News from the Road to Re-Opening:     August 7, 2020

Hard at Work
The CBS Re-Entry Task Force continues to prepare for our eventual return to services and other activities at the shul. Our current emphasis is on entry and exit procedures that are consistent with our needs for cleanliness and social distancing.

Kudos to the following Task Force members who log long hours each week to make sure we will be ready when the time comes:

Elian Bar-Av
Caren Evans  
Elisa Hirschfield
Michael Igel
Wendy Lenett  
Dr. Eric Steckler  
Karen Tashman
Rabbi Danielle Upbin
Rabbi David Weizman

And special thanks to Renee Feinman and Jeff Liss, who help us prepare our communications. 

When we finally begin to re-open CBS for services and other activities, health and safety are our primary concerns. However, we also want to be sure we re-open in a way that meets the needs and desires of our members. To that end, we will soon be launching a short survey that asks for your thoughts about Shabbat attendance in a COVID world as well as your input on how to keep our members engaged. Please respond to the survey when it arrives in your email in the next few days.  

Re-Opening Guide
As we continue along the Road to Re-Opening, we will be publishing a guide that outlines our policies and procedures.  The first two parts of this guide are available now on the Re-Entry page of the CBS website. Other parts will follow in the coming weeks.  

Keeping in Touch
We will update you again next week. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please email us at

Steve Shepard
Re-Entry Task Force Chair