Welcome Back to School!
GMHS Family Update
August 21, 2020
Dear GMHS Students and Families,

We are officially starting the new school year! It has been a long road with many ups and down, but we are here.

Monday, we start online classes. Our staff has been working triple time to prepare for this school year. Besides a global pandemic, we have been managing a major renovation to the athletic fields and virtually every room inside the building. There are still some projects that will continue over the course of the school year (i.e. auxiliary gym-July, 2021; kitchen-October, 2020; outdoor signage-December, 2020; landscaping-Spring, parking lot-Spring, athletic training room-July, 2021, tile in the Commons-November, 2020).

This communication has many important updates and information for students and families. Please read through all of the information and let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.

Thank you for your continued support. Please see the Save the Date info below.

Go Rams!

Colleen Owens
Start of School Steps

1) Log in to Infinite Campus to view your student schedule

2) Visit GMHSRams.org

  • View the GMHS Teacher Online Course Codes to access your learning management systems (LMS) starting Monday morning. Please note: learning on Monday is synchronous, all students need to log into their odd classes through the LMS starting at 8:00 a.m. and follow the bell schedule for Monday, August 24
  • View the All Student Remote Learning Bell Schedule (used starting Monday, August 24-September 4 and any time the school is fully closed).
  • View Hybrid Bell Schedule (This schedule is for Cohort A, Cohort B, and Full Remote Students) (Starts September 14th).
  • Coming Soon: Schedule for Safety and Health Orientation for all students - September 8-11.
  • Find the Schedule Conflict Form (main page)

3) Student Yearbook and ID Picture Days (note freshmen who already attended on 8/20 do not need to take pictures below)
  • 8/31 - Grades 9-12 Last Name A-F
  • 9/1 - Grades 9-12 Last Name G-O
  • 9/2 - Grades 9-12 Last Name P-Z, 9/1, 9/2
  • Lifetouch pictures will be at GMHS to take yearbook and student ID photos in the Gym. Senior pictures taken on this day will be used for student IDs.
  • Senior Photos are due October 23rd to Ms. Ketchum. See the Senior Year Info page on GMHSRams.org for more information.
  • Students should wear a mask, enter through the Commons Entrance to have temperatures screened.
  • If students left items in their locker last year, we will be able to return items on these dates.

Every year, we hold a mandatory Student Handbook/Conduct Code meeting that goes over expectations, rules, and guidelines for the school year. This year we have to do it virtually. We made a series of videos (linked above) for students and families to watch to know what to expect this year when it comes to Athletics, Activities, Scheduling, Attendance, Late work, Safety, Health, Dress Code, and the student Conduct Code.

We encourage families to view the videos. We ask that students complete the following acknowledgement that we have communicated how to access the Conduct Code.
New Policies and Procedures
  • This year we have instituted the following expectations to provide for greater consistency.
  • The first three topics/folders/links in a teacher LMS will be 1) Attendance; 2) Office Hours Link; 3) Late Work
  • Attendance Policy
  • Daily attendance will be entered into Campus.
  • Consistent location to find the Attendance Form
  • To be counted present, a student must
  • be in the classroom in your seat by the time the bell rings on hybrid days
  • be logged in to class on time on synchronous days
  • complete attendance form by 12:00pm on
  • asynchronous days
  • Students will be considered tardy if they log in late, or complete the attendance form after 12:00pm without communicating with the teacher.

  • Grading and Late Work Policy
  • Teachers will update grades in Campus weekly with at least 1 new grade.
  • Students have 2 days for every day they are absent (excused) to turn in work for full credit.
  • Students are expected to complete assignments on time in order to demonstrate learning. Students will be eligible for full credit for turning in work on time.
  • Students will be awarded partial credit for late work for up to 2 weeks after due date. After that no credit will be awarded for late work.
  • Students are expected to communicate with teachers regarding late work and possible exceptions.
  • The late work form/policy is posted in the 3rd topic/folder/link on teacher LMS. 

  • Communication and Support
  • Teachers will be available to answer questions and provide help in real time during Online Support Monday-Friday 2:10pm-3:00pm. Students can find teacher office hour links in the 2nd topic/folder in the LMS.
  • If a student drops below a 70%, teachers will contact parent/guardians via email.
  • Weekly parent/guardian communication will come via email through the LMS.
  • Parents can sign up for Google Classroom Updates
  • Parents can sign up for Schoology Updates
  • Parents/Guardians: Please make sure your contact information is up to date in Jeffco Connect to facilitate communication and support.
  • GMHS communicates with students via their Jeffco student email accounts. Please check this email often for updates and information.
  • Please note: In the event GMHS closes for any reason, the school will communicate with parents/guardians and students via email, on our website, and via social media (Facebook, Instagram). Same for any transitions between online and hybrid.
  • Mrs. Owens will send a School Update email weekly on Fridays to students, parents and guardians. 
Staffing Update
  • We are in the process of hiring an Agriculture teacher. An email to students in these classes will be sent on Monday to advise of status. If your student has Intro to Ag in period 1 or 2, we will let you know when the class will start.
  • We are desperately trying to keep our Ag program this year while our teacher is on a leave of absence. Thank you for your support!
  • We have several teachers who will be teaching remote only classes. Please go to GMHSRams.org for a list of classes and teachers who are remote only. This was the best way we found to keep our GMHS teachers, a variety of classes, and not cut classes for students.

Mental Health Support Position
  • GMHS is interested in hiring a mental health specialist for this year. This position would work in collaboration with our counselors and school psychologist to assist us in supporting our students. If you know of anyone who may have a mental health/medical background and a willingness to work in a school setting, please have them reach out to Colleen Owens.
School Fees
  • Student Fees will be available starting in September.
  • We want to make sure that classes are scheduled correctly and students are in classes before we put out fees that may need to be refunded.
  • We are also holding off on charging graduation fees until next semester.
  • We have a brand new financial secretary who is trying to learn the job as quickly as possible.
  • Thank you for your understanding. We will communicate with you when school fees are loaded into the system.
School Lunches
  • The flyer to the left is where lunches will be served while we are in the All Student Remote Learning Schedule.
  • Once the Hybrid Schedule starts we will serve Grab & Go Meals at GMHS

Communication with GMHS
  • GMHS Restart Questions Form
  • gmhsramnation@gmail.com - use this email for any questions and concerns. Multiple staff members are tracking communications to this email via spreadsheet to ensure your inquiries are addressed.

Technology Questions:
  • Wendee Vezzetti, Digital Teacher Librarian
  • wwalter@jeffcoschools.us

Counselor Contact Information
  • Laura Oliver - 9th grade for 20-21
  • loliver@jeffcoschools.us
  • Alicia Kuehn - 10th grade for 20-21
  • akuehn@jeffcoschools.us
  • Erin Slaughter - 11th grade for 20-21
  • eslaught@jeffcoschools.us
  • Kim Angcay - 12th grade for 20-21
  • kaangcay@jeffcoschools.us
  • Dr. Lisa Langerman - School Psychologist
  • lschrade@jeffcoschools.us
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