January 17, 2020
The Dating Game


Hank: “Avoid the hookup when you’re not on the same playing field. I got involved with a woman, who was too nice for me, and what I had in mind. She was hoping for marriage or at best a serious relationship and all I wanted was fun and sex. I felt really bad when I learned that she suffered a nervous breakdown when I stopped seeing her.”

John: “You really don’t have to lie. This year, I was seen out with one woman by another woman I was dating, and when she approached me in a confrontational way, I told her the truth…that she was not the only person I dated. Not only did she accept it, we continued dating.”

Jake: “I would never marry another woman with children. I had the roughest year because I married a woman who had two teenage boys and my life was made hell every time I spoke in my own house regarding their behavior. I’m in the process of a divorce, and it’s all because I followed my heart instead of my head!”

Marcia – “I’ve come to realize in relationships that women are not the enemy. I used to avoid befriending women because I saw them as catty competitors for the affection of men. But last year, I finally became a "sister."
Single Scenes
by Sarah Smart

Q. ”My boyfriend gets a lot of attention from women when we’re out in public. He’s a well
-known attorney in this city, and being gorgeous and friendly helps make him a target for all the desperate women out there.  I’m frustrated because the women are very disrespectful to my presence at his side. Many bombard him by slipping cards in his hand accompanied by whispered flirtations. One woman sent him a drink one night, and then came and threw it in my face, when I sent the drink back. 

He became angry with me and said I embarrassed him. I think his behavior is disrespectful to me as well. His position is that he can’t control the female attention and that I should stop sweating the small stuff and relax in my status as her girlfriend. I took a poll in my office regarding this issue, and all the guys agreed with him and the women agreed with me. What do you say?”

A. I say if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Boyfriends are dispensable. If you’re unhappy with your boyfriend’s careless behavior and he’s insensitive to what you feel, you need to move out of harm’s way to gain peace of mind. MORE
True Or False?

"He that would have fruit must climb the tree."
-Thomas Fuller

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