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75% Off Saturday!
If you think you have any idea what our giant sidewalk sale and birthday party
A small sampling of sale items you'll see Saturday
is going to look like on Saturday, think bigger! We've found treasures throughout our store to include in the sale! We have boxes of gorgeous jewelry! Games for the whole family! Toys your kids will love and hundreds upon hundreds of books!

Plus, don't forget about our PIRATE storytime visitor at 11:00am and don't forget to bring your coupon for 25% off any one full-priced item! Just in case you didn't see the coupon in our last newsletter, we've included it again in this one!

Fresh Ink
What does it take to survive being a teenage girl? GUTS. Return to the world of Raina Telgemeier as she she works through the stresses of school, anxiety, family, and a whole lot of stomach issues.  
The Testaments  
Few books were more hotly anticipated than this sequel to THE HANDMAID'S TALE. Atwood returns to the same world with the testimonials of key characters from the first book. Already shortlisted for the BOOKER Prize, this novel is the definition of 'must-read'. 
The Storm Runner series continues with another adventurous story with Mayan gods, Aztec legends, and more myth and magic coming from the histories of Central and South America.  
Jane Godwin | Blanca Gomez         
We take you now to... A SCENE AT THE BOOKIES.  
Bookie Carolyn (famous for Tuesday Storytime with Mrs. Hunter), enters scene, clutching this book to her chest.  
"I love this book! Love it! LOVE IT! Look at these pictures! Look at this mouse on every page!" Come in to see what all the fuss is about and believe us when we say that if Bookie Carolyn loves a book, everyone will love the book!  
A new Dr. Seuss book? Well...sort of. Of course, we lost the good doctor years ago, but many things like sketchbooks, notes, scripts, and more remain behind. Some of those inspired this book, which includes cameos from Seuss favorites and wonderfully familiar art. However, this is isn't a Seuss-typical book like a GREEN EGGS AND HAM, but rather a true work of love for the love of art and a terrific book in terms of how perspective of a subject can change.  
Stephen King         
King is back with another novel of good versus evil. A child with gifts is stolen away form his murdered parents. His talents, like so many others kept prisoner in the Institute, are abused. Death, chaos, pain, and violence inhabit another of King's trademark novels that promises us one thing: there are no happy endings.  

The Game Board

  CLACK! Categories, Ages 7 & Up.

Was there a bigger game last year than CLACK!? The runaway hit was perhaps our most popular gift during the holidays and now, it's back! This version has clackers with new category fun (find all the blue clothes, find all the yellow vehicles!) and all the same joy of the original. Ask for a demo at our front desk or check it out on our website by clicking here.

Saturday, September 14th - Bookies' Birthday Sidewalk Sale
Sunday, September 22nd - Book Launch for WIRED & CONNECTED