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Happy Anniversary, Amber Linse!  Amber joined our team in January of 2015 as our new 
in-house designer.  In addition to her design skills, she has exceptional estimating 
and project management skills.   It's no secret that Amber's contribution played a part in 2015 
being another great year for us.

We also want to announce that we are now a member of GuildQuality! Thank you to everyone who recently participated in our survey.  Your feedback is very important to us and the success of our business.  Click here to v iew our profile and customer reviews.  
Let's face it, remodeling can be stressful.  Between the many decisions that have to be made, the inconvenience it creates during the project as well as the overall cost to do a remodel, it's no surprise that remodeling can cause anxiety. 
Here are seven common remodeling mistakes that if avoided can help keep your stress level down and also keep extra money in your pockets.

1. Inaccurate Measuring for Cabinets
This can end up being one of the costliest mistakes you can make.  We suggest measuring for cabinets only after you have your appliance specifications so you can compare them to the plans with your cabinet installer. Not only can it be extremely costly if cabinet measurements are off, but it will also set a job back at least a couple weeks.
2. Choosing the Cheapest Contractor
We recommend getting at least three bids when you're looking for a contractor and make sure to get a written estimate from each of them so you can do a fair comparison.  A well-written estimate should include details (e.g., exact cabinets, hardware, flooring, and install costs, not just "new room"), a waste removal plan, permit costs, insurance, general contractor fee, an explanation of how design changes are handled, and the warranty on the work. If your estimate doesn't include these, the contractor is either not very thorough or underestimating the project. This often creates scenarios in which unexpected change orders occur. Although the lowest bid may seem like the best choice, and it very well could be, it not only increases the chance of change orders, it often results in a hurried or sub-standard quality job.

3. Anticipating and Budgeting for the "Unknown"
A detailed estimate will help reduce change orders however there are some things that can't be "known" until the walls are opened.  Therefore it is a good idea to set aside 10-15% of the total project cost for unexpected expenses. This is especially true for older homes or homes that have been remodeled several times in the past.  

4. Being Afraid to Change the Layout of a Bathroom
While it may be more cost-effective to keep an existing bathroom layout, it doesn't make sense to keep a non-functional design.  Some of the best choices in a remodel are the changes made to the overall flow of the space, so if you're already putting the time and money in, you should make sure that you're happy with all aspects of the project.  

5. Assuming You Want Hardwood Floors
Depending on your household, hardwood floors might not be the best option.  For people with pets and/or kids, there will be more wear and tear than usual, so single-board laminate might be better as it's more durable, while still giving that hardwood look. 

6. Making Your Kitchen Too Trendy
Going too trendy in your kitchen can hurt you in the long-run as design trends go out of style, which can bring down your home's resale value.  You'll also want to avoid not overdoing it on your appliances so the overall storage and counter space isn't compromised.    
7. Not Ordering Enough Flooring or Tile
During flooring and tile installation, it is inevitable that there will be some cuts and breakage.  It's a good rule of thumb to buy 20% extra materials since there is no guarantee you'll be able to find an exact match if you need to order more. And if the materials are special ordered, there will be a substantial delay in the project. Besides, it's nice to have extra in case of damage in the future.  Either way, if you end up with several unopened boxes, most major retailers will let you return it for a refund, so you shouldn't get stuck with a ton of extra flooring.  
In summary, if you're working with the right contractor and designer, they can help you avoid major mistakes by putting together a thorough plan for your remodel.  And as mentioned before, there will be bumps in the road in any project, but ideally nothing that will increase your blood pressure or break the bank!  

*This article was sourced from "GMH Today" Magazine for which Dave is an article contributor. For a direct link to this informative magazine, click here.


Well, Walt is finally up and running! 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words....
here's a video that says it all.


As many of you know, we create a  "Before and After" slideshow by taking a sampling of the prior quarters projects and condensing them into a short video clip. Click below to watch! 

Before & After Slideshow
Before & After Slideshow


T ime-lapse Video

Incredible transformation! During this kitchen remodel, we knocked out the wall between the kitchen and garage to expand the kitchen  another 5 feet.  We also knocked out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, giving a much more open floor plan.

Kitchen Remodel, San Jose
Kitchen Remodel, San Jose





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