Paddle to the Moon Event Info
Thank you for registering for the 2021 Paddle to the Moon event!
We are excited that you have signed up and will be supporting Smiles for Jake in their mission of suicide prevention. Below is some information to help you with planning for your participation.

All paddlers are required to wear a PFD and have a white light on their craft that can be seen from 200 feet (State of MN requirement). The white light can be a headlamp, a lantern or a flashlight that can be mounted or somehow secured. It is recommended that you bring a water bottle with you.

We will depart from the Army Corps of Engineers property in Crosslake. The address is 35507 County Road 66, Crosslake, MN. We ask that you not drive into the campground. When you arrive, please unload your craft and gear near the sign-in tent.

After you drop your equipment off at the sign-in tent area, you may go and park your vehicle before returning to the sign-in tent to check in. There are three designated parking areas so no one should need to park on the street. The parking areas include the Army Corps parking lot, the parking lot of the Historical Society across the street, and the parking lot of the businesses across the street (with the exception of parking right in front of Andy’s). There are bathrooms on the grounds, near the sign-in tent.

When you return to the tent to sign in, you will be given your tshirt and a wristband which will assign you to a specific group. If you have people that you want to kayak with, please wait until all have arrived and sign in together to ensure that you can be in the same group. Your group leader will review some information with you before your group launches. Volunteers will be available to assist you with carrying your craft from the sign-in tent to the beach area. We ask that you please do not drag your kayak on the grass of the grounds.

It is important that you stay with your group while paddling both directions, and that you inform your group leader if you must leave the group for any reason.

We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd for the Moonlight Paddle!!

~Paddle to the Moon Planning Committee
Snapchat @smilesforjake | (218) 330-1977