7F Users Group 2020 Digital Conference, Issue 2
Week Three of the 7F Users Group's innovative 2020 Digital Conference begins tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern with Tim Null, O&M team manager at Eastman Chemical Co's 7FA.03-powered 2 × 1 combined-cycle cogen facility, presenting a case history on the Texas p lant's experience in finding and eliminating the source of water contaminating its lube-oil system. M ore highlights of the upcoming week include:
  • 7F Top 10 Issues...continued
  • What else do you need from your 7F powerplants? Hany Rizkalla, director of combustion and digital programs for PSM, Ansaldo Energia Group.
  • Varnish mitigation: Not one-size-fits-all, Chelsea Kovanda, power generation product line manager, and Rob Profilet, Shell Lubricants/American Chemical Technologies.
    7F Rotor Roundtable featuring Vistra Energy's Seth Story and Duke's Matt Dineen.
  • DART/AGP parts program development and .04 parts repair development. Glenn Turner, Doosan's VP of Engineering.
  • GE FieldCore session    more
  • River Road's non-chemical approach to cooling-tower algae control
  • GCE replaces exciter during peak demand with minimal financial impact
  • ExxonMobil, GE collaborate on development of energy-efficient turbine oil
  • As generators age and unit cycling increases bad things can happen
  • Come up to speed on today's turbine tooling
  • MD&A's session focuses on Mark VI/VIe controls, HGP parts, fuel nozzles, generators   more
Featured here are 10 of the nearly 40 solutions providers which participated in the conference with booths in the 7FUG 2020 Virtual Vendor Fair and provided recorded technical presentations for users to access on-demand throughout the year and viewable below. Suppliers not included in the list below will be profiled in CCJ ONsite in the coming weeks.
  • Allied Power Group: Introducing APG Nexgen™ combustion technologies
  • GTC Controls Solutions: Operational tips through case studies, TIL 1524 and 1275 implementations, LVDT calibration
  • NEL Hydrogen: Hydrogen generation ensures reliable hydrogen supply for CCGT powerplants
  • Nitto Inc: Introducing hydrogen detection tape
  • Parker Hannifin: Reduce maintenance concerns and costs associated with gas-turbine fuel control valves
  • Dekomte de Temple: Fabric expansion joint solutions for 7F CCGT plants
  • Conax Technologies: Power Division capabilities overview
  • Donaldson: Technology solutions providing more power to you
  • ESC|Spectrum: Optimizing your data acquisition system with StackVision: Best practices, sound advice
  • Hilco: Coalescer separator, oil mist eliminator help bring fluid contamination problems under control    more
Cost-containment initiatives over the past several years have encouraged the move to more offsite technical support of outages in powerplants. More recently, Covid-19 travel restrictions have made onsite technical support difficult. Thus, offsite support via video-chat technology has become more common. This has encouraged discussions questioning the adequacy of such offsite support. Recently, a roundtable was convened on this topic on the website of the International Generator Technical Community (IGTC).  more
By some counts, says James E Timperley of J E Timperley Consulting LLC, over 300,000 electronic medical devices-such a pacemakers, defibrillators, cochlear, and neurostimulators-are implanted in Americans annually. Millions of these appliances are in service, covering all age groups in today's population. This means that perhaps 1% of all people entering a powerplant may have some kind of electronic medical device. Providing a safe working environment for these individuals is more important than ever.  more
  • Hex chrome
  • Covid-19
  • FlameTop 3.0
  • 7FA.04 dual-fuel units with DLN 2.6+
  • Inlet-duct liner-attachment failure 
  • Pressure-wash IGVs to restore efficiency
  • Battery storage/GT peaker integration design
  • Lube-oil conditioner upgrade         more

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