All Saints' Church Weekly E-News

Gathering as a community virtually so we can continue to love and care for one another during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Friday, April 24, 2020
What you need to know about joining our live-stream service this week.

Join us this week as we continue our celebration of Easter with worship on Sunday morning on Facebook Live at 10:00 am. The Rev. Paul Minor will preach and Mary Jane Rupert will be at the organ bench this week.

You will find everything you need to participate at

Start by downloading the Service Leaflet so you can pray/sing with us. Then, go to our Facebook page to find the "live-stream." The easiest way to do this is to click on the Facebook Button on the website.

NOTE: You do not need a Facebook account to view the live-stream.
Join us if you can after the service for a "ZOOM" Coffee Hour.
Links needed to join are below.
Join us for Zoom Coffee Hour on Sunday at 11:00 am
Join us for a time of fellowship after the livestream.

We will gather at 11:00 for a quick hello and then break up into small groups to do some visiting.

Follow the link to the Zoom Coffee Hour on the website:

Weekly Online Godly Play Videos from Cheryl
Each week we are shut-down Cheryl will be sending out a Godly Play lesson for families to view together - this week the Parable of the Mustard Seed. We encourage families to find a time together to view the stories. Try following the same outline of our Godly Play Sessions:

  1. Get Ready ~ Each week the children prepare by gathering in the circle. You can prepare by getting the computer ready, and helping your child find a comfortable spot to sit and watch. You might also light a candle and pray the Lord's prayer together to prepare for the story.
  2. Listen to the Story
  3. Wonder together about the story - This week in addition to making something about this story with your art supplies, Cheryl encourages you go head outside and look at the trees. I wonder what the seed looks like that grew such a huge tree? I wonder who lives in the tree? I wonder how it helps us understand something about the Kingdom of Heaven?
  4. Share a small feast together (just some crackers and juice) and close with a blessing. Just a simple, "God bless us all," is enough.

This week Cheryl shares the Legend of the Easter Egg from "The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Volume 4." Check it out by following the link below.
Morning Prayer via Zoom Wednesdays at 9:00 am.
We will offer Morning Prayer each Wednesday during the Covid-19 shut down at 9:00 am via Zoom. All the links will be posted on the website each week on Monday, including a copy of the service leaflet. Be sure to download a copy of the service leaflet so you can pray along with us.

On-line Resources collected on our website
Check out the new tab on our website called - "Online Resources." Our Co-Rectors will be adding content to the list of resources while in-person activities are suspended. There are things for both individuals and families.

Vestry Update - Vote to give relief to our renters
This past week the Vestry voted to give our three renters (The Global Montessori School, the Good Korean Methodist Church, and Powers Music School) some relief with regard to their monthly rent in light of the fact that none of them are using the building during the Covid-19 shutdown. The vote was to reduce their rent by 50% for the 2nd Quarter of the year (April, May & June). In June we will consider whether to extend it further into the 3rd quarter.

This decision came after a request from the Good Korean Church for some "adjustment" and with the knowledge that the Global Montessori School is struggling as parents demand tuition refunds. Should the shut-down continue into the summer months, we will consider extending this relief further into the 3rd quarter.

With this reduction in our budgeted income we are looking for ways to reduce our monthly expenses, including keeping the heat low throughout the building, shutting off unnecessary appliances, reducing our cleaning contract (from two to just one day per week), and suspending payment to our Sunday childcare workers. We have put a hold on several discretionary property projects, and applied for a Paycheck Protection Loan.
Work on a new Parish Directory has begun!
Directory update
Cheryl has begun the work of updating the Parish Directory. Watch for a copy of last year's Directory in your snail mail. Check your contact information. If there are changes, please email them to the Parish Office at

Thanks for your help making this document as accurate as possible!
A big thank you to all who have been working hard to keep up with your pledge during the Covid-19 Shut-down.
In this new normal of live streaming, working remotely, and social distancing, many of us will also be without the opportunity to present our tithes and offerings in the usual way. To help us keep on budget and avoid the need for any temporary withdrawals from the DIT (which would be very disadvantageous under present market circumstances), I ask that you try to remain current with your 2020 pledge. 

You can do this by mailing your pledge envelope to the parish office, or using our on-line giving platform,  Tithely , or setting up automatic electronic payments to All Saints’ through your bank account. There is a link to the  sign-up on the All Saints’ homepage (at the Online Giving tab), and you can also read more at

Know also, that if your financial situation has changed on account of the coronavirus situation we understand that you may not be able to make all or any of your weekly or monthly gift at this time. If you are able, I ask that you continue in your giving.