Wellness Now: Your Oasis in a Hectic Day
"You can't always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside."

That quote from Wayne Dyer is so true. We may not be able to avoid or eliminate the inevitable stressors in life but we do have tools to help deal with stress. Below are 7 simple and effective things you can incorporate into your busy life - one for each day of the week if you like!
May you be well,
Olivia (aka, Ohm)
Relaxation Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Author

7 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress
  1. Breathe deeply. It's the all-purpose de-stressor! Stop and take 5 long, slow, deep breaths several times every day.
  2. Take a hike. Get up and move. Circumnavigate your desk, walk down the hall and back, climb the stairs.
  3. Connect with nature. Go outside to release what’s going on inside. Listen to the sounds, look at the trees, feel the breeze.
  4. S - T - R - E - T - C - H! Did you know that we’re a tad shorter by day's end? Defy gravity by standing up and stretching!
  5. Close your eyes. Give your hardworking eyes a well-deserved time out. And breathe!
  6. Tighten up…then let go. Inhale and tighten everything: squeeze your facial muscles, raise your shoulders, make fists, curl your toes. Hold your breath in for a count of 3; exhale and release, letting go of everything.
  7. Elevate your legs. Reversing blood flow is good for your internal organs, your complexion, your brain. Lie on the floor with your calves on the seat of a chair, get comfortable (a blanket over you, a rolled towel under your neck), relax and simply be.
"What stress?" Romeo, the King of Chill, recommends finding a nice sunny spot, grabbing your favorite blankie, and ahhhh...
"It's not the load that breaks you down,
it's the way you carry it." - Lou Holtz