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District 7 Vikings Ready to Sail A New Ship!
All Hands On Deck, Students from Every School in D7 Turn the Dirt for the New Spartanburg High School
D7 Board Members Make It Official
On a bright afternoon Wednesday, December 14, students gathered to shovel dirt on the very same ground that will soon become the home of the new Spartanburg High School. More than 250 guests attended the groundbreaking ceremony, which was all the more festive when the Spartanburg High School marching band made a surprise entrance just as the program was getting underway. Calling the new high school a milestone for the District, Superintendent Dr. Russell Booker thanked residents for their ongoing investment in the children of 
District 7.
Student Body President Bryson Coleman 
Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Booker said, "The last time the District 7 community celebrated a new high school was in 1959. Dwight Eisenhower was the President of the United States. Alaska and Hawaii were becoming the 49th and 50th states. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was still five years off, minimum wage was $1 an hour and RCA sold 90,000 color TV sets.  Today, we can watch anything from anywhere in the world on phones that fit in our pockets - we're educating students for jobs that don't even exist yet - in a world where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day."
Spartanburg High School Principal Jeff Stevens said the new school will fully leverage the District's commitment to technology and, in addition to supporting 21-st century teaching and learning, will be a centerpiece of community involvement for the region. The new school will open in Fall 2019.

Fun Facts About the New High School
View of Cafeteria and Media Center from the Stadium
Entrance to the Performing Arts Wing

  • The new SHS will be built for 2,100 students
  • Will be situated on 177 wooded acres
  • Will have walking trails and ponds 
  • Will be approximately 400,000 square feet
  • Will have a 1,000-seat performing arts theatre
  • Will have a 7,500-seat stadium and a 2,500-seat arena
  • Will provide parking spaces for 1,200 cars
  • Will open in 2019
"We Saw Angels Teaching Angels," 
The Gift of McCarthy Teszler 
A Smile to Melt Your Heart 
 Braedon Pasatiempo Passed Away December 2, 2016

Braedon Pasatiempo only thought he had a big family, as one of six siblings who was home-schooled most of his life.  That all changed, when his parents, Laura and Scott, visited the McCarthy Teszler School and found an even bigger family. "A District 7 administrator who knew Braedon happened to plant a seed about the possibility of his attending McCarthy Teszler," Scott says. "We always believed Braedon would be best served being at home with us and with his siblings. but when we toured the school we witnessed angels teaching angels." Our decision to share Braedon with McCarthy Teszler couldn't have been a better one. He was more alive in his final year of life than he had ever been before and we attribute that to the care and love of his teachers and friends at school." 
Bradeon with his teacher, Ms. Amanda Leonetti

When Braedon died on Friday, December 2, from complications of a rare nervous-system disorder, Scott and Laura say, District 7 gathered to comfort them and his brothers and sisters. A twist in the story: "Not long after Braedon went to McCarthy, Scott says, we enrolled all of our children in District 7 schools." Four of the Pasatiempos attend EP Todd School and their daughter, Martha, is at McCracken Middle. While the Pasatiempos have obviously embraced the District, the school principals who know their children best say, it's this warm and wonderful family who have truly blessed District 7. 
Vikings Give 2016 Season a Great Run!
Vikings at Boiling Springs, December 9, Final Score 14-13
They may not be going to Columbia for the 5A State Championship, but the Spartanburg High School football team  (10-4) played like champions all season long. On a bitter cold night at Boiling Springs on December 9, the Vikings lost to the Bulldogs in double overtime (14-13) but captured the respect of fans and friends throughout the Fall. "I can't say enough good things about this team,"Head Coach Chris Miller. says, "They came out every week with tremendous heart and desire. They truly bonded as a team and cared about each other." 
Whatever the Weather, We've Got Ya Covered
Despite the balmy weather of late, cooler temps are bound to hit the Upstate in the next few months.
Art by Student Erin Jones
When inclement weather forces school delays and closures, you can look to the District 7 website, Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest announcements or stay tuned to your local TV station. For the 2016-2017 academic year, there are three "inclement weather days" built into the calendar: January 2, February 20, and 
March 17. 

Our thanks to Erin Jones for allowing us to feature her watercolor, entitled Snowflake. A senior at SHS, Erin earned an art award this Fall at the State Fair. Her beautiful piece was also featured this year on the cover of the Spartanburg High School Christmas card
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