State of The Art Food Plant Means 700 New Jobs at Quonset
Infinity Meat Solutions has officially broken ground on their new facility at the Business Park. The 200,000-square-foot, $100 million state-of-the-art packaging facility will create 700 new jobs in Rhode Island, and 400 construction jobs. Infinity will join over 200 companies and nearly 12,000 workers who already call the Business Park home.

Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo cited the new arrival as more evidence of the administration’s focus on creating jobs. "With the creation of 700 new jobs and a $100 million facility in Quonset, Infinity Meat Solutions is committed to the future of Rhode Island," said Gov. Raimondo. "This groundbreaking is tangible proof that our economic development approach is working."

Infinity Meat Solutions is the latest exciting addition to the business park,” said Steven J. King, Managing Director of Quonset Development Corporation. “We look forward to watching their facility launch operations next year and their continued growth at Quonset.”

Rhode Island Commerce Corporation announced that the food processing company qualified for $1.9 million in Rebuild RI tax credits to support construction of the new facility in May of 2018. The company also received nearly $950,000 each year in Qualified Jobs incentives for up to 10 years.
“Infinity Meat Solutions considered many locations for their new facility, we are proud that they selected Rhode Island, joining more than 25 other companies that are recently landing or expanding in our state,” said RI Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor, who also serves as chair of the QDC Board of Directors.

Infinity Meat Solutions is a subsidiary company of Retail Business Services, an affiliate of the Netherlands-based company Ahold Delhaize USA. Infinity’s expansion into Rhode Island will generate over $10 million in revenue for the state over the next ten years. 
C-PACE – Reducing Energy Costs for Business
Businesses across New England pay some of the highest energy costs in the U.S. In Rhode Island, businesses’ bottom lines are adversely impacted by high operating costs. Unpredictable energy rates can slow growth in hiring, planned capital investments and expansion.

Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank’s Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (C-PACE) program provides low-interest financing to businesses looking to install clean energy systems or make energy efficiency upgrades to offset energy costs.

In South Kingstown, the Laurel Lane Country Club used C-PACE financing to build ground-mounted solar panels on a field next to the Club. These solar panels will produce enough electricity to power the club’s hospitality and golf operations while also supporting an upgrade from gas-powered to electric golf carts. Overall, the club is projected to save $1.3 million in energy costs.

In Westerly, US Extruders financed the installation of a 140kW solar array with C-PACE. This will power their operations and those of two other manufacturing businesses that lease space within the 46,000 sq. foot facility.

The C-PACE program presents an opportunity for companies at Quonset and throughout Rhode Island to enhance the efficiency of their operations. Larger manufacturing businesses, like many at Quonset Business Park, can similarly benefit from C-PACE loans. Large-scale facilities can offset their own energy costs and promote a greener Business Park by installing rooftop solar arrays with C-PACE funding. C-PACE is also a critical tool for Quonset companies to manage high energy costs while contributing to Gov. Raimondo’s 1000 MW clean energy goal.

Learn more about saving on energy costs here / or join RIIB on November 7 at Laurel Lane Country Club to hear from local businesses and property owners that have taken advantage of C-PACE.

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Quonset prepares comprehensive lighting study
Quonset has long been a committed neighbor to the Town of North Kingstown and its nearby residents. Recently, QDC worked to address the concerns from a handful of neighbors about light from the Business Park’s operations. When neighbors first contacted Quonset about their concerns, immediate changes were made to reduce extraneous lighting.
Quonset hired a lighting consultant who has begun a comprehensive internal review of all lighting fixtures in the Business Park. Quonset is also conducting a review of all QDC lighting regulations and compared them to the Town of North Kingstown’s lighting ordinances. Quonset determined that its own lighting standards are more stringent than the Town’s. Once the internal study is completed, QDC will take steps necessary to eliminate excess light where it exists.
“Quonset is committed to being a good neighbor as the Business Park’s current companies continue to add jobs and expand their operations,” said Steve King, Managing Director, Quonset Development Corporation.
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