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August 16, 2016

Retro Poodle Trims: Seven Styles - One Dog

Go way back with us as we look at  Poodle trims of days past - the Dutch, Town & Country, Sweetheart, and the original Lamb Trim. Today we still some of the trims but in up-to-date and stylish versions. Karen Tucker shows you how to do a modern day Puppy Cut, Lamb Trim and the Miami Trim (also known as the Clown Cut, Bracelet Trim or Bikini Cut).
Today, everything is retro. The great thing about Poodles is they can pull off any type of haircut. Some of these Poodle haircuts have fallen out of favor but who knows - they may just come back in style!
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From the Archives!  
Clipping the Face, Feet, and Tail of the Standard Poodle         

In this session, Misty shows you, in detail, how to clip the face, feet, and tail of her retired show Poodle. She will lead you through the options of how to set the lines, using the bone and muscle structure as reference points, what blades to use, plus helpful tips and tricks to get the coat off quickly and smoothly.

If you need a quick lesson on these key areas, this is the lesson for you! 

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