews had permission to pass until the time Pharaoh changed his mind.
There are three Exodus rout theories currently explored by the maximalist. In his book "Exodus, Myth or History", David Rohl
does and interesting job of searching for the Exodus sea crossing through some part of the ancient waterways and provides excellent illustrations. His chosen rout leads to the traditional Mt. Sinai. Glen Fritz's book, "The Lost Sea of the Exodus", explores a rout across central Sinai with a sea crossing through the Gulf of Aqaba in rout to the mountain in Midian, Jebal al Lawz, presumably were Moses met God at the burning bush. David Rudd advocates a rout around the south end of Sinai with the sea crossing at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba near the Straits of Tiran and then on to Jebal al Lawz. (On Google Maps or Google Earth, enter a place name in the search box, select satellite view, zoom in with the mouse wheel. Or, hold down the left mouse button and hold Ctrl key down and then
move the mouse around for different perspective angles!) But remember we should be looking for clues of what was there 3500 years ago. Also note that these gentlemen mentioned above use a somewhat different chronology than Dr. Petrovich.
I am convinced that so far Dr. Petrovich has done the best scholarly work with the right specialization in his PhD Archaeology education. I look forward the publication of his next book to be titled "Origins of the Hebrew People: New Evidence of Israelites in Egypt from Joseph to the Exodus". Hopefully it will become available sometime soon. There is also a third book planned. After the book's publication we will come back to examine his new evidence.

On July 2nd the GHCA will go back and look in more detail at earlier times and learn as much as we can about civilization and society developed from the end of the Flood to the time of Joseph. On 7/2 we will present and discuss Dr. Petrovich's paper, IDENTIFYING NIMROD OF GENESIS 10 WITH SARGON OF AKKAD BY EXEGETICAL AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL MEANS. This will go a long way toward understanding how the Egyptians and other cultures developed from Sumer of the Uruk Period and Babel dispersion of the Late Uruk. This will be another fascinating adventure. We will be meeting virtually by webinar again so join us online.

July 2, 2020
Petrovich Identifies Nimrod in Archaeology
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Examples of Important YEC Scientific Evidences 

Some major examples of physical evidence we point to include:
  • Remains of original soft tissue still found in dinosaur bones. Along with that tissue is C-14 that would decay completely away in less than a hundred thousand years, a tiny fraction of the dinosaur fossil's supposed age.
  • For many years geologists have found C-14 in fossil carbon throughout the fossil record. So, the entire fossil record is less than 100,000 years old.
  • The origin of the information and molecular machinery in the first living self-reproducing cell remains a complete enigma for biologist and biochemists.
  • In the origin of the universe, big bang theory is being recognized as a dead end by increasing numbers of secular scientists. The hypothesized inflation has nothing to start it, drive it forward, or stop it. Without inflation fatal flaws appear with the absence of predicted antimatter, magnetic monopoles, or any means for the whole universe to come to the same precise background temperature. Then the formation of the first stars is as enigmatic as the origin of the first biological cell. Dark matter and dark energy are as enigmatic as the galactic motions they are needed to explain.
At the root of all standard science are many assumptions that may be quite incorrect. At the top is that there is no God. Another is that present process can be used to explain everything in the past. When we look at a canyon we are taught to assume the river at the bottom cut the canyon. But perhaps tectonic events made the canyon and there is a river at the bottom because water always flows downhill. At the root of big bang theory is a pure assumption that has been named the "Cosmological Principle". Perhaps inaccuracies there are responsible for the big bang's multitude of problems.    
There is more about the role of assumptions in science found on our website here. There are many more resources on young earth and young universe evidences here.

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