72SOLD | May 13, 2023

Has it happened to you?

You have a listing appointment. You are excited. Then, out of the blue, the prospect texts you to cancel with no reason why

What should you do? You can never be sure, but your response needs to be right. 

Enter 72SOLD Agent Trish Simpson

Trish had it happen this week. What did she do to save the situation?

In her own words…

As a new agent (less than a year in the business) I still get super excited every time I make a 72SOLD listing appointment. But this was the first time I had one cancel on me, so it was definitely a gut punch. 

Instead of racking my brain over what I may have done wrong to warrant a canceled appointment, I decided to focus my energy on what I could do right in the response in hopes of being able to get the seller to change her mind.

Then it hit me…I have a current client that is thrilled I sold her house within 12 hours of listing it, and Destry and Charlie did a fabulous testimonial video with her. When they sent it to me I almost cried because it was so amazing!

So I sent the prospective client that testimonial video and she responded “Ok, let's keep the appointment." Hooray! I went on the appointment, presented the program, and got the listing!

I have less than a year in real estate. Plus, I just moved to Arizona from Washington a few years ago so I don't have a sphere of influence. Consequently, 72SOLD is really all I have. I treat every lead like gold and I was determined not to let that one slip away!

Check out Trish’s testimonial video. It’s fantastic…

Trish Simpson's Testimonial Video

Trish used our creative team at corporate to produce this testimonial video for her.

Remember, we will produce a testimonial video for you too! Simply interview your happy client, get some great video takeaways, and send it to [email protected]. For just $150, our creative team will work their magic and produce a professional testimonial video you can use in multiple ways, including "saving situations."

We have a wealth of creative assets on our websites and in the Member Portal to help you create commission opportunities and save situations. Here are a few of my favorites:

You have a wealth of 72SOLD New York ad agency quality assets at your fingertips. Your competitors have nothing like it.

"The lure of the distant and difficult is often deceptive"

These assets are not distant to access. They are not difficult to use. You have the best listing tools in real estate at your fingertips. Take advantage!


P.S. Be sure to read the next section about how you can reserve your own personal 72SOLD protected area.

Did you request a protected ZIP?

Last year I announced that 72SOLD agents would be given the opportunity to have their own exclusive, protected area in 2023. If you attended our Team Calls this week you were first to learn the time is now.  

Advantages of having your own 72SOLD-exclusive ZIP area:

  • Exclusive right to direct market the 72SOLD program to homes, including expired sellers and FSBOs, in your protected area. 

  • A personal 72SOLD QR code to leverage our national website and Q&A conversion funnel to improve ROI on DIY marketing in your ZIP. 

  • Receive all 72SOLD TV referrals in your ZIP without paying $1500 per "seat" or being in a referral zone rotation with other agents. 

  • Training on how to build a salable 72SOLD business that has significant asset value should you move or retire.

  • Access to a 7-day-a-week VIP phone number for immediate, personal help with your questions and needs.

  • Invitations to private masterminds, roundtables, and retreats to learn and develop strategy with 72SOLD leadership. 


This exclusive area ZIP model gives you the ability to build a scalable, salable business supported by the best program, training, and marketing in the real estate industry. An opportunity like this has never been made available to real estate agents.


The cost of protected ZIP areas will be affordable, with most ZIPs priced from $350 to $1500 a month. The few exceptions are ZIPs with lots of high priced luxury homes because the commission potential is so high. ZIP pricing will be announced market by market over the next few weeks.


If you request a ZIP now, and we grant it, you are not committing to take it until you know the monthly cost. Once we let you know, you can decide to move forward or not.


Your monthly protected area fee is really not a fee, it's a TV ad fund contribution! We will use it each month to run TV ads in your market to drive business to you, build 72SOLD brand recognition, and increase the salable value of your protected ZIP.


We will implement this protected area model market by market throughout July, August and September. As we do, the $1500 "seat" rotation program will go away.


Ad fund contributors for June will be granted protected ZIP(s) first. If you contribute for June, but for any reason decide not to contribute for July, you will still retain your protected ZIP(s).


If you missed the Team Call announcement this week, you can apply for a protected ZIP by emailing [email protected] with your #1 preferred ZIP choice. 

If you have the time and money to take on more than one ZIP, indicate additional preferred ZIPs as "secondary choices". 

We are swamped with ZIP request emails, so you may not receive a reply for a few days. Don't be concerned. We will not miss your email.


We know many of you well because you regularly attend Team Calls, have been consistent ad fund contributors, and have 72SOLD coaches you work with. You will likely receive an email confirmation of your ZIP choice(s) without an interview.


If we don't know you well that isn't a problem, we just want to make sure this program is right for you and us. Therefore, the 72SOLD coach for your region will call you to chat.

We are committing 72SOLD's future to a small group of agents, so we intend to be careful with our choices.


If you have questions on this protected ZIP model, I will stay on after every Team Call this week to answer them.

Please only email support ([email protected]) with your ZIP choice(s). They are swamped!


Learn how Teresa cultivated a thriving real estate business in a ZIP. It's in the "Team Call Highlight" video further down in this update.

In honor of Mother's Day…

Click the image above to read Greg's Mothers Day blog from a few years ago. The heart-warming video at the end has over 6 million views.

"To love is to be loyal, but to be loyal does not mean to love."


Click the image above to read Greg's latest blog.

Team Call Highlight

On Friday's Team Call, Teresa shared what she did many years ago to build a thriving real estate business with Andrew Bloom in their preferred ZIP.

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New 72SOLD Testimonial

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Oldies But Goodies…

We thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of fun commercials from the 72SOLD early days!

Sarah Perkins' Weekly Update

Use these national graphs and stats on your listing appointments to convince sellers to price their homes right and sell in 8 days or less to maximize the price.

We update these every Friday (thank you Sarah Perkins).

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Training Corner

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