Dear Friend of CCSD93,
A Terrific Start to 2019-20!
The start to the school year was outstanding! As I visited all of our schools, I had the opportunity to interact with motivated staff members and excited students and families. 
Each school looked terrific and was fully ready to accept our students, thanks in large part to the efforts of our custodians and Buildings and Grounds team. I'm honored to work alongside these individuals as well as our teachers, paraprofessionals, nurses, office staff members, lunchroom supervisors, and administrators. Each staff member has committed a tremendous amount of effort, energy, and expertise to help the school year start smoothly and to positively impact the lives of students. Each is valuably contributing to CCSD93's Mission of maximizing the academic, social, and emotional potential of each student everyday.

I was pleased to witness our educators start the year with a wide variety or activities and interactions focused on building solid and meaningful relationships with students. A successful classroom is built upon caring and trusting relationships between students and teachers, and care and trust are built through personal connection. I was so appreciative that each interaction I saw featured a caring CCSD93 staff member genuinely engaging and connecting with students.

Below, please find important notes about CCSD93 meal service, middle school absence calls, CCSD93 bus transportation, the Early Childhood Center, and the opening of the Jay Stream and Heritage Lakes Innovation Centers.

Enjoy your weekend!   

David H. Hill, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools 
Community Consolidated School District 93
Breakfast & Lunch Meal Service Offered at CCSD93 Elementary & Middle Schools
In order for students to be best prepared to learn, we encourage parents to ensure that each has the opportunity to eat breakfast every morning and lunch every afternoon. For those interested, CCSD93's elementary and middle schools offer both breakfast and lunch service. The following are some key notes on meal service this year. For even more on CCSD93's meals, including online payment options and menus, visit  
Lunch Prices Increase to $3.20 Per Meal
Student lunch prices have been increased from $2.80 to $3.20 per meal this school year. CCSD93 is consistently working with its food service provider, OrganicLife, to offer students affordable, enjoyable meals that meet key nutritional guidelines. They include a milk, protein entree, fruit and/or vegetables, grains, and an occasional treat. We held the previous price point for as long as possible, and our hope is to stay at $3.20 per meal for the next several school years. 
Breakfast Available Daily for $1.25
Each elementary and middle school offers breakfast options each school day, generally during the 15-20 minutes before the start of school in the lunchroom or gym. A typical breakfast available at each school every school day consists of grains, fruit or juice, and mill. Breakfast pricing remains $1.25 this school year. 
Free & Reduced-Price Meal Options Available  
Free and reduced-price meal options are available for those who qualify. If you feel you might qualify and currently do not receive free or reduced-price meals, you can apply at
CCSD93 Bus Reminders
Families of all students who qualify to receive bus transportation to CCSD93's schools this year received a letter included with their placement packets. Please ensure that you have read the entire letter. Here's a rundown of the most important aspects:  
  • The letter included the location and timing of bus stop pickup and drop off for your child.
  • Buses will not wait for students who do not arrive to their stop on time, so please ensure your child arrives at their stop at least five minutes before their pickup time.
  • Don't forget that school gets out 90 minutes earlier on Mondays, so drop off time on that day should be adjusted accordingly.
  • CCSD93 offers the FirstView bus app, which allows you to track your child's bus in real time.
    • It's not yet open for this school year, but on August 21 you will be sent an email with secure login credentials for you to use to track your child's bus.
    • If you find the bus is ever running late, please be sure to check the app first.
  • If you have questions regarding your child's bus service, please call your child's school.
Automated Calls for Middle School Students with Unexcused Absences Start Next Week
Starting next week, CCSD93's middle schools will pilot the use of automated telephone calls to families of students who are absent that have not notified the school of the absence. If you receive such a call, please be sure to listen to the message in its entirety before calling the school back. You'll be offered an option to press a button to indicate the reason for absence. 
Early Childhood Opportunities Abound in CCSD93
CCSD93's Early Childhood Center offers award-winning preschool programming for students ages three and four, while CCSD93's Birth to 5 Coalition helps children in our community connect with key resources from birth through age five so that students can be best prepared for kindergarten. Both held several exciting events during the summer. Find out more about both here!
Early Childhood Summer Fun Days a Success
The Early Childhood Center held five themed Summer Fun Days throughout the summer that offered attendees special activities and opportunities to play with the school's water table, sandbox, playground equipment, and more! More than 200 attendees had a blast with projects that took them to the farm, the beach, around the world, and on a wild safari! Our goal is to offer more Summer Fun Days next summer, so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, there are limited spaces available for afternoon preschool at the ECC this school year. For more information on registering, contact Principal Rosary Horne at or 630-307-3750. For more on the ECC, visit
Crucial Connections Made at Birth to 5 Events
The Birth to 5 Community Coalition held eight terrific events this summer that connected participants with giveaways and resources including books, food packs, bubbles, gift certificates, info on health clinics and immunizations, child care, and parent education supports. Attendees also got connected with vital child development resources from community partners including the Carol Stream Park District, the Hanover Park Park District, Lincoln Marsh, the YWCA, Rockin' Jump, Family Focus of DuPage, Hamdard Health Center, Teen Parent Connection, Child and Family Connections, and the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA). 

If you have a child birth through age five or know anyone who does, we'd love you to connect with the Birth to 5 Community Coalition so we can connect you with resources and organizations that can help ensure your child develops appropriately. For more on the Birth to 5 Community Coalition, visit or call Birth to Three Coordinator Michelle Scharinger at or 630-307-3848.
Heritage Lakes & Jay Stream Innovation Centers Open to Staff & Students!
Heritage Lakes and Jay Stream Middle School Innovation Centers (ICs) opened to staff and students this week after being transformed into modern learning spaces that will help ensure their students receive a relevant education for years to come!

Both spaces feature more natural light, inspiring colors, flexible furniture and learning spaces, embedded technology, and more! Check out these videos of staff members seeing Jay Stream's IC for the first time and students reacting to their first glimpses of the Heritage Lakes IC!
Students React to Heritage Lakes Innovation Center!
Staff Members React to Jay Stream Innovation Center!
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