Celebrating the Births of Over 700 Babies
Embryo Adoption is a Successful Choice
Dear Friends,

We are excited to see the continued growth of the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program in 2020.  

Snowflakes Baby _1 - Hannah Strege
Snowflakes baby #1, Hannah Strege, just celebrated her 21st birthday. Hannah has chosen to become a committed advocate for promoting embryo donation and adoption. Isn't that so cool? Thank you Hannah!

If you are new to our monthly newsletter, welcome! We like to take a little time each month to celebrate each new miracle that is born, and share a family story, and one of our newest blog posts. Let us know what you think about it. 

On December 31, 2019 the Snowflakes program reached 700 babies born.  This is a result of hundreds of placing and adopting families who have applied to the program. There are already more than 49 babies due to be born in 2020. Please pray for these moms and the protection of their pregnancies.

Our program is successful because of our families and the medical professionals who support Snowflakes.  Thank you! 
Giving Careful Consideration to Creating Embryos

It has always been our opinion that life begins at conception. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with an extreme case of endometriosis that we wondered if we could have the family we felt we were meant to have and not violate our morals.

When my husband and I ran into fertility struggles, like many others, we had to start to think 'outside of the box' regarding how to start a family.

Is Anonymity a Myth in Embryo Donation and Adoption?
The  Donor Sibling Registry is an online resource for donor-conceived people trying to locate half or full siblings and for donors trying to locate potential offspring. The results of some searches are disturbing, such as the sperm donor who fathered over 130 children! Medical science created the need for registries such as the DSR when assisted reproductive technologies became normative.

In 2018 the DSR presented a  study of 485 adult donor-conceived people and their desires to find their egg, sperm or embryo donor. The study sought to understand the search methods used and if they were successful, what became of the potential relationship between child and donor.

Happy New Year! December brought several long awaited family gifts!

We learned about the births of 9 Snowflakes babies last month. We rejoice with these parents as they navigate the path of parenthood. Congratulations.

T and K welcomed their daughter
Tenika Kay #692
J and N welcomed their daughter
Genevieve Faye #693
N and D welcomed their son,
Lochlan #694
B and N welcomed their daughter
Eliana Rose #695
M and S welcomed their son
Aleksandar #696
C and D welcomed their son
Harrison Arthur #697
T and R welcomed their daughter
Evangelina Grace #698
D and K welcomed their daughter
Anna Mirabella #699
J and V welcomed their son
Ethan William #700

Newest Snowflakes babies' pictures:

Tenika demonstrates 'nothing is more precious than a newborn baby.'

Lochlan has visions of sugar plums the Nightlight Before Christmas.

Eliana is sleeping in heavenly peace before her first Christmas

Genevieve is giving lessons in power napping

For Evangelina, happiness is a new pink bow.

Anna is wide awake on the first trip home.

Little Boy Blue - Harrison is dreaming of the womb!

Thank you for reading and we hope you answered our 2 question survey. We're excited to see what new stories God will bring our way each month AND babies who are no longer in frozen storage. 
Your continued prayer and financial support for the Snowflakes program and Nightlight Christian Adoptions are not taken for granted.


The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Team

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