FEBRUARY, 2016 - In This Issue:
The Y: Idle Hands
At the Y, we believe we have something special - sense of community - and that everyone should have access to it, along with the programs and services that help us learn, grow and thrive. With the help of donors and volunteers, we were proud to share our Y with more than 450 children, seniors and families last year who otherwise might not have become part of our Y family.
  • Seven-year-old Stella was able to stay at summer camp after her father broke his back and was unable to work.


  • Amanda and her four children ranging in ages 6 to 14 years old were living in a home without running water. Amanda and her children were able to join our Y. The family enjoys their time together swimming and playing in the pool.


  • At the Y, no child, family or adult is turned away. As a result, we provided $130,000 in financial assistance through our scholarship program.

From safe spaces to academic achievement to family well-being and more, when you donate to the Y, you're giving those in need the opportunity to thrive.


Help us reach our goal of $50,000. 




Award Winning Child Care
Nine of our child care sites received the 2015 Let's Go! Silver Award for committing to excellence in healthy eating and active living for children and families.

Amy Bouchard, Let's Go Coordinator & Matt Ouellette, Youth & Family Services Director

Help us receive $1,000 to $5,000 from Bangor Savings Bank. You will need to write-in Sanford-Springvale YMCA under the York County section at the bottom of the screen.  Voting ends February 29.

Upcoming Events
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February 11
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February 12
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February 13
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February 15 - 17
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February 26
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For 75 years, the Y has been building better communities
Annual Board Meeting & Dinner
On January 21, the Sanford-Springvale YMCA held its annual board meeting and dinner. 50 board members, volunteers, community leaders and senior staff came together in celebration of the positive impact the Y has had on Sanford and surrounding communities.
Two special guest speakers, Pamela Jensen and Andres Vargas, shared their stories of how their lives were impacted by the Y.
In 2015, Pamela Jensen moved from Buffalo, New York to live with her sister and brother-in-law in Acton. Pamela has cerebral palsy and is unable to drive, which resulted in isolation. Her sister started bringing her to the YMCA Trafton Center where she flourished from the exercise programs and new friendships. However, she didn't have transportation to Trafton on a regular basis.  The staff and volunteers at Trafton helped Pamela obtain an apartment in Sanford through the Sanford Housing Authority. Pamela is a regular volunteer at Trafton and participated in the Trafton's first 5k Charity Walk. Pamela is one of 250 seniors at Trafton who are staying connected, active and thriving.
When Andres Vargas was a first grader, his mother enrolled him in his first swim lesson at the Y. He was very leery at first, but grew more confident in the water with guidance from his instructors. Later that year, he was surprised to be asked to join the Y Titans competitive swim team. He struggled to complete his first swim event as a 7-year old, however through encouragement from his coaches and self-determination he has grown to be a strong and confident swimmer.
Andres, now 13, still competes on the Titans swim team and has become involved with other Y programs, including Camp Marland, Counselor-in-Training and Interact Leaders Club.
"My whole Y experience has challenged me, and will continue to challenge me to grow as a person and develop my character. Here I am eight years later still going strong," said Andres.
More than 10,000 individuals in the Sanford and surrounding communities made the Y an important part of improving their lives this year, through academic achievement, advocacy, child care, exercise, social programs and teen development that help them learn, grow and thrive. The Y has something special-a sense of community-and we believe everyone should have access to it. With the help of 270 donors, we welcomed 450 children, seniors and families last year who otherwise might not have become part of the Y family.
At the dinner, 14 donors were recognized as C. James Colville Society members for giving $1,000 or more to the Y scholarship program.   Thank you to the Acton Veterinary Clinic, Central Furniture, the Corley Family, Bill & Nancy Deans, Evonik Cyro, Genest Concrete, Ted Hissong, Kennebunk Savings Bank, H.A. Mapes, Inc., John & Merilee Perkins, Sanford-Springvale Rotary Club, SIS, Wasco and York County Federal Credit Union.
"Everything the Y has done for the last 75 years has been in service of building better communities," said Andy Orazio, CEO. "As a nonprofit, this is our promise. I look forward to 2016 and all its possibilities."
Andy Orazio, CEO, Andres Vargas, Y member, and Matt Ouellette, Youth & Family Services Director
Volunteers making a difference
Shannon Wilson, Volunteer of the Year & Paula Thibodeau, Lifetime Achievement Award
Our volunteers, without whom little of what the Y does is possible, donated 3,800 hours of their time to help the Sanford and surrounding communties be more healthy and connected.  We recognized two very special volunteers, Shannon Wilson and Paula Thibodeau, at our annual board meeting and dinner.
The Titans swim team is more than laps that are swam in the pool by the 127 athletes. There are parent meetings, fundraisers, swim meets, t-shirt orders, banquets to plan and spaghetti dinners to host. Over 20 volunteers are needed to run a successful swim meet and this does not include the coaches or the many families who donate food for our concession stand. These are the types of things that tie this team together and create lifelong memories. No one has understood the importance of these events more than Shannon Wilson. 
"Shannon stepped up last year and worked tirelessly to advocate for the swimmers, to help us raise money for scholarships and new equipment, and to provide a family friendly environment for all ages," said Sarah Littlefield, Aquatics Director.
Every athlete starts somewhere.  Most of our swimmers started in a parent & child class where they blew bubbles to build confidence in the pool. Swimming is unlike any other sport. The athlete has to immerse themselves in an unnatural environment. Becoming proficient takes time and more importantly requires trust. For the last 16 years, Paula Thibodeau has helped build that trust by providing a safe environment as a lifeguard and then as a beloved instructor.  Paula has taught over 1,000 children how to swim in her career.   
Andy Orazio, CEO, Paula Thibodeau, volunteer, & Sarah Littlefield, Aquatics Director
The Senior Scene
by Thea Murphy, Trafton Center Director
Welcome back to the Senior Scene. We are well on our way through January and one of the first things that I wanted for the New Year was to be more organized. Well so much for that idea. The good news is that even though I don't have all of my ducks in a row, my ducks are having a great time.
We have added two more tai chi classes; we also added an evening yoga program. Our trips to the Nantucket Daffodil Festival and Pigeon Forge are planned and travelers are signing up. Our newest program, Share Your Past, is in full swing.  This is an opportunity for you to tell your story. If you would like to set up an interview you just need to give us a call.
We also have forward progress to report on our Trafton Café. We have received a generous donation from Southern Maine Health Care of their Café Kiosk so watch for more news.
I hope that this gives you a sense of the energy that happens at the YMCA Trafton Center, and that it gives you pause to think, perhaps I am missing out on something. Come and joins us, we love company. Till next time...
Installation of Café Kiosk