• Leave the belts in the drawer.
  • Wear your shirts out, not tucked in.
  • Make sure your 'girls' are sitting in the right place (halfway between your shoulder and elbow) by wearing a good fitting bra. This will lift the bust line up and your belly will appear smaller:)
  • Go up a size in your tops. Tops that are too small will make your tummy look bigger than it is. No one needs that!
  • Draw the attention towards your face by wearing V necks and a statement jewelry piece (above the bust). If you wear a longer necklace, make sure it doesn't land on or right above your belly.
  • Wear a pattern/print top. Did you know that solid colors can make your tummy more noticeable?
  • Make sure your top is longer than the bottom of your tummy. Does that make sense? Your top needs to be at least as long as the bottom part of your belly.

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