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Hello Loyola families,

Thank you to those who completed last week's survey regarding your choice of in school learning or distance learning for your child. We are keeping the survey open for those who have not yet completed it.  We also know some of you need more time to answer and that is okay too. Also know, an answer now doesn't require that learning scenario for the entire year or any amount of time. Click on this survey to let us know your child's plan on returning to in-person class or distance learning at home. Please submit one survey per household. 

I've included a video message this week that touches on some of the details we've been working on: 

August 7, 2020
August 7, 2020

It is always our goal to balance our enrollment growth while continuing to offer a safe and nurturing environment for our students and staff, no matter the circumstances. Although there has been an increased interest in new students enrolling at Loyola, in certain grades we will be capping grades to ensure small and safe class sizes and rest assured that any current student that chooses distance learning will still have a spot within their grade when they return to in-person learning. 

It is also our goal to make sure ALL of our students feel welcome and safe at Loyola, regardless of their learning choice. We recognized the significance of academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual health of all of our students and plan to address each within our classes.

We continue to review best practices while collaborating with local health officials to ensure a Smart Re-start for Loyola Catholic School families. Our complete plans and safety guidelines will be available in the coming days and will be shared; however the following guidelines have been solidified:

  • Under the current state mandate, as well as under the guidance of multiple other health resources, as of today, we are required to have K-12 students and all staff wear masks. Socially-distanced, outdoor activities/classes, and lunch are the current exceptions. Please note, this may change, but as of today this is how it would be at the beginning of the school year. We will have a local health official talk to our students about the importance of masks, how to properly wear masks, and how to properly wash hands. We ask that you have your child start wearing a mask now, to help them get used to wearing them for longer periods of time. Masks have been added to the school supply list, see below for details.

    *Please note: DHS has put out specific guidelines for preschoolers; information on masks will be communicated by teachers. 
  • We will require all students to have their own water bottles, as the traditional water fountains will not be able to be used. Water bottle should be filled at home prior to arrival. Bottles will be able to be filled during the day at staggered times.
  • Loyola will provide hand sanitizer and will be available throughout the building.
  • The Loyola building will be professionally cleaned and sanitized each evening, and throughout the day, routinely and as needed.
  • Lockers will not be used for 6-12 students. Students will be permitted to carry their backpacks with them throughout the day. Elementary lockers will be spaced out; every third locker will be assigned, and each grade will be staggered throughout the hall to cut down on hallway congestion. 
  • Our schedules are being built to minimize mass movements of people yet will still offer all of the available courses at Loyola. This schedule is also easier to flex between in-person and distance learning.
  • We are also working through the details of our start and dismissal times, locations and procedures. As we review guidelines, we do expect that some procedures may not be as convenient this year. 
We are currently working through the details of our back to school night. Watch for a separate communication in the coming days.

For those that are choosing distance learning for your family, you will be receiving additional details and information in a separate communication.

We know you have many questions on the remaining details of our back to school plan. All questions submitted by email will be reviewed by our leadership team and will be addressed as soon as possible either by a direct response or within the coming parent updates that you will receive. We thank you for your support and patience!

I also have a couple of  staffing updates to announce:

Back in June I informed Ruthie Corcoran, our media specialist that we would not be having a media specialist position for this upcoming school year. With the impact of COVID-19 I certainly had hopes that conditions would change and allow us to resume the position and media center space as normal but that unfortunately hasn't changed. Ruthie has left an imprint on Loyola for a lifetime with her creative and innovative media center programs and ideas and had a convincing way to even get staff to dress up as characters in front of the entire school. She will be missed and we thank you Ruthie! She wants everyone to know she will miss you all and to keep reading!

Sam Smith, Development Officer, has let us know that his last day at Loyola will be August 14. We thank Sam for his efforts at Loyola and wish him well! 

This vacancy gives us the opportunity to examine the precise needs of the development department. As we look to strengthen the foundation of our school, growing our development capabilities will be an important focus for our community. Watch for more information on the development department as we move forward.


Adam Bemmels
School Leader/PS-12 Principal
Please see below for a few updates:

Bishop LeVoir
The Loyola community offers its prayers to Bishop John LeVoir following news that Pope Francis has accepted his retirement. Bishop LeVoir has served as the bishop of the Diocese of New Ulm for the last 12 years and has been involved in Loyola's all school masses over the past few years. Click here for the full statement from Bishop LeVoir.
Activities Update:

Fall sports update
On Tuesday, the MSHSL put out guidelines for fall sports, including moving volleyball and football to the spring, and adding a 4th season, May-July. Please click here for the email that was sent to Loyola families on Wednesday.

NEW: If your 7-12 student decides to participate in all 4 sports seasons this year, you will only be billed for 3 of them. This is a great opportunity for students to get involved in something new! 

Fall sports meeting
The fall sports meeting (for cross country, boys soccer, girls soccer) will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 6pm on the Loyola soccer field. Please park in the main parking lot and walk over- the gate will be open. Masks are not required since we are meeting outside, but please wear one if you wish. We also ask that all attendees practice social distancing by spreading out. If we need to move to the gym due to weather reasons, masks will be required. Please be sure to complete these forms for your fall athlete.

School supply lists
Click here for preschool-5 list
Click here for 6-8 list

*Added items:
K-12: five cloth masks with appropriate design, messaging.  Please be sure you are purchasing the correct size for your child. Masks should be labeled with initials and grade with a permanent marker.  Loyola will have masks on hand if a student forgets their mask. Our expectation is that students have a clean mask for every school day.

PS-12: Refillable water bottle, labeled with name and grade. 

Grades 1-5: one utility tote, as pictured:
dimensions are approx. 15 1/2 inches by 14 inches, 10 1/2 inches tall

For example, at Target:  https://bit.ly/TargetUtilityTote

Girl Scouts
The Girl Scouts have asked us to pass along information about their programs to our families. Click here for kindergarten information, click here for other general information.

Crusader Golf Classic
Join us for a great day of golf! Four-person, 18 hole scramble.
Registration and event details can be found  here.
We look forward to seeing you on the course!

SCRIP reminder
Did you know that Loyola families have earned up to $2,000 a year in tuition credit just by using gift cards to stores/restaurants they already frequent? For more information or to get started, contact the Scrip team: scrip@loyolacatholicschool.org.

Order Date/Pick up Date

Referral reminder
Loyola is excited to announce a new student referral program for Loyola families. You will receive $250+ credit toward your family's FACTS billing accounts.
  • The New Student Referral Incentive Program awards a current referring Loyola family a tuition credit for each new student that enrolls and actually attends Loyola Catholic School. 
  • Earn a $250 tuition credit for each new student in grades 1-5, 7-8, 10-12. 
(Refer a family that enrolls two students in those grades and receive a $500 tuition credit, refer a family that enrolls three students in those grades and receive a $750 tuition credit, etc.)
  • Earn a $500 tuition credit for each new student in grades K, 6, 9. 
(Refer a family that enrolls two students in those grades and receive a $1000 tuition credit, refer a family that enrolls three students in those grades and receive a $1500 tuition credit, etc.)
  • The referral program is for parents or guardians who are paying tuition for enrolled students (preschool through grade 12) at the time of credit distribution. 
  • Credit will be given after the new student completes one full quarter (40-45 days)
  • Credits can not be transferred
  • New preschool students not applicable (No tuition credit will be earned for referring a new preschool student.) However, preschool families who refer a K-12 student will receive a credit to their account to be applied to future kindergarten tuition.
  • New student referral incentive program forms are available in FACTS or in the reception area.