72SOLD | April 15, 2023

In real estate, there are two types of questions that can propel your success: 

  1. Learning questions
  2. Conversion questions


The 72SOLD program incorporates an array of learning questions, some for sellers, some for buyers.

For example, during the Meticulosity Walkthrough we ask sellers about "the peripherals," the not-obvious benefits of their home/neighborhood to help us increase its perceptual value (and uniqueness) in the eyes of buyers.

Another learning question comes at the end of our Meticulosity Walkthrough:  

“What would be a perfect sale for you, an ideal closing date and a price you would feel is fair?”

Knowing sellers’ preferred closing date and price enables you to incorporate their specific goals into your explanation of our program, and then into the pricing discussion.

Did you notice how I use the word “fair” when asking sellers about their price goal? Most people don't want to be perceived as unfair, so using "fair" in that question typically (but not always) causes sellers to relay a more realistic price. Choice of words matters! 


Conversion questions are different. They are not designed for you to learn, but rather to gently start prospects down the path to a definitive yes.

Conversion questions involve sellers (and buyers) saying "yes" in an indirect way. I find them easier to ask than a hard core closing question. They are also easier for prospects (sellers and buyers) to answer yes.

For example, one of our key conversion questions is asking buyers the following when we finish our 7 Step Showing Process.

“You seem to really like the home. Would like me to call the sellers to see if they would consider making an exception and selling it to you prior to making it available to the other buyers at the Saturday public unveiling?” 


You can make a learning question serve double-duty as a conversion question. For example, when you ask sellers about the "peripherals" (a learning question) if you add the words “when I show your home” the question becomes a conversion question too.

"Ms. James, would you take a moment to tell me about the not-obvious benefits of your home and neighborhood so I can enhance its perception of value and uniqueness in the eyes of buyers when I show it."


At the end of the Meticulosity Walkthrough, when you ask the “perfect sale” learning question, you might then ask: 

“When we sit down, if I could unequivocally show you that my approach to selling your home is likely to result in thousands more in your pocket over choosing one of my competitors you'd go with me, wouldn't you?"

That is an example of leading your 72SOLD program explanation with a conversion question, essentially obtaining advance agreement that you'll get the listing if you prove you have the process likely to put more money in the seller's pocket.


A wonderful example of using a super-creative learning question followed by a powerful conversion question was illustrated in a role-play interview I had with Jeff Duncan on a recent Team Call.

Jeff role-played as a 72SOLD agent asking about the peripherals during the Meticulosity Walkthrough. I played the seller.

About halfway through the walkthrough Jeff asked me (the seller):

"Greg, would you describe a captivating moment, a joyful and memorable experience you and Teresa have had living in this home." 

In answering, I described how much Teresa and I enjoy Sunday mornings, peacefully sitting together in our backyard with birds singing, looking out over the golf course, silently sympathizing with golfers who duff shots the way we often do.

Jeff then pulled a stroke of brilliance with this conversion question

Greg, may I have permission to use your exact words in my ad copy?” 

I felt honored that Jeff wanted to use my description in telling buyers about the home, and I felt compelled to say yes, which was indirectly agreeing to list with Jeff.


Is there a difference between tie-downs and conversion questions? Yes. 

Tie downs are typically direct and seek affirmation of a point you just made.  

  • “Does that make sense?”
  • “Can you see how our Opportunity Showing process results in higher offers by eliminating the perception that previous buyers rejected your home because of price?” 

By contrast, conversion questions typically seek indirect affirmation that buyers and sellers will move forward.


There is a difference between conversion questions and the typical closing questions. Most "Closing questions" taught by books and instructors are direct requests for the prospect to move forward.

"Are you ready to move forward?"

There is nothing wrong with them, but I find conversion questions to be more natural, less pushy, and easier to use. They are also easier for sellers and buyers to say yes to because they don't represent a direct commitment.


Learning questions and conversion questions can be powerful in winning sellers to list with you, agree to price adjustments, and accept offers you recommend. They can also be effective at generating higher offers from buyers.

Learning questions and conversion questions are threaded through our many training videos, and constantly covered on our live M/W/F Team Calls, and Randy's M/W role-play webinars.

Learn them. Practice them. You are at the Harvard of list-side real estate. Take advantage of it.

“Never ask a question unless the answer makes a difference.”

- Proverb


We can’t eliminate adversities in life, but we can control how we respond to them.


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72SOLD Team Call Highlight

"Are you going to buy my home?"…

In this video Greg reveals the five reasons sellers should never sell to anyone who intends to buy and then resell their home for profit. You should memorize these five takeaways as a reply to sellers when you are asked if we are going to buy their home.

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NEW QR Code Commercial

Check out the first 72SOLD QR code TV commercial. We will run this experimentally in a few markets to see if it converts better than providing the 72SOLD URL.

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In this throwback to the ever-popular TV series, The Brady Bunch, Charlie and Destry produced a 72SOLD TV commercial. Check it out! It's a lot of fun.

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In this third installment of Greg's "Harvard of List-side Real Estate" webinar series, hear a condensed summary of our Competition Based Pricing Conversation and then how to explain our 8-Day Expectation once the listing agreement is signed.

You can watch these videos as they become available at

Sarah Perkins' Weekly Update

Use these national graphs and stats on your listing appointments to convince sellers to price their homes right and sell in 8 days or less to maximize the price.

We update these every Friday (thank you Sarah Perkins).

Click the image below to download the PowerPoint version or you can get the PDF version by clicking here.

Training Corner

with Randy Cooney

Seven Reasons to Always Use the 72SOLD Seven Step Showing Process 

  1. Impress sellers with our commitment to be present for all showings.
  2. Help buyers recognize the home as unique and special.
  3. Inform buyers as to the reason the sellers are moving and have priced this home so reasonably.
  4. Present you with an opportunity to point out special features (peripherals) of the property.
  5. Impress buyers' agents with the information and attention we gave them and their buyers.
  6. Assist you in determining a buyer’s level of interest.
  7. Allow you to open the door to an Opportunity Purchase!! 

This week’s Role Play will be FOCUSED on how to best EXPLAIN to a seller, and DELIVER to a buyer, THE SEVEN STEP SHOWING PROCESS.

Register for Randy's Role Play Zoom sessions at and note the new Monday/Wednesday times…

  • 1:00pm AZ (Pacific) Time
  • 2:00pm Mountain Time
  • 3:00pm Central Time
  • 4:00pm Eastern Time

Social Media Post of the Week

Destry and Charlie produced this piece focusing in on sports fans and highlighting our partnership with the Arizona Diamondbacks which allows our branding to appear in games viewed by sports fans joining us from across the country.

National Pet Day

In a bonus social post feature this week, meet some of our 72SOLD pets! These superstar companions were highlighted this week for National Pet Day! National Pet Day on April 11th is dedicated to those pets who may not always get the companionship and attention pets deserve. While loving our pets is something we do every day, the observance encourages helping out orphaned pet companions...a cause very near and dear to all our hearts!