Seven Reasons to Love the Feather River Country
During this season of joy, we like to count our blessings, including you! Thank you for making conservation of this special and valuable landscape possible.

Today is Giving Tuesday, when people all over the world give to causes they love. Here are seven reasons (there are others too!) why your local land trust works hard to protect the Feather River Country. 

What do you love about the Feather River region? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter or the old fashioned way--FRLT, PO Box 1826, Quincy CA 95971.

1. Beauty
Conserve breathtaking mountain valleys, rivers, meadows, and forests
Maddalena Ranch in Sierra Valley
FRLT's Maddalena Ranch in Sierra Valley. Photo by Liz Fairchild.
The Feather River region's scenic grandeur and rural character are irreplaceable. Majestic peaks, verdant mountain meadows, sparkling clear rivers and streams, deep forests, and high lakes.

From the sagebrush edges of the Great Basin to the granite face of Spanish Peak, our watershed is breathtaking. Together, we are conserving this special place.
2. Water
Protect a source of clean, abundant water for 20 million Californians
Wetland Channel in Sierra Valley
Sierra Valley wetlands. Photo by Lighthawkphoto/Andy Wright.
We work at the headwaters of the Feather River, a Wild and Scenic River, and one of the most important water resources in the State of California. The Feather River Watershed is a source of clean, abundant water to 65% of Californians. 
Together, we are safeguarding water sources by protecting and restoring the land around them. By focusing on vulnerable riparian areas, wetlands, and mountain meadows, we're using land conservation and restoration to help ensure water quality for generations to come.
3. Kids
Get schoolchildren outside to play, learn, and become stewards of this special place.
Kids look through binoculars
Children explore birds on the Quincy Elementary Learning Landscape.
Photo by Vanessa Vasquez
Together, we're ensuring that children can enjoy the experiences that inspired our own love of nature - catching a fish, swimming in clean mountain waters, chasing butterflies, watching bugs, birds, and wildlife up close. In fact, we believe it's a child's birthright. 

FRLT's Learning Landscapes program conserves natural, outdoor classrooms near every school in the watershed and supports teachers in bringing children outside to learn from and care for the land.

4. Wildlife
Protect habitat for more birds, fish, and wildlife than you can imagine
White-faced Ibis in flight
White-faced Ibis in Sierra Valley. Lighthawkphoto, Andy Wright.
The Feather River Watershed is home to a wildly interconnected community of life: Migrating birds fill expansive skies. Otters fish and play along creek banks. Black bears feast on wild berries. Wetlands teem with Yellow-headed Blackbirds, shore birds, and waterfowl. Herds of deer graze mountain meadows while Sandhill Cranes raise their young. 

You can help conserve wildlife and bird habitat (and wild human habitat!) for one of the most species-rich regions in the Sierra Nevada.
5. Cultural Heritage
Restore Native American land stewardship to the land
Maidu willow management on the Heart K Ranch
The reasons we work to restore land in the Feather River region are as unique as the individuals who work with us: to preserve historic hand-built barns, to protect oak woodlands where Maidu families have gathered acorns for millennia, or to keep a modern working ranch in the family for generations to come.

The Mountain Maidu have inhabited the Feather River region since the beginning of memory. Today, we're working together to protect sacred land and cultural relationship to land and to incorporate Maidu traditional ecological knowledge into stewardship and restoration practices on lands we manage.
6. Food
Help ranching and farming families conserve our agricultural heritage
Rogers Ranch
Rogers Key Brand Ranch in  Indian Valley. Photo by Taylor Gipe.
We're helping ranching and farming families stay on the land and produce wholesome, local food. Over 90% of the lands we've helped conserve remain private, working ranches. 

For generations, human beings have tended and been sustained by this abundant land and its waters. These family ranches not only provide local food, they also support our local economy, offer diverse wildlife habitats, and make up some of the Feather River region's most beautiful landscapes.

7. Play
Explore the lands and waters of the Feather River region
Canoeing at Maddalena
Paddling Sierra Valley wetlands. Photo by Shannon Morrow
Enjoy sweeping valley vistas from a mountain top hike. Paddle the Sierra Valley wetlands. Hike a creekside trail. Get dirty helping us restore bird habitat. Take a guided hike and learn about land stewardship and Native American traditional ecology. Picnic near the iconic Heart K barn. Spot your first (or 100th !) Sandhill Crane. Fall in love with the Feather River Country.

You are what makes this good work possible. We simply can't do it without you. 



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