72SOLD | June 17, 2023

Last week Teresa and I took a long-planned week vacation with our family at a special place with coming-of-age memories for me... Walloon Lake, Michigan.  

We always have fun together, but spending time with Emma, Berkley, and Logan, our grandkids, made this among our best ever vacations.  

But as Paul Harvey used to say, "Now for the rest of the story." Something unexpected happened to me that could have an impact on your future summers.  

Some historical context...  

My summer job growing up was the best... teaching water skiing at Camp Daggett on Walloon Lake. Sixty years later, that camp is still there! Check it out HERE.  

During my first summer at Camp Daggett, Mom and Dad rented a cabin on Walloon for a week to spend time with me. They fell in love with the place, and two years later purchased a home on the lake.

My parents' home on Walloon Lake.

Every July 4th thereafter, my parents piled me and my sister into our Ford station wagon, and with us sleeping on air mattresses in the back, they drove us from Cincinnati to Walloon to spend the entire summer together, returning on Labor Day. Back then school started the Tuesday after Labor Day.

The station wagon we drove to Walloon in each year.

While at Walloon Lake last week I drove over to see my parents' former home and say hello to the owners who bought it from Mom after Dad died. That's when something unexpected occurred…I had an epiphany.  

As I stood in the front yard looking over the lake, my brain flooded with family memories of summers together... and then this suddenly popped into my mind:

Dad started selling real estate in the 50s, worked mega-hours and was successful. But if he hadn't decided to start his own real estate business, those Walloon family summers would never have existed.  

Side view of my family’s Walloon home.

As a salesperson, my dad could have never left for entire summers. His income would have stopped when he stopped listing and selling homes. But as the owner of a business that could operate without him, Dad was able to give our family the greatest of gifts... two months on a lake together. Would you like to do the same for your family?

My mom fishing on our Walloon dock.

My epiphany that day looking out over Walloon was that 72SOLD provides the pre-done program, the pre-done training, the pre-done marketing, and now the exclusive protected areas, which will enable you to build a business that can operate without you, with the option to have summers with your family like I did with my mom, dad, and sister.  

So, beginning this week and continuing throughout 2023, I'm going to take you down the path to having a scalable, salable, 72SOLD business that offers you the option to take summers away with your family.

You will learn how to build a business that grows in income and value as you work it from Sept through June, then operate without you while you're away with your family in July and August. 

Of course, you don't have to go away with your family for summers. But try it one year, then decide.  

Summers away with family was my dad's gift to me... and it will be my gift to you beginning on Monday's Team Call.  


Did Anyone Bet Greg Wouldn't Get Up On His Skis Again??

Last week people were betting as to whether I would be able to get up on skis again after about 30 years. The water was 54° and I still popped up like I was riding a bike! To those who bet against me… I hope you lost BIG!

"A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end, but not necessarily in that order.” –Jean-Luc Godard


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Team Call Highlight

Do you want to get a head start on your protected area? Check out this awesomely creative idea by Michael and Lena Hogue in Virginia. They had an ice cream truck event at the neighborhood community pool. In addition to free ice cream, residents could enter a giveaway to win a Yeti cooler, and if they provided information of someone they knew was thinking about selling, they could enter twice. In just two hours Michael and Lena acquired the contact information of 62 residents, including three potential sellers and two looking to rent homes, and they made great connections with members of the HOA. What an event!

New Commercial Available for DIY Marketing

Check out this latest commercial touting our Q1 2023 study showing 72SOLD was able to get sellers 9.1% more for their home than other homes sold in the local MLS! That's powerful credibility you can use to help every seller recognize the value you bring to the equation and help you land every listing!

Sarah Perkins' Weekly Update

Use these national graphs and stats on your listing appointments to convince sellers to price their homes right and sell in 8 days or less to maximize the price.

We update these every Friday (thank you Sarah Perkins).

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Training Corner

with Randy Cooney

I invite you to consistently seek opportunities to improve your talk track skills. Please join me and our co-hosts, Matt Verdin, Terry Friedlein and Marissa Wright, for our Role-Play Webinars every Monday & Wednesday at 1:00pm Arizona time. You can, but DO NOT have to volunteer to role-play. Just listening in has been of significant value to those attending. Go to  

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