72SOLD | May 6, 2023

I’m not a fan of Zillow because I believe buyers interested in my listings should be directed back to me, not channeled to agents who know nothing about those homes. It doesn’t serve buyers or sellers well.  

But compliments to Zillow for building a brilliant buyer conversion website. It’s a masterpiece of buyer-to-agent lead conversion strategy and technology. It makes it easy for buyers searching for homes to connect with agents Zillow chooses.  

What if YOU could market Zillow’s website in your community as if it was your own? That would be a business producing game changer for you, right?  

Well, I can’t arrange that, but even if I could it would probably be a red herring, luring you off the best path to success. Why? From Amazon to Apple to Walmart, the most successful businesses in America control the products we want.  

This is true with real estate agents too. The top Realtors in each city, and in America, are listers. They control the homes buyers want.

So instead of having Zillow to use like it was your own, what if you had the BEST SELLER PRODUCING WEBSITE in America to use like it was your own? Beginning this week, you do. is America’s #1 home seller generating website, producing over 50,000 home seller referrals to agents in just four months this year, Jan-April.’s visitor to lead conversion rate is spectacular! When prospective home sellers visit our website, a high percentage put in their address, answer our questions about their home, price, and reason for selling, then leave their cell phone number.


I am excited to announce that beginning this week, you (72SOLD Certified Agents) will be able to acquire your own unique 72SOLD QR code to leverage the power to generate seller-side business from your DIY marketing.

All the business generated by QR code DIY marketing is automatically tagged to the respective agent who owns the QR code, and the leads funneled back to them by text, email, and in our CRM, the same as TV leads. This means you can use the QR code on everything from community newspaper ads to direct mail marketing, even a jacket like you see above! This enables you to leverage like it's your own website.


On this Wednesday’s Team Call you will learn how easy and inexpensive it is to have your own 72SOLD QR code. 


It should be a game changer for you, a differentiator for you, and everyone at 72SOLD corporate has worked extremely hard to make this technology available to help you. 


"A great truth is a truth whose opposite is also a truth."


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Team Call Highlight

Check out and excerpt from Trish Simpson's spectacular Team Call interview this week. Trish has become a master at leveraging confidence, 72SOLD talk tracks, and creative "zingers" to convert listing after listing, including her most recent one at $1.6M.

New "Brief and Brilliant" Seller Presentation Deck & Buyer Mindset Journey Insert

Check out the new brief and brilliant seller presentation slide deck along with a brochure insert on the four psychological drivers…

Our standard 10-step seller presentation deck is perfect for in-person listing presentations, when you want sellers to really understand our program. But we also have a shorter deck for Zoom presentations, or when sellers "want it quick" on listing appointments. Check out the new and improved brief and brilliant seller presentation deck below.

Also, we produced a new seller brochure insert to help you emphasize the negative effect of time on the market and buyer delay and graphically show sellers the Mindset Journey we take buyers through with our program. Download these items from your Member Portal under Agent Marketing Materials or order prints from our Print Shop.

72SOLD TV Commercials for DIY Marketing

New 72SOLD Testimonial

Recent 72SOLD clients, Craig and Terri, share what it was like to sell traditionally versus the 72SOLD way!

New "Trying to Sell" Message

Check out one of our newest TV commercials designed to attract home owners who are trying to sell, but not having success. Destry Jetton helps them realize there's a better way. This version has been converted to help you generate DIY business.

Wondering How To Get Started Marketing 72SOLD?

One of our 72SOLD Program Directors, Aldo Bardoino, put together this fun promotional video on how to get started marketing our new, better way to sell homes. Kudos to Aldo for showing us how easy it is!

Sarah Perkins' Weekly Update

Use these national graphs and stats on your listing appointments to convince sellers to price their homes right and sell in 8 days or less to maximize the price.

We update these every Friday (thank you Sarah Perkins).

Click the image below to download the PowerPoint version or you can get the PDF version by clicking here.

Training Corner

with Randy Cooney

During the past two weeks of Team Calls and Role-Play Webinars there have been a lot of questions and discussions about how best to bring a home to market, especially considering the different "temperatures" of various markets (cool vs. hot). In every case, it is important to schedule an initial public unveiling (Launch). Listen to this video clip from a recent webinar to better understand how to strategically position/leverage the upcoming Launch to ultimately serve the purpose of getting the highest offer(s) for the seller.

– Randy Cooney

Register for Randy's Role Play Zoom sessions at and note the new Monday/Wednesday times…

  • 1:00pm Pacific Time
  • 2:00pm Mountain Time
  • 3:00pm Central Time
  • 4:00pm Eastern Time

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