Eight things you need to know on topics related to Saratoga County's economy.
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1. Saratoga Hospitality & Tourism Economic Index, November 13
As we are winding down from a busy summer in Saratoga County, the Saratoga Partnership team is busy at work trying to quantify the economic impact of our tourism and hospitality industry in Saratoga County. How did the extended Saratoga Race Course meet compare to past seasons for our hotels and retailers? Does the additional hotel inventory in Saratoga County have a positive impact on room occupancy tax in Saratoga County? How is the national workforce shortage impacting our hospitality and tourism industry and what can we do to help?
Join us on November 13th, from 11:30am - 1:00pm at 47 Excelsior Ave, Saratoga Springs, as we explore these questions and more. The event will feature a presentation of data collected by the Saratoga Partnership team, and hear first hand from a panel industry experts about challenges and opportunities in the Saratoga County Hospitality & Tourism sector. Click here to register . Sponsorship opportunities available.
2. STOPfakes Roadshow is here, in the Capital Region!
The  STOPfakes.gov Roadshow  delivers critically important information about intellectual property to the audience that needs it most – start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, independent creators, and inventors. The information is presented by experts from multiple government agencies that deal with intellectual property issues. Participants will learn: how to protect their patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets in the United States; the mechanisms for obtaining IP protection in overseas markets and strategies for determining where they should seek protection; how to record their mark with Customs, with on-site help, in order to exclude counterfeit goods from entering the United States; how to combat counterfeits on international e-commerce sites; and about government resources available to help U.S. businesses with intellectual property issues. In short, participants will learn information vital to competing in an increasingly global environment. Register here !
3.  GLOBALFOUNDRIES - Town of Malta Foundation Accepting Grant Applications
The GLOBALFOUNDRIES-Town of Malta Foundation is now accepting grant applications for its next round of funding to support local community organizations. The GLOBALFOUNDRIES-Malta Foundation manages an investment fund that enables annual grants to organizations, programs and projects that provide tangible benefits of a public nature to diverse groups serving the citizens of the Town of Malta including, not-for-profit corporations, charitable organizations, community arts and theater groups, community historical sites, special events, education programs, and sports and recreation activities. Each year, the GLOBALFOUNDRIES-Town of Malta Foundation looks for projects that are creative, innovative, and inclusive in their scope and opportunities that will provide the maximum amount of benefit to the local Malta community. The foundation plans to award approximately $160,000 in grants to selected organizations by the end of this year. Applications for grant funding can be submitted electronically or may be downloaded and mailed to the Foundation by Oct.31, 2019. Instructions and links for the application can be found at the foundation’s website .
4. Cree Plans $1B Semiconductor Plant in Marcy
New York’s innovation economy, led by GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ world-class semiconductor manufacturing facility in Saratoga County, takes a significant step forward with the addition of Cree’s next-generation silicon carbide fab in the Mohawk Valley. This will further build our region’s high-tech ecosystem, attracting jobs and supply chain companies, creating opportunities for partnerships and technology synergies, and generating economic impact in Saratoga County and beyond. We congratulate everyone involved in this exciting project, and will continue to work closely with our economic development partners to capitalize on the regional benefits of this announcement. Cree, headquartered in Durham, N.C. and probably best known to consumers for its LED light bulbs, says it will save $280 million by agreeing to build what will be called North Fab outside Utica. The fab helps the North Carolina company meet a previously announced plan to expand its production to meet the need for electronic power chips used in electric cars and 5G networks. Click here to read official announcement from Empire State Development and commentary about economic impact by the Albany Business Review.
5. Food Safety First! Product Development Course for Small Food Businesses
Are you an entrepreneur struggling with the food safety principles behind your product? How about a small food business developing new and exciting products? Do you have questions about food safety regulation and what you have to do? If so, this is the course for you! “Food Safety First” is a 1.5 day program covering the basics of food product development, food safety hazards, and an overview of key regulatory requirements for small and emerging food businesses, such as entrepreneurs and local food processors. This course is designed specifically to meet the needs of small and emerging food businesses, to increase their knowledge in food safety to enable entrepreneurial success in the marketplace. Please note: This is a pilot course for a training that will be offered in the future; as a result, we will be looking for active participation and feedback via a course evaluation. Learn more and register here by October 15th.
6. Happy 21 st Birthday, Google!
Do you remember the days before Google? Back when you had to actually use books, libraries, paper maps, and phone books. That was over 21 years ago! Kids younger than 21 won't ever know the struggle of pre-Google days. Today, Google is used all across the planet and operates in over 100 languages. It answers trillions of questions each year alone. To say it operates at large-scale is an understatement. How did Google come about? Where did the name "Google" come from?  Watch this video to learn more .
7. Despite Challenges at Home and Work, Most Working Moms and Dads Say Being Employed is What's Best For Them
 Balancing work and family responsibilities brings many challenges for working mothers and fathers with children younger than 18. Roughly half say being a working parent makes it harder for them to be a good parent, and about as many say that at times they feel they can’t give 100% at work. Despite these challenges, many working parents – including about eight-in-ten full-time working mothers – say their current employment situation is what’s best for them at this point in their life, according to a new  Pew Research Center survey . A majority (55%) of U.S. mothers with children younger than 18 at home are employed full time, up from 34% a half-century ago, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau Current Population Survey data. The rise in full-time employment has fueled the overall rise in employment among moms: Now, 72% of moms are employed, either full time or part time, compared with about half in 1968. Among fathers with kids in the home, the vast majority (89%) are employed full time. Read more findings of the Pew Research Survey here !
8. Wave of Global Sand Trade May Be Depleting Beaches
Are you hoarding sand? Are you the parent that refills the kiddies sandbox every year? Had to have special sand to lay down those pavers for the new backyard patio. Do you think nothing when brushing the sand off your calves and between your toes after a day a the beach? You may be part of the worldwide sand shortage problem. Ok, probably not, but there is an issue that you probably didn't know about. It's one of this things we take for granted. Check out this article and save that sand!
11.5.19 - STOP FAKES - Intellectual Property Protection Roadshow
11.13.19 - SARATOGA COUNTY HOSPITALITY + TOURISM ECONOMIC INDEX - Wednesday, November 13 from 11:30 - 1:00pm at Excelsior Springs Event Center, 47 Excelsior Avenue, Saratoga Springs. Register Here or contact Shelby Schneider for sponsorship opportunities.