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 Reconnecting Nebraska's Farmers and Grocery Retailers

Sponsored by your Nebraska Grocery Industry Association

Greetings!Message from Kathy Siefken, Nebraska Grocery Industry Association

I hope you and the community you serve enjoy a safe, joyous and full holiday season. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has given us the benefit of your feedback on this valuable program. Your Nebraska farmers are a truly invaluable resource in helping explain sometimes confusing issues to customers, and I hope you put them to use at every opportunity.


On behalf of all of us at the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association, let me wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.


Kathy Siefken
Executive Director
Nebraska Grocery Industry Association


Nebraska's soybean farmers are proud to bring you this information to help answer customer questions
Nebraska soybean farmers and their checkoff are proud sponsors of the Farmer Goes to Market program, realizing that this program provides an integral link in the food system chain. The information provided in this newsletter is a key step in our educational initiative, providing consumers with information on our effort to provide them with a safe, affordable, abundant food supply.


An educational program produced by Food-Chain Communications and delivered to members of the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association. Farmer Goes to Market was established in 2008 to help bridge the growing gulf between today's grocery retailer and today's farmer, empowering them with full-chain knowledge to carry agriculture's true message to food consumers.


We take great pride in supporting Nebraska's agricultural foundation
The farm and ranch families represented by Nebraska Farm Bureau are proud sponsors of the Farmer Goes to Market program. We take great pride in supporting Nebraska's agricultural foundation. A key part of that effort is to make sure we produce safe and affordable food. This newsletter is an important part of our effort to connect the two most important parts of the food chain -- the farmer and the grocer -- with the goal of increasing consumer awareness and information about how their food is raised in Nebraska.


Competitive Commodity Insight:
Holiday Meats, The Longterm Trends

Turkey markets stabilize despite feed pressures Seemingly endless drought, record high feed ingredient prices and structural changes have all introduced uncertainty into the production of meat in this country. What does the market hold in store for the common holiday meat selections? Click here to see some highlights, and to post a question for one of your Nebraska farmers about meat production and pricing.  


Translating Food Technology:

Could These be the Next 'Pink Slimes?'    

What disgusting products are hiding on your shelves? Just when you thought the attention over the ground-beef product known in the media as "pink slime" was finished, a new lawsuit may thrust it back into the consumer's attention. But there's a bigger concern: Should you be more worried about these seven common food additives that have the potential to blow up into the next media flurry that capitalizes on the consumer's natural "disgust factor." Are they on your shelves?

Foresight on Food Politics:
Nebraska Cattlemen Seek
a New Promotional Tax on Themselves

Why are Nebraska cattle farmers considering a new checkoff?

Representatives of Nebraska's beef cattle association plan to ask the legislature to impose a new state-level tax on their members to fund promotion and information. Why the need, and what might it mean to beef promotion dollars? Click here for some details.   


Navigating the New Food Movement:
The Food Morality Movement
Why has food suddenly become a morality play?
Food choices have suddenly become moral choices, it seems. "Food has become a moral metaphor," says this expert on the topic. "Food is a platform into all kinds of social issues, from global warming, sustainability, all the way to labor to treatment of animals to treatment of people. If you want to take a red cord and weave it through the stories, this is what it comes down to - it's the ethics of food and food animal production." What's behind the new rush to food morality? Click here to read his perspective.

Meet your Farmers...

What Grocery Products Contain
Nebraska Soybeans?         

It's easier to ask which of your products don't use soybeans, says Nebraska bean farmer Ed Lammers, in an excerpt from this fall's Nebraska State Fair interview.


Click here to hear this Nebraska soybean farmer explain the uses of his crop  

On the Lighter Side:
Can't Wait for Christmas to Arrive?
This charming short video from British retailer John Lewis reminds us it's natural to be prematurely excited this time of year, when you remember the real gifts of the season.

Can't wait for Christmas? We understand why

Click here for more details on today's Food Morality Movement