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One Month Away!

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Give Miami Day

Have your calendars marked? ( Save the Date) Wonderful! Today we are sharing seven easy ways to help spread the word and support Kristi House leading up to the big day. By following these steps, you can help children recover from the trauma of abuse and trafficking. See how many steps you can complete; we'd love to hear of and celebrate your progress, so be sure to tag us!

On Give Miami Day (Thursday, November 21, 2019), your gift goes further. A portion of your gift will be matched by The Miami Foundation, so if you're thinking of giving, this is the time. Stay tuned for more details and updates!
Kristi House Give Miami Day Ambassador Toolbox
Here are some ways you can help spread the word and support Kristi House! On behalf of all the children and families we serve, thank you!
1) Complete Your Give Miami Day Pledge Form
We know days get busy, so complete  this pledge form  today and we'll process it for you on 11/21/19. Print and share with your friends, family and colleagues.
2) Forward Emails
Forward our emails (like this one!) to your friends and colleagues.
3) Join Facebook Event
Join our Give Miami Day  Facebook Event , and invite your friends.
4) Share on Social Media
Follow, like, share, repost, and retweet us! Remember to tag @KristiHouseCAC #KristiHouse

5) Watch Survivor Stories Video
Share the message of Kristi House as told by three survivors, on YouTube ( here) and Facebook  ( here ).
6) Create Your Own Posts
Download graphics to share  here .
7) Add Link to Your Bio
Update the link in your Instagram and Twitter bio to:
Download these graphics and more to share from our Ambassador Toolbox !

  Follow, like, share, repost, and retweet us!
Remember to tag @KristiHouseCAC #KristiHouse