November 23, 2022
North side? South side?
Now it's both sides.
Are you willing to sacrifice trees for bike trails?
These are the decisions our city council will be making as they move forward on the proposed Summit Avenue Regional Bike Trail
Engage Saint Paul will keep the public comment window open until Wednesday, November 30th.

Tongue-tied? Here's our suggested comment:
  1. Give Saint Paul tax-payers more time to evaluate and comment.
  2. Too many trees are at significant risk of dying (800 by our arborist's count - more on that in next week's e-newsletter),
  3. Safety issues will increase for pedestrians and cyclists due to more than 400+ conflict points. More on that in two weeks.
  4. Accessibility on Summit will be lost when more than 50% of parking will be removed.
  5. Summit Avenue's character-defining features- wide parkways, boulevards, and medians will be altered, irreparably, after 137 years of preservation.
  6. Save trees, save parking, and create in-street, wider, high-visibility bike lanes.

Summit Avenue is too valuable to Saint Paul to rush any major decision.

Sign our petition at

Make some noise. Call your city councilor. Call your city attorney.
Call your mayor.
Director of Parks & Recreation, Andy Rodriguez

Director of Public Works, Sean Kershaw

Project Manager for the Summit Regional Trail, Parks & Recreation Landscape Architect Mary Norton

Mayor's Office, Deputy Press Secretary Kamal Baker

City attorney Lyndsey Olson

City attorney's office, head of the civil division, Trina Chernos

City Councilors:
Ward 1: Russel Balenger 651-266-8610
Ward 2: Rebecca Noecker 651-266-8620
Ward 3: Chris Tolbert 651-266-8630
Ward 4: Mitra Jalali 651-266-8640
Ward 5: President Amy Brendmoen 651-266-8650
Ward 6: Nelsie Yang 651-266-8660
Ward 7: Jane Prince 651-266-8670
ABOUT SOS (Save Our Street)
Save Our Street is a citizen group that seeks to educate and advocate for the preservation of the historic streetscape of Summit Avenue as a treasured St. Paul destination and a safe, tree-lined, multi-modal corridor for generations to come.
SOS Steering Committee Chair: Gary Todd 651-470-4720
Here's an example of a high-visibility bike lane with a narrowed drive lane.