72SOLD | June 24, 2023

When I was 12 my dad was doing well in real estate so he bought our family a nicer home. It was on a couple of acres and had a barn. He promised me and my sister we could have a horse. 

On moving day while Mom and Dad were in the house unpacking I went out to explore the barn. Behind the barn there was an old-fashioned, curved handle water pump. I thought that was pretty cool, so I started pumping the handle to draw out some water. 

After rigorous pumping, not a drop came out. I figured the pump must be broken so I ran inside to tell Dad (nickname, Chubby).

Chubby looked at me with a smile, walked over to a box labeled "kitchen" and cut it open. He pulled out a large bowl and said, "Fill this with water and pour it into the top of the pump as you pump.”

I sprinted to the pump balancing the bowl of water, then began pumping the handle while pouring water into the hole at the top. Suddenly, I could feel the suction "catch" and sure enough, the water started to flow.

Later that night at dinner Chubby said, “Greg, what happened to you today is a lesson on living. Your knowledge, your health, your relationships, and your financial success will be determined by how often you prime those pumps. 

What's my message to you today?

You now have something never available to real estate agents in this country, a ready-to-go business-in-a-box with a protected area to build it.

  • It's a business that offers home sellers what they want most... more money.

  • It's a business that provides you with the powerful combo of an air attack (TV) and a ground attack (your DIY) advertising to generate business.

  • It's a business with a clearly better "product" to set you apart from (and above) your competitors.

  • It's a business that provides you with national credibility (Inc 5000 top 300 fastest growing companies).

  • It's a business that hands you quantitative proof of performance (6 studies showing sellers average 8.4%-12% higher prices).

  • It's a business that offers you the protection of your own exclusive area to ensure your efforts aren't capitalized on by others.

Our business-in-a-box is almost a real estate success "sure thing" as long as you don't blow it. How could you blow it?

  • You can't clearly, compellingly explain every detail of our program.

  • You don't use your efforts or money to get our message out.

  • You fail to do a great job for home sellers you represent.

Each of these "blow it" areas is about how well you prime those three pumps. Prime them relentlessly and you will succeed spectacularly.

Watch an example of relentless 72SOLD pump primers in this snippet from my Friday Team Call interview with Alina Valentine and Lynsey Rini (from Detroit) who recently listed 14 homes using the 72SOLD program. 

Alina and Lynsey constantly prime pumps in their lives, including 72SOLD.

Alina said she is dyslexic and had to work extra hard learning how to explain our program, typing out every word and reciting it again and again. 

She commented that before she had the 72SOLD program, she sometimes felt like a “fraud” (her exact word) by competing for business with nothing different and better than her competitors. Now with 72SOLD she is exuberant about showing sellers her better way.


If I called you today and asked about our "benefits and process elevator speeches" would you wow me with what you SAY? If not, watch this video which can be found in Core Training section and titled "Elevator Speech". It's only six minutes. Please listen and memorize those Elevator Speech talk tracks! It's a key first step to getting everyone you meet interested in our program.

Of course, my elevator speech question is one of many I could ask you. Would you wow me with the answers to each? If not, why not? That's on you. You're not listening to Chubby. You're not priming your 72SOLD pumps.

If you don't know our program inside out, you're blowing the first step to building a rock star protected area business that can set you free.

In the past, real estate agents have been the fuel for their office owners to build a valuable business, Now it's your turn! Have the discipline. Do the work. Prime your 72SOLD pumps... which includes showing up on Team Calls.


While on vacation at Walloon Lake, Michigan, we talked to our grandkids about giving them the best possible education, which led us to the subject of Ivy League colleges. I did a little research and my findings were fascinating.


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Monday Team Call Teaser

On Monday's Team Call Greg will role-play the seven steps to presenting offers so sellers take your advice. Here they are in a nutshell...

  1. Decide on your advice to the sellers
  2. Don’t send offers before presenting
  3. Tell your fight story to start the conversation
  4. Reset sellers’ price expectations, if needed
  5. Emphasize the negative of more unsold time
  6. Convert the sellers to a buyer’s mindset 
  7. Remember, you are hired to provide direction

Calculate Protected Area

Commission Potential

Calculating the Listing Rate and Commission Potential of various areas in your Protected Area is the first step before spending money on marketing. Use this formula to make it easy.

New QR Code Materials

Check out our new QR code marketing materials! These will be available in our Print Shop next week for customization. Greg will teach you how to maximize your ROI with them on this week's Team Calls.





Sarah Perkins' Weekly Update

Use these national graphs and stats on your listing appointments to convince sellers to price their homes right and sell in 8 days or less to maximize the price.

We update these every Friday (thank you Sarah Perkins).

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Training Corner

with Randy Cooney

On our afternoon Role Play webinars, one of the topics we Role Play frequently is presenting the 72SOLD Program. After witnessing several agents struggle to make a smooth transition from the Meticulosity Walkthrough to introducing the 72SOLD Program, I discovered the effectiveness and magic of using a ‘Segue.’ Segue is defined as a smooth and seamless transition from one topic to another.

Click here to read examples of successful seques. You can also watch the video below where Flora Chaparro delivers a perfect example of a seque.

REMINDER: I invite you to consistently seek opportunities to improve your talk-track skills. Please join me and our co-hosts; Matt Verdin, Terry Friedlein and Marissa Wright, for our Role Play Webinars every Monday & Wednesday at 1pm PST/ 3pm CST/ 4pm EST. You can, but DO NOT have to volunteer to Role Play. Just listening in has been of significant value to those attending. Go to to sign up for reminders.


Social Post of the Week

72SOLD made big-time local and national news when former Phoenix Suns coach and 2022 NBA coach of the year chose 72SOLD/Hague Partners to sell his home. He is the new coach for the Detroit Pistons. See the live Fox News interview below, and read the full story in the Phoenix Business Journal by clicking here...