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Dear Friend of CCSD93,
A Message From Superintendent Hill
Review of First Full Week
After our first full week of remote instruction, I have been pleased to hear from parents, staff members and administrators that, by and large, students have been supported and engaged in relevant educational experiences. Our staff members consistently express to me how happy they are to see their students, and I continue to be impressed with the innovative instructional opportunities our teachers have been able to provide students.
Parents of students who have had trouble connecting to classes, please continue to work with your child's teacher(s) to ensure they are able to connect. We are working to further establish District-wide norms so that steps and processes for students to connect with virtual classrooms are even more consistent across the District. Should you find that you do not have the contact information that you need for a CCSD93 staff member, you can always find their email address by using the Directory tab on school websites.  

As I shared last week, if you find that any portion of your child's Remote Learning experience is not meeting your expectations, please connect with your child's teacher. If for any reason the concern is not able to be addressed, please then connect your child's principal. We will do our very best to support you.
Health & Safety Updates
As we continue to seek more concrete public health guidance to achieve our goal of safely returning to in-person instruction, the DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) issued its Return to School Framework today. In it, the DCHD includes metrics that identify whether community transmission is minimal, moderate or substantial and what learning format they encourage based on these conditions. CCSD93 will delve into this guidance and use it to help establish a path back to safe in-person instruction for our students. We will reach out to parents as soon as possible with updates.

With our continued focus on returning to in-person learning, it is critical that our parents know that if and when we do return, CCSD93 will strictly enforce a number of requirements related to student safety. We will provide more information on these requirements when in-person learning draws nearer. A crucial piece for parents to know now, however, is that each family must establish a PowerSchool account and associate their children with it in order to take the required CCSD93 COVID-19 Self-Screener prior to attending in-person school each day. While many have already done this in years past, those who have not will receive information via email next week on creating your PowerSchool account and associating your children. Please keep an eye out for this information and be sure to create an account if you have not yet so that you are that much more prepared when we transition to in-person learning. 

To help contribute to an environment that is conducive to in-person learning, please continue to closely follow the guidelines of wearing a mask in public, maintaining social distancing, washing hands frequently and not gathering in large groups.

Please read the articles below for more on the latest from CCSD93, and enjoy your weekend!


David H. Hill, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Virtual Curriculum Nights to be Held 9/8-9/10
While all students are remote, CCSD93 is committed to providing virtual experiences that as closely replicate in-person events as possible. Along these lines, each CCSD93 school will host a virtual Curriculum Night during the second week of September. By attending Curriculum Night virtually, parents will become better acquainted with their child's education and school this school year through video presentations from their child's principal and teachers. 

The evening will begin with families collectively joining their school's principal for a singular YouTube Premiere Curriculum Night event where they will receive a general overview on the school year, including the school's goals and important notes about Remote Learning. From there, parents will be linked to a website where they will find videos from their child's teachers. Teachers will cover how they are working to build relationships, how students are being supported academically, information about assessment and grading, and more. 

Mark your calendar for the dates and times above. Parents will be sent email, text, and app push reminders with their child's YouTube Premiere Curriculum Night link the day before and the evening of the event. If you cannot join live, the videos will be archived to each school's website for later viewing.
CCSD93 Band & Orchestra Programs Up & Running!
All CCSD93 Band and Orchestra Directors are working hard to get music and instruments out to students. While most students have instruments at home already, those who play larger instruments typically kept at school or had their instruments repaired over the summer stopped by CCSD93's middle schools this week for instrument pickup.
CCSD93 has five Bands and five Orchestras up and running throughout the District, with additional information regarding beginning 5th grade Band and beginning 4th grade Orchestra coming soon. CCSD93's Directors are thrilled for all Bands and Orchestras to meet together next week for full ensemble Zooms!
iReady Adaptive Assessments Go Live for Students in September
During the month of September, teachers will schedule and administer the iReady Math Diagnostic (Grades K-8) and iReady Reading Diagnostic (Grades 1-8).

The iReady Diagnostics are adaptive assessments, which means their questions adjust to suit your child's needs. Each item a student sees is individualized based on their answer to the previous question. For example, a series of correct answers will result in slightly harder questions, while a series of incorrect answers will yield slightly easier questions.
This helps teachers better understand what students know and what they need to learn. The results are used to create a path of learning lessons and activities personalized for your child, better meeting their individual needs. 

Teachers will use Zoom to monitor students while taking the assessments. With students taking these assessments remotely, it is important that families note the following:
  • This is not a typical test and no standard scores or grades are given from it. 
  • In order for iReady to assess students properly, students will likely encounter many questions to which they do not know the answer. 
  • Brain breaks are built into the assessment. These might look like games or movement activities. Parents should allow the student to play the games or participate in the movement activity.   
  • Students should not stress about this assessment but are encouraged to do their best.
  • Students are expected to work independently in order to receive the most appropriate learning path. 

For more, view this video.
CCSD93's Parent Handbook Now Available Online
CCSD93's Parent Handbook is generally given out as a hard copy to students near the beginning of the school year, but with Remote Learning, the 2020-21 CCSD93 Parent Handbook is being made available exclusively online.  
The Parent Handbook is a terrific reference point for parents to learn about general CCSD93 processes and procedures, as well as important information related to curriculum, instruction, student services, and student conduct and rights. You can always find it at www.ccsd93.com/handbook. Parents are encouraged to bookmark the URL.

En español: www.ccsd93.com/manual
In Need of Food?  
Stop by Drive Thru Pop-Up Market on 8/29
Need Childcare? The Carol Stream Park District & Others Have You Covered
In light of Remote Learning, CCSD93 has collaborated with the Carol Stream Park District, which is offering Remote Learning Childcare. Visit www.csparks.org/ActivKids  for more info and to register. You can also find more options from other community organizations offering childcare by visiting the Childcare Options section of www.ccsd93.com/COVID19
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