The results from last week’s survey are in . . .

. . .and the Re-Entry Task Force thanks those of you who participated. Every comment and suggestion will be taken into account by the Task Force as we plan our way forward.  

Here’s a summary of the results:

36% would return to services with the restrictions we have outlined, while 64% would not.  
Slightly over half of the 64% said they would not be comfortable at that kind of event, and one-quarter said the required restrictions would keep them away. The rest gave other reasons.

One-third of respondents made suggestions for alternative services.
Several suggested we look into holding services outside, either in the garden or in the parking lot, an option that the Task Force will be looking into. A number suggested we continue our virtual services and consider expanding our use of Zoom. 

You told us overwhelmingly that our weekly email (Week at a Glance) is your preferred method for receiving information about what is happening at CBS.  
The next most popular options were other emails and the CBS website.

Our online programming has been popular.
70% have logged in for our online Shabbat services, and 52% have participated in virtual Adult Education. Sisterhood programs and morning minyan also have loyal followings.

31% left comments at the end of the survey.  
Several people encouraged the Board to continue its outreach to congregants. Several complimented our virtual programming, and two asked us to find still more virtual ways to connect. A number of people thanked the Task Force for its work, and one asked for more transparency about what we are doing.  

What does it all mean?
One theme that ran throughout the comments we received was that our members would like to return to the shul, but most acknowledged that it’s not safe yet -- and may not be for a long time. It’s worth noting that the survey was not a referendum on whether we should open. When the Task Force does make its decision to re-open, you should make your own decision about whether attending is right for you.  

What’s next?
Next week, we’ll update you on how we evaluate our readiness for re-opening. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to email us at

Steve Shepard
Re-Entry Task Force Chair