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August 16, 2017

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Women's Equality Day
Thursday, August 24, 2017
Patio of the Grand Rapids Art Museum
101 Monroe Center 
Although the 97th anniversary of the American women  suffrage movement's great victory is actually on Saturday, August 26th, GGRWHC invites you to join us downtown on food-truck Thursday to spread the word about the 72-year-long political campaign guaranteeing universal suffrage. We will have photos and handouts about the local movement and will be joined by the reforming Grand Rapids League of Women Voters!

The suffrage headquarters in Grand Rapids in the Fourth National Bank building on Monroe at Pearl St. Working on a 1912 mail campaign are Equal Suffrage Club members Lois Jones, Fern Richardson Rowe, Eva McCall Hamilton, Alde Louise Tuck Blake, and Clara Comstock Russell.

The August 1920 ratification of the 19th Amendment depended upon the efforts over 72 years by tens of thousands of unsung but persistent women and men. They organized referenda, circulated countless petitions, gave speeches, and were frequently harassed and ridiculed. The enormous significance of their nonviolent civil rights campaign is too-little credited. This year, get into the spirit of the occasion. Honor the long struggle by looking back at it!
Suffrage edition ad
National City Bank advertisement in the May 2, 1914 suffrage edition of the Grand Rapids Press, shows local suffragists passing out their literature from their familiar yellow bags. 
Increasingly after the turn of the 20th century, women took to the streets in creative ways, parading as well as personally distributing suffrage literature. The 1914 City Banks advertisement above illustrates Grand Rapids women as news "girls" getting out the paper they had published themselves in a take-over of the Grand Rapids Press!

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There is a long continuum in American women's political history. When all women were enfranchised in 1920, the suffrage movement metamorphosed into the League of Women Voters. Sadly, the Grand Rapids League closed several years ago--BUT Elianna Bootzin is heading up an effort to resurrect it and will host a table next to ours on the GRAM patio!

We will be especially pleased to illustrate the links between the suffrage movement and the League, as well as the complications of the enfranchisement process on both the national and local levels. Check out the new group's Facebook page, but come downtown to get League news in person!  

See you on August 24th!
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