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July 9th, 2020 : $4.1M Grant to Fund Women's Apprenticeships - COVID-19: List of Testing Sites, $56M for Tracing Jobs, Guidelines for Businesses -
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Swedish Hospital, 5140 N. California-part of NorthShore University Health System
In a recent 33rd Ward eNews, Alderman Rossana Rodriguez shared a conversation and information from a discussion with Dr. Shameen Abbasy, Medical Director at Swedish Hospital, part of the NorthShore University Health System. Dr. Abbasy described how Swedish was founded in 1886 to care for immigrants. It has found itself immersed in this work again, particularly as they began seeing Covid-19 cases surge among the Latinx community.

Rising to handle the pandemic, Swedish Hospital's Intermediate Care Unit Team was included for their life-saving work in C rain's/Chicago "Healthcare Heroes" f or converting their unit into a COVID-19 Critical Care Unit, taking on the most critically ill COVID patients.

Anyone exhibiting one or more symptoms of COVID can get tested at Swedish Hospital's Drive-through testing tent, regardless of insurance or immigration status, by calling their helpline: 773-907-7700. Also, by
clicking here to complete an online screening on the hospital's website.

Symptoms to look for include fever, cough, congestion, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss or decrease of smell or taste, muscle aches, loss of appetite, chills or shaking chills, headache, diarrhea, nausea or other gastrointestinal symptoms.
Other COVID Testing Facilities

Free COVID-19 testing is also available at multiple City sites. Anyone in Illinois can now get tested, regardless of insurance or citizenship status. 
Click HERE to View list of test sites; HERE to schedule an appointment
COVID Guidelines for Businesses

With the advent of Phase Four of "Protecting Chicago," the Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued step-by-step instructions on what to do if an individual with COVID-19 has been in your facility. These guidelines include notification of close contacts, cleaning steps, and reporting clusters of cases to CDPH. The guidance document also includes templates for notifying staff and other health resources to support businesses as they reopen. 
Download/View CDPH COVID Guidelines

If two or more COVID-19 cases are identified at your facility within 14 calendar days, you are encouraged to report to CDPH with this confidential online reporting form  allowing CDPH to conduct an investigation and provide additional support and recommendations if needed.

WANTO - The Women in Apprenticeship &Nontraditional Occupations grant program will award $4.1 million to up to 11 community-based organizations to encourage women’s employment in apprenticeship and nontraditional occupations. To be eligible, applicants must provide one or more of the following types of technical assistance:
  • Developing pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship or nontraditional skills training programs to prepare women for those careers;
  • Providing ongoing orientations for employers, unions and workers on creating a successful environment to succeed in those careers; and
  • Setting up support groups, facilitating networks and/or providing supportive services for women to improve their retention.
Click to learn about WANTO; Here for program FAQs
Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership Awarded $56M to Create Jobs

The City of Chicago and the Chicago Department of Public Health recently announced a $56M grant to the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership. The two-year grant requires the Partnership to oversee the creation of a community-based Contact Tracing Corps focused halting transmission of COVID-19 in the City’s hardest hit neighborhoods.

Per the grant terms, 85% of the funds will be sub-granted to up to 30 community-based organizations to hire and administer. Ideal recruits/trainees will be individuals who have historically faced barriers to employment. The RFP process will open in late July.
Click here for more information
Michael Goldstein - (773)504-1200

Hard-to-find Inexpensive space in Chicagoland
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Graphene - a super-thin, wonder material made up of carbon atoms that are layered together in hexagonal shapes - has generated excitement in a range of industries. Possible uses include developing new types of optical communications, transparent circuits that can be bent and twisted, neural implants, stickers that can track health, and printed sensors for all sorts of IoT applications.
Read "Graphene Should Be On Every Executive's Radar"
Chris O'Brien - TheInnovator, 10/22/2019
Building materials infused with living microorganisms has already lent inanimate objects new powers - self-healing concrete, for example, uses bacteria or fungi to fix a crack in itself. Funded by Darpa, the U.S. Military's research arm, researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder have developed a living substance that can transform from a gooey sand mixture into a solid brick—and then help build more copies of itself. Proponents say it could be developed into a building material that requires relatively few resources and absorbs greenhouse gases instead of releasing them.
Charlotte Jee - MIT Technology Review, 1/16/2020
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