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December 28, 2012
Richard M. Brodsky Foundation's 10 best stories for 2012
  • WELCOME TO THE 7th ANNUAL WORLD AIDS MARATHON, that's me, Richard Brodsky and my lovely bride, Jodi, proudly wearing our ING Marathon caps. Thanks, ING for inviting Jodi and me to participate in the ING Miami & Hartford Marathons.  Thank you to the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group for co-sponsoring the World AIDS Marathon since 2006. My Foundation, the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, was also able to sponsor orphan dinner dances for 900 Kenyan orphans with the help of South Shore Honda, Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group, LLC & Bonyo's Kenya Mission. Race results will follow shortly. 
  • DR. BENSON BONYO of Bonyo's Kenya Mission will be honored as the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation's AMERICA'S HERO OF THE YEAR for 2012 for his outstanding dedication to helping Kenyans who could not afford medical care, bringing a team of 17 doctors, pharmacists and nurses to help out at The Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Centre in Masara, Kenya, and co-sponsoring an orphan dinner dance for 300 children at the Health Centre.
  • DR. RICHARD SARTORI, the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation's AMERICA'S HERO OF THE YEAR for 2011, provided medicine and examined and treated 80 orphans at both orphan dinner dances.   
  • CANCER SURVIVORS AND HIV+ PEOPLE can reverse their aging process by leading a healthy lifestyle. I'm 60 years young. In the past 14 months I ran my 5 fastest marathons on American soil since being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2002. I'm also HIV+ since 1997. I also ran my fastest 2012 Kenya World AIDS Marathon by 17 minutes. Jodi and I are married for 32 years and she recently ran her fastest marathon as well as her fastest World AIDS Marathon.
  • CLUBFLYERS donated 2,000 greeting cards to the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation. CLEARBAGS has donated the clear attractive packaging of the cards. Tyler Fritzhand of Great Neck North High School volunteered to design the cards which depict the story of the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation's work.
  • GREAT NECK NORTH HIGH SCHOOL'S AIDS AWARENESS CLUB sponsored a co-ed faculty basketball fundraising AIDS Awareness Event to benefit the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation in March. Baked goods were donated by Glen Wolther of All Round Foods Bakery Products, and the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation provided trophies for all the basketball players.   
  • JODI, you continue to amaze me for putting up with me when I wake you in the middle of the night to share my newest half-baked scheme to help others. Thanks for smiling and brightening my days and the orphans of Africa, too. We both know how easy it would be to send a donation to Africa, but for both of us, and I hope our sponsors understand this: The orphans in Africa see us firsthand wanting to help, as opposed to a faceless nameless donor whom they will likely never meet. You be the judge when you view the photos; are we happier to revisit with the orphans or are the orphans happier to see Jodi and me?
7th Annual Kisumu, Kenya World AIDS Marathon

  orphandinner HOPE
Bonyo brodsky serving dinneer Jodi dancing Bonyo clinic
Photo top left: President Obama's grandmother, Mama Sarah giving prize money, raised by the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, to winning wheelchair athlete. $1,000 prize money was distributed to male/female winners ( 4 deep ) of the marathon, half marathon, wheelchair and relay races.  Photo top right: Jodi and Richard Brodsky serving dinner at an orphan dinner dance for 600 orphans at Hope Initiative, Kendu Bay, on November 30, 2012. Photo bottom right: Jodi Brodsky dancing with children at Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Care Centre in Masara, Kenya, on November 29, 2012. Photo bottom left: Dr. Bonyo, Jodi and Richard Brodsky and Dr. Bonyo's sister serving dinner at a dinner dance for 300 children at Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Care Centre on November 29.

Dr. Benson Bonyo is the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation's AMERICA'S HERO OF THE YEAR for 2012   

Bonyo + doctors Pilista Bonyo Kenya Mission
Pilista happy children  Bonyo Jodi Sartori Pilista
Dr. Bonyo established the Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Care Centre in Masara, Kenya to provide free medical care for Kenyans who could not afford medical care. 17 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and volunteers traveled with Dr. Bonyo to examine and treat Kenyans who needed medical care and established programs so the Health Care Centre could continue to grow. They even have a dedicated room for delivering babies. This was Dr. Bonyo's 4th trip to Masara, Kenya from Akron, Ohio in 2012. Dr. Bonyo also co-sponsored the dinner dance on November 29, 2012.

Dr. Richard L. Sartori, the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation's AMERICA'S HERO OF THE YEAR for 2011 provided medicine so he could examine 80 orphans at the Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Care Centre and Hope Initiative on November 29 and 30, 2012 at Masara and Kendu Bay, Kenya.

Sartori examine orphans giraffe Richard
Jodp exam Bonyo
People, even those living with HIV and cancer can reverse their aging process. 

Richard finish Jodi finish
World AIDS Marathon 2012, Kisumu, Kenya    World AIDS Marathon 2012, Kisumu, Kenya
Richard ING Miami 2012 finish
ING Hartford Marathon, October 13, 2012        ING Hartford Marathon, January 29, 2012

The reason for my running marathons, and trying my hardest to run faster, is to show, by example,  that people living with HIV or cancer can live productive lives if they lead a healthy lifestyle and take their medicine. We are very fortunate in America that the majority of people have access to doctors and medicine, and there is a safety net: medicare, medicaid, ADAP, and other organizations which provide free medicine and oftentimes free medical care. In Africa, that is clearly not the case. Poverty, hunger, malaria, tuberculosis combined with a lack of accessible doctors, medicine, education and drinking water need to be addressed now. I'm 60 years young My last 5 marathons run on American soil have been my fastest since my terminal cancer diagnosis in 2002. I'm also HIV+ since 1997. Harvard and Manhattan doctors have stated that my brain cancer had nothing to do with my being HIV+. My last marathon in America was the October 13, 2012 ING Hartford Marathon where I ran a 4:06 marathon setting a new post-cancer PR by 17 minutes. Similarly in Africa, the World AIDS Day 2012 Marathon, I finished in 4:43, a PR for a World AIDS Marathon by 17 minutes. My HIV-negative wife Jodi finally broke 4 hours at Hartford and she finally qualified to run the Boston Marathon. Jodi also ran her fastest World AIDS Marathon in 2012 setting a PR by 9 minutes.

The Mazzitelli Construction Corp, Charles Rutenberg Realty / Carmela Mazzitelli donated $250 for a reprinting of Richard Brodsky's Journey of Hope. Clubflyers donated 2,000 greeting cards which were designed by Tyler Fritzhand of Great Neck North High School. There are 10 different cards in each box: Season's Greetings, Thanksgiving, Sympathy, Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You, Just Saying Hi, Blank, Get Well Soon, plus my favorite If You Have a Dream Make It Happen. Clearbags donated the attractive clear boxes and gold bands to neatly tie the package of 10 cards and envelopes.   

greeting card page 1Richard Brodsky's Journey of Hope                                                greeting card page 1

greeting card page 2 greeting card page 3
greeting card page 2                                                                      greeting card page 3
greeting card page 4
greeting card page 4

An updated version of Richard Brodsky's Journey of Hope will be available in August +/- 2013 which will also include the 2012 World AIDS Marathon. A limited number of copies are still available but if you wait until May to order your copy, you may include the name of someone close to you who has passed away either from AIDS, cancer or another illness. See page 2 of the file, not page 2 of the book. A box of greeting cards, 10 individually designed cards per box attractively packaged would make an ideal gift and it would also help support the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation's charitable work. The following donation would entitle you to the book or cards

- $49 for the 2012 version of Richard Brodsky's Journey of Hope (does not include 2012 World AIDS Marathon as books were sent to printer before the marathon).
- $51 for the 2012 version of Richard Brodsky's Journey of Hope including name inscribed. These books will be available in August, 2013 and will include the 2012 World AIDS Marathon.
- $24 for a box of greeting cards
- $100 for a personalized post Event World AIDS Marathon t-shirt

Scroll down to bottom of page for donation instructions

$21,000+ in cash and toiletry /  gift items have been donated to various hospitals and organizations caring for people living with HIV or cancer. All 470 participants at the Foundation's 5K running Events received $40 +/- in gift certificates and were asked to give the certificates to people living with HIV or cancer if the participants were HIV and cancer free.

Circulo de la Hispanidad Five Towns Community Center Hewlett House Rev Hispanic Counseling center
top left: Circulo de la Hispanidad, Hempstead, NY; top right: Five Towns Community Center, Lawrence, NY; bottom right: Hispanic Counseling Center, Hempstead, NY; bottom left, Hewlett House, Hewlett House, NY. Volunteer Alexandra Russell is pictured far right in upper left and lower right photo. My wife Jodi is always there for me and my Foundation's work and she is also in all the photos.

NIKE slide 4
Pictured above: start of the June 10, 2012, 5K AIDS Cancer Run Walk, 320 finishers

Pictured below: start of the October 28, 2012 FREE 5K Run Walk for HIVers Cancer Survivors & Friends, 150 finishers

 $8,500 in toys and cash was donated to Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York, South Nassau Communities Hospital and Winthrop Hospital / Winthrop Pediatrics Associates. Thank you Governor Cuomo for donating $2,000 in toys at the Island Park Fire House so my Foundation could make its donation to Winthrop. 

toy donation Cohen 2012 oceanside toys

Winthrop Pediatrics donation

 Thank you Great Neck North High School's AIDS Awareness Club for sponsoring its inaugural annual March Madness co-ed faculty basketball game fundraiser for the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation. Thank you Glen Wolther of All Round Foods Bakery Products for donating food and Christopher A. Sarro, author, health advocate, motivational speaker, Harvard graduate for preparing the graphic to commemorate the AIDS Awareness Event. 

 Great Neck basketball Sarro  

You be the judge, are the orphans of Africa and me incredibly blessed to have Mama Jodi, affectionately dubbed by the orphans, to be part of our lives. This kind of joy can only come from the joy derived from knowing you are immensely loved as well as helping others.  

Hope Jodi dance orphans Jodi and Richard raising hands
Jodi start of WAM
 We never leave Africa without a tour of a game park.

lion two other lions
  albino zebrasJodi feeding monkey

About the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation
The Foundation donates money to various AIDS projects in Kenya, sponsors orphan dinner dances and provides medical care for Kenyan orphans, AIDS and cancer research projects in America and to organizations providing aid to people living with HIV and cancer. The Foundation also provides toys and cash to local hospitals helping children. To make a donation to the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation you can mail a check to the Foundation's address, Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, 1247 Mara Court, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509, USA, or visit the Foundation website and click on the PayPal donate link. Alternately you can make your donation via the World AIDS Marathon website by clicking here or 5K AIDS Cancer Run Walk website by donating here 

For the World AIDS Marathon or upcoming 5K Event in America,


  • $49 or $51, you will receive the book, A Journey of Hope, honor/mention of a deceased relative or friend
  • $100, your name on the Event t-shirt, you will receive a shirt.
  • $150, your logo & website or phone number on the shirt + 2 shirts for you.
  • $200, your website will be linked to 5K AIDS Cancer website for local events..
  • When you do a Google search for 5K AIDS, we generally are listed as #1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. 
  • $250, your logo will appear on the 5K Event banner.
  • Smaller and larger donations are accepted as well and for anyone who donates $20 you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation depicting photos of the Event. 


For more info about the Foundation's mission, the World AIDS Marathon and 5K AIDS Cancer Run Walks in America, please visit Foundation, World AIDS Marathon or 5K AIDS Cancer website. There are some great photos of the 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2004 World AIDS Marathon which can be viewed by visiting the links on the World AIDS Marathon website, photos 2011  photos 2010  photos 2009  photos 2008, photos 2007, photos 2006 and photos 2004. We will update the website with photos of the 2012 World AIDS Marathon shortly.

Thank you to my loving wife Jodi, all participants, sponsors and volunteers, and a special thanks to Dr. Walter Rho of Orlin & Cohen. Dr. Rho saved my arm as I took a bad fall and he restored my arm to just about perfect. Bridge Rehab of Long Beach did a great job on the therapy that was prescribed by Dr. Rho.

We are always looking for volunteers so if you've managed to read this entire newsletter, we could really use your help. Please contact me, Richard, at:

Richard M. Brodsky Foundation
1247 Mara Court
Atlantic Beach,NY 11509
Contact: Richard Brodsky
Phone: (516) 770-7724