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Gas turbines, like people, are prone to sag with age  

When Paul Bruning of Puget Sound Energy stepped to the podium at the 2012 Conference of the 7EA Users Group in Greenville, SC, two weeks ago, it had been five years since he last attended one of the organization's meetings. The former chairman of the group's steering committee recognized only a handful of the nearly 120 users facing him and he was surprised. So, before starting his presentation, Bruning asked the audience how many owner/operators were attending for the first time. By show of hands, it was more than half of the participants. That's turnover with an exclamation point. more


Know your 7EA turbine-a backgrounder for newcomers

With more than half of the owner/ operators participating in the 2012 Conference of the 7EA Users Group first-timers, one has to believe that many of them have never seen the rotor out of the casing. Consider what follows an "orientation" program to help you get to more familiar with your 7EA workhorse. more  

Powerplant alchemy: Metallurgy that translates to a stronger bottom line  


Plant directors, operations managers, maintenance managers, and plant engineers rank high among Planet Earth's most time-challenged professionals. They are expected to run their minimally staffed facilities at top efficiency and reliability without violating emissions permits-all while protecting personnel from injury, dealing with an endless tsunami of corporate and regulatory paperwork, reducing expenses, planning the next outage, etc. Plus, they have to grow in their jobs and learn new technologies-metallurgy, chemistry, cyber-security, etc-to assure continued success. more

2013 User Group Meetings   


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Industry partners @ Power-Gen: Who to see and where to see them

POWER-GEN International takes place this year at the the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from December 11-13. For many, this can be an overwhelming experience. Because there are only so many hours to spend on the convention hall floor, this handy list will help you locate companies serving the gas-turbine-based generation sector listed both alphabetically by name and numerically by booth. If you are not familiar with the company, click on it to visit their site. Bookmark this page for quick access. more






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