District Update
Dear Fairview Families: 

Last week we shared information regarding our re-entry plan for the 2020-2021 school year. We discussed the re-entry plan and athletics at our Board of Education meeting this past Tuesday. You can hear the discussion HERE.

The CCBH released a Letter to the Community this morning, providing additional information regarding their recommendations. They also have FAQs that might prove informative for you. These two documents explain much of the reasoning why the CCBH is recommending all schools begin in a remote mode this fall. Let me be clear: Our re-entry plan is based on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System, but we will follow the lead and guidance of CCBH for direction on when it is appropriate to return to in-person learning.

As I announced in our District Update last week, “If conditions change in Cuyahoga County prior to the start of the school year and the CCBH modifies their recommendation, we will adjust accordingly.” We will continue monitoring the state, county and local data. I also participate in a weekly zoom meeting (just one of MANY!) that includes our liaisons from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, and I will continue to share new information as it evolves.  

That being said, I fully understand the angst and frustration all of this causes. I know that nothing can take the place of in-person learning for our kids. However, it is also important for you to know that we are making dramatic changes for when we are in a remote mode this upcoming school year. Our teachers worked their tails off last spring and did a fantastic job with the quick turnaround and surprise ending to our school year. I was extremely proud of the efforts our teachers made. The remote learning provided in Fairview Park was light years ahead of most other districts around the state and nation. However, we are never satisfied. Our teachers and administrators have reviewed and reflected, and this upcoming year, we will build on that foundation. This school year, our students will have daily schedules at all grade levels and attendance will be taken each day (each class period in grades 6-12). We will have a majority of synchronous learning using Google Meet sessions where students will work live with their teachers either in whole class or small groups on a regular basis each week. We are working to provide opportunities for students to come into the school buildings during school hours to be face-to-face with teachers individually or in small groups for specialized help and support, even during Level 3-Red remote mode (with advanced safety precautions). We have acquired additional resources, both hardware and digital, to improve our instructional delivery. We have been sharing professional learning opportunities with our teachers to scale up our online teaching practices and to learn from the best practices available in the field. We also will be intensely focused during the opening days for teachers on topics like student engagement, social and emotional wellness, family supports, and improved communications.  

I also know the recent hold on athletics has created a tremendous amount of concern and frustration this past week. I completely understand... School-based activities were a huge part of my life growing up. I participated in school-based athletics from 4th grade through high school. Four of my five kids did the same during their middle school and high school careers as well. I fully appreciate how important sports are to the social, emotional, and physical wellness of our kids, and #IWantASeason too. However, we cannot under-value the presence and impact of the coronavirus in our county and community. So, since our announcement last week to suspend athletics and extra-curricular activities indefinitely, we’ve been working furiously to come up with additional ways to keep our student athletes as safe as possible for a return to some level of activity. We think we’ve found a place to start. Next Monday, golf, tennis and cross country will resume full activity with additional recommendations for increased safety. Football, soccer, and volleyball may return to practices with training, conditioning, and drills, with some limitations and precautions. Details will vary by sport and additional information will be shared through our athletic director. Marching Band, Cheerleading, and Drill Team discussions are also forthcoming.  

I’ve got to be brutally honest here… I’ve been thinking, and asking questions, picking people’s brains, and exploring options, and discussing, and exploring MORE options, and checking my conscience - and my ego, and praying on this non-stop since the CCBH shared their recommendations. I still have a very difficult time taking off my dad and grandpa hat on this one. I get absolutely worked into a frenzy over our students’ safety. But we’ve heard from many of you about how important you feel it is to provide our kids with some sort of fall season as best we can, so that’s what we’re trying to do.  Here’s our disclaimer: As you can tell, things change quickly, and we might have to pull the plug at any time. Please know, we are doing everything we can to help our student athletes still have some semblance of normalcy while maximizing their safety. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we move forward with this one very careful step at a time.  

Last week, I mentioned in our District Update that we would be “putting the program on hold.” I am so sorry if this caused confusion. We WILL still be offering the option to all families K-12. We just needed time to work through the CCBH recommendation and wanted to share more information with parents about how our regular remote learning would look. (Hopefully, after reading above, you feel a little better about things.) Now, if you have already registered and want to keep your name on the list for the Remote Learning Option, you don’t have to do anything! If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, and still want to, click on the link below. If you signed up and want to remove yourself from the list, please email us at: communications@fairview.k12.oh.us

The deadline for registration is the end of business on August 12th.
We know that starting school in a remote mode will create difficulties for those parents whose ability to work is dependent on the need to have their children supervised during school hours, one or more days a week.  In an effort to help with this challenge, we are currently exploring several options for a possible fee-based program which would provide a supervised workspace for students to participate in remote learning while their parents go to work (this will be based on need, not convenience). This would be for students in grades K-6 during regular instructional hours, approximately 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. This is still very tentative and in preliminary planning as we explore the logistics of this possibility. No promises, folks!  This is still very much in the “What if?” stages.  We understand that being in remote mode is very difficult for many of our families, and we want to help if we can. So that we can continue to plan, please fill out this survey if this is something you would need. This program will be open to students in the Fairview Park City School District only. Please only complete the form only if your ability to work is dependent on the need to have your child or children supervised during school hours one or more days a week.

In hopes and anticipation that we return to the classrooms, you may want to start stocking up on some supplies. This weekend (August 7-9) is the Ohio Sales Tax Holiday. Supply lists for our elementary students are available on our district website. 

If you do not have reliable wireless internet, please let us know by reaching out to our Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, Carrie Sullivan at csullivan@fairview.k12.oh.us

For our youngest learners, pre-school and daycare information is being finalized and more information will be coming soon. 


As we all continue to plan for the upcoming school year, we want to update you on some important changes to the planned opening of Polaris Career Center.  Instruction for all Polaris students will begin on September 8, 2020 utilizing a blended-learning model with a specific schedule for each program.  Please note that juniors and seniors will not be starting Polaris classes the week of August 31 as previously communicated.  Polaris teachers will be contacting students and parents the week of August 31 to communicate specific program information regarding instruction and weekly program schedules.  Also during the week of August 31, students and parents are encouraged to schedule a time with their teachers to drop-off tools, tour their programs and ask questions.  We understand that Polaris Career Center is a much different learning environment than our partner school districts.  That being said, we will be working to safely bring students back into our unique learning environments following industry specific CDC recommendations.  For the most up-to-date information on the Polaris Career Center Responsible Restart Plan, please visit www.polaris.edu/updates.

Students attending Polaris will receive school transportation. Bus departure time will be communicated soon. 

As we prepare to begin the school year remotely, your student should make sure his/her school-owned device is ready. If you have any questions or possible repairs, please contact support@fairview.k12.oh.us

For our incoming 6th grade students, a schedule has been developed to come and exchange iPads for MacBooks. Please click here to view the schedule and note your student’s scheduled time. If this time does not work for you, please contact support@fairview.k12.oh.us