72SOLD | May 27, 2023

Those Who Never Were…

I wish each of you, my 72SOLD believers, the best Memorial Day Weekend ever. 

My dad, Chubby, was a fighter pilot instructor in WWII. The stories he told me, some hair raising, are what inspired my love of flying. Many of the fighter pilots my dad trained did not return home. Thank God he did. 

The loss of so many young fighter pilots my dad trained didn't just cost them their lives, it resulted in the loss of future lives that would have been had those young men survived their dogfights and combat bombing missions.

What did the loss of those "never born" men and women mean to the world? We will never know, but whatever impact they would have had, we should remember that they unknowingly sacrificed for us too.

If my dad hadn't survived WWII, neither would I. What would that have meant to Teresa, Brian, Corey, Casey, and Jason? Would me not existing have made a difference in your life?   

My dad's stories of the war gave me a deep appreciation for those who gave their lives, as well as those who never had the opportunity to have a life and try to make a positive difference in the world.

As we each enjoy this holiday weekend with friends and family, let's feel appreciation for those who boldly served for us, those who bravely sacrificed their lives for us, and those who never experienced the joy of life for us.


(Remember, the next Team Call will be on Wednesday).

"A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."


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Team Call Highlight

72SOLD agent Peter Gohsman of Wisconsin shares how he converted one of our first national TV referrals he received in early January into one of his highest priced listings ever by smart follow-up (even after the prospect originally said “no”). 

New Commercial: 15-Minute Walkthrough and 9% More

"Call For Your Price" Version

You can download this latest commercial from your Member Portal with the "Call for Your Price" tagline that you can use in your own marketing. You can also share it by text by copying this link and pasting it into a text message:

72SOLD Listing Presentation With Spanish Subtitles!

Spanish Subtitles

Thank you to Amy Pradetto and Heidi Ludwig for helping us to get Greg's presentation to sellers with Spanish subtitles for our agents who serve Hispanic communities. You can download this from your Member Portal from the Agent Marketing Videos section or copy and paste the following link to share it by text:

72SOLD Timeline for Higher Prices

We designed this double-sided calendar to visually illustrate to home sellers on listing appointments what our typical timelines look like for marketing, sale, buyer inspection and average number of days to closing. This will be available in your Member Portal for download as well as our Print Shop for inexpensive printing. You can also download the PDF by clicking either of the images below.



Neighborhood Sale Notification Form

Wednesday Team Call Topic

We will be covering this in greater detail on Wednesday's Team Call. Teresa Hague introduced this on Friday's call and we had a lot of requests to start using it this weekend for door knocking around listings. Here are the talk tracks suggested:

  • Dress casual but professional. Stand back from the door at an angle, clearly showing a clipboard containing your form.
  • Greeting: “Hi, I’m Teresa with 72SOLD. I just stopped by to let you know we’re having an auction-like event this Saturday at one of your neighbors homes who are selling their home with us where there will be a lot of potential buyers seeing it at the same time. We will be overseeing it closely. If anyone parks in front of your driveway or does anything that inconveniences you, here’s my phone number and I will immediately get it corrected." Wait for their response.
  • Then say, “Would you like us to let you know what the home sells for?” Wait for their response.
  • If the neighbor responds yes, respond “It would be our pleasure. Would you like us to notify you by text, phone call or email?” Be sure to tilt your clipboard so they can see the Neighborhood Sale Price Notification Form you are filling out with a few pre-filled names.

Sarah Perkins' Weekly Update

Use these national graphs and stats on your listing appointments to convince sellers to price their homes right and sell in 8 days or less to maximize the price.

We update these every Friday (thank you Sarah Perkins).

Click the image below to download the PowerPoint version or you can get the PDF version by clicking here.

Training Corner

with Randy Cooney

This very short video clip was taken from our Role-Play Webinar this past week. Terry Friedlein shares her talk tracks on what you would say when you go door-knocking. In this scenario, the owner (being played by Matt Verdin) has opened his door and been appreciative of Terry letting him know about the recent real estate activity in his neighborhood. Given the seller (Matt) has been receptive to Terry, she decides to ask a question before the conversation ends, just to see if he might be thinking of selling in the near future. The way Terry asks is so very clever. (NOTE: Terry is in her car when she was doing the role-play, imagining she was at Matt’s door)

REMINDER: We have our Role-Play Webinars every Monday & Wednesday at 1:00pm PDT / 3:00pm CDT/ 4:00pm EDT, but there will be no role-play session this Monday because of the holiday. Go to to sign up for reminders. Click on Terry’s role-play clip below.

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