GMHS Family Update
August 28, 2020
Dear GMHS Students and Families,

We made it through our first week of the new school year! We have been working to ready the building for Hybrid learning and the construction crews are frantically finishing up for us to set up the building for the health protocols next week.

This communication has many important updates and information for students and families. Please read through all of the information and let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.

Thank you for your continued support.

Go Rams!

Colleen Owens
Save the Date
Virtual Back to School Night - Starting September 1
  • Visit main page for details starting August 29th.
Grades 9-12 Yearbook and School ID Pictures
We understand that this schedule may conflict with synchronous learning time for your classes. Unfortunately, this was the only time we could get the Lifetouch photographer here. If a student misses a class, the school will excuse the student from that class.
  • Note: If you do not have your picture taken during one of these days, we will offer make up days in October and January for yearbook photos.
  • Note: Freshmen who have already had their picture taken earlier in August, do not need to attend again.

Look for signs in the student parking lot for entry. Construction is still happening and the Commons Entrance will not be available. Students will need to wear a mask to enter and be screened. Students will not need to wear a mask for the pictures.

8:00-2:00 p.m.
8/31 - Last Name A-F
9/1 - Last Name G-O
9/2 - Last Name P-Z

Hybrid Student Safety Orientation
We will be conducting a Safety Orientation for both staff and students. This is an IN-PERSON, socially distanced orientation for Hybrid Students that will be approximately 80 minutes in length. The purpose of this orientation is to familiarize your student with Green Mountain High School, the new safety expectations surrounding COVID19, screening protocols, as well seeing the new renovations. Student attendance for any classes missed for the orientation will be excused by the school. 

We will send an email to student Jeffco email accounts and the email addresses provided for parent/guardians on Jeffco Connect by the end of day on Thursday, September 3. We are leery to post the schedule that may be accessed by the general public. You can also check with your Ram Time teacher.

9/8 - By Ram Time
9/9 - By Ram Time
9/10 - By Ram Time
9/11 - By Ram Time

Hybrid Bell Schedule (page 2) begins on Monday, September 14th.
Scheduling Update

  • By 8:00 a.m. on Monday we received more than 350 schedule change requests.
  • Throughout the week we had several hundred more.
  • Our counselors have been working diligently to respond to hundreds of emails, phone calls and schedule conflict requests.
  • We are hoping to be through the majority of schedule changes by early next week.
  • Thank you for your patience and support!

The GMHS PTA is accepting membership enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year! 

PTA's role is vital now more than ever in connecting parents, teachers, and administrators, and supporting critical school needs. We want as many families to join PTA as possible, because we can do more together than apart!

Click here GMHS PTA to sign up for the 2020/2021 school year. Once you hit SUBMIT, you will be taken to a page with a "BUY NOW" button where you can pay your $20 membership dues.

PTA FUNDRAISER for safety-related items:
Please help us protect our GMHS staff/teachers by making a donation of any size. If you know of a business who might donate, please feel free to share this link! Thank you for your support!
Please make sure your student has viewed the Conduct Code video below and completes the acknowledgement.

Every year, we hold a mandatory Student Handbook/Conduct Code meeting that goes over expectations, rules, and guidelines for the school year. This year we have to do it virtually. We made a series of videos (linked above) for students and families to watch to know what to expect this year when it comes to Athletics, Activities, Scheduling, Attendance, Late work, Safety, Health, Dress Code, and the student Conduct Code.

We encourage families to view the videos. We ask that students complete the following acknowledgement that we have communicated how to access the Conduct Code.
Ram Time
  • We will sharing announcements during Ram Time starting the week of September 14th.
  • Students DO earn credit for Ram Time.
  • We are working on providing various content during Ram Time from our counselors (as soon as they get through schedule changes), for our leadership student teams, class meetings, and other ways of engaging students.
  • Please bear with us as we develop this course and encourage your student to complete the attendance form and participate.
Frequently Asked Questions

When will school fees be communicated?
  • We will post school fees the week of September 14th.
  • We encourage families to submit a Free and Reduced Lunch Application via Jeffco Public
  • Graduation and Parking fees will not be charged until second semester.
  • We will work families who need help with fees.

Why does my student only have 5 or 6 classes?
  • Six classes is considered a full time student for school funding and to comply with compulsory attendance laws.
  • Due to the situation of limiting groupings of students, social distancing, and providing remote and hybrid options, we started with giving students six classes this semester.
  • We used to offer study hall, student assistants, and office assistant options for students that are not available this semester which many students took for classes.
  • We used to require freshmen to take seven classes. Due to groupings and wanting to be cognizant of the workload our students may encounter with a mix of remote, hybrid and possible shut down again, we are allowing freshmen to have six classes this year.
  • Some upperclasssmen do have five classes along with job or community service credit.
  • Some students may have seven classes. We are trying to be as flexible as we can to meet the needs of our students.

Where do students with an off hour or remote class period go in the Hybrid Schedule?
  • We are tracking the number of Hybrid students with an off hour or remote only class per period and will provide students with a space in the school building, socially distanced for them to work independently during their off hour or remote class.
  • Students who have an off hour or remote only class the first or last period of the day will be encouraged to arrive later or leave early.
  • We will communicate with students where their location will be.
  • Students in grades 10-12 may leave the building during an off hour and must re-screen when they return.
  • Freshmen are not allowed off campus and will have a space to work in the building.

How do we know if our student is in cohort A or B?
  • Please see the Student Explanation Video above.

Is anyone selling GMHS Masks?
Gymnastics and Boys Soccer are selling Masks

Choir is also selling Masks - Contact Mr. Gleason for more info.
Football is selling Neck Gators and Ram Cards

Highly Recommended Opportunity for Parent/Guardians!
GMHS Registered Nurse Update
A message from your school Registered Nurse, Nicole Collins BSN.

All the best to the remote and hybrid students starting this new school year off strong! We are back, so let's follow the rules to ensure all students can continue learning in the method they are comfortable and safe to participate in. 

Let's start the year off strong, please let me know how I can help your student be successful!   Wishing you all the very best in health and happiness!
Even if your student has a remote learning schedule, the district nurse requires an updated health plan for your student, signed by your physician prior to OCT. 1 so the sooner the better! This will help us support them in remote learning and when life allows them to return in person. This is a good opportunity for you to discuss the impact of remote learning/in person learning on your student to include how to maintain their mental health! Being isolated is hard on teenagers, even if it is the best option for their safety. 
Stay Home If Symptomatic
IF your student has ANY 1 of the COVID symptoms: Runny Nose, Sore Throat, Cough, or Fever over 100.4F, they will not be allowed to enter the building, SO PLEASE KEEP THEM AT HOME IF YOU ARE AWARE OF ANY SYMPTOM

Please obtain a physician note with expected symptoms, along with which symptom relieving medication your student takes, to effectively reduce these symptoms. Students presenting with any symptom listed above, will be sent home. However, the Nurse, can do a symptom assessment with your student if it is believed that their symptoms are specific to ongoing allergies. This will be done on a case by case basis and we will do our best to keep your student in school if COVID symptoms are not suspected. 

​Please ensure you have an updated health plan/orders from your physician for any medications that will be entering the school. This includes over the counter medications. Please ensure this plan is signed by the physician and signed by yourselves for us to accept it, along with your non-expired medications.
Please place documents and medication in a gallon zip lock baggie or clear plastic container with your child's name on it to drop off during the medication drop off times listed below. 

As we did in the spring the medication drop off will be done outside to prevent parent/guardians from having to enter the building. WE have two times available at this point. YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO SIGN THE MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FORM WITH THE HEALTH AIDE AT THESE DROP OFF TIMES IN ORDER FOR US TO BE ABLE TO ADMINISTER MEDICATIONS: 
  • TUESDAY September 8th from 9-2pm at the OLD MAIN ENTRANCE (smaller parking lot on Green Mountain Drive). 

  • FRIDAY September 11th from 9-2pm at the OLD MAIN ENTRANCE (smaller parking lot on Green Mountain Drive).
  • Athletic programs that are happening now: Cross Country, Boys' Golf, Softball, Boys' Tennis.
  • Come out and support, but make sure you wear a mask!
  • Find schedules, seasons, and other info here:
Repeat from Last Week:

School Fees
  • Student Fees will be available starting in September.

New Policies and Procedures
  • This year we have instituted the following expectations to provide for greater consistency.
  • The first three topics/folders/links in a teacher LMS will be 1) Attendance; 2) Office Hours Link; 3) Late Work
  • Attendance Policy
  • Daily attendance will be entered into Campus.
  • Consistent location to find the Attendance Form
  • To be counted present, a student must
  • be in the classroom in your seat by the time the bell rings on hybrid days
  • be logged in to class on time on synchronous days
  • complete attendance form by 12:00pm on
  • asynchronous days
  • Students will be considered tardy if they log in late, or complete the attendance form after 12:00pm without communicating with the teacher.

  • Grading and Late Work Policy
  • Teachers will update grades in Campus weekly with at least 1 new grade.
  • Students have 2 days for every day they are absent (excused) to turn in work for full credit.
  • Students are expected to complete assignments on time in order to demonstrate learning. Students will be eligible for full credit for turning in work on time.
  • Students will be awarded partial credit for late work for up to 2 weeks after due date. After that no credit will be awarded for late work.
  • Students are expected to communicate with teachers regarding late work and possible exceptions.
  • The late work form/policy is posted in the 3rd topic/folder/link on teacher LMS. 

  • Communication and Support
  • Teachers will be available to answer questions and provide help in real time during Online Support Monday-Friday 2:10pm-3:00pm. Students can find teacher office hour links in the 2nd topic/folder in the LMS.
  • If a student drops below a 70%, teachers will contact parent/guardians via email.
  • Weekly parent/guardian communication will come via email through the LMS.
  • Parents can sign up for Google Classroom Updates
  • Parents can sign up for Schoology Updates
  • Parents/Guardians: Please make sure your contact information is up to date in Jeffco Connect to facilitate communication and support.
  • GMHS communicates with students via their Jeffco student email accounts. Please check this email often for updates and information.
  • Please note: In the event GMHS closes for any reason, the school will communicate with parents/guardians and students via email, on our website, and via social media (Facebook, Instagram). Same for any transitions between online and hybrid.
  • Mrs. Owens will send a School Update email weekly on Fridays to students, parents and guardians. 

Communication with GMHS
  • GMHS Restart Questions Form
  • - use this email for any questions and concerns. Multiple staff members are tracking communications to this email via spreadsheet to ensure your inquiries are addressed.

Technology Questions:
  • Wendee Vezzetti, Digital Teacher Librarian

Counselor Contact Information
  • Laura Oliver - 9th grade for 20-21
  • Alicia Kuehn - 10th grade for 20-21
  • Erin Slaughter - 11th grade for 20-21
  • Kim Angcay - 12th grade for 20-21
  • Dr. Lisa Langerman - School Psychologist
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