The Lions Gate
Light Language - Light Code 8.8 Activations

Message ~
On 8.8 we are in the Lion’s Gate Portal, which is a time of Increased Energy Flowing between the Spiritual and Physical Realms. Many people use this date as an opportunity to increase their own personal levels of energy, for humanity and our earth. It’s a perfect and beautiful time to immerse the embodiment into this 8.8 Portal. It’s a super-duper time to increase your energy, creativity and healing on many levels, meet with your Angels, Spirit Guides and Spirit Family. There is an inpouring of amazing Light Codes, that will help open the soul’s consciousness to higher levels, which increases a natural Cosmic rhythm as above, so below.  
The Lion’s Gate occurs when the Sun is in an alignment with the astrological sign of Leo, and the Star of Sirius, thus creating an alignment with the Giza Pyramids.  The Lion is of Strength, bravery and determination. The Leo strives on Creative Expression, is warm-hearted and is very generous. 
In Numerology, the 88 represents spiritual growth, being surrounded by your Angels and Guides, transformation, abundance, prosperity and success, inner wisdom, the infinite of ebb and flow, weaving and flowing life in its multi-faceted fibers and frequency.   
During this Lion’s Gate on 8.8, we are given the opportunity to anchor the Crystal Light Codes within our embodiment. This Portal offers us a time to LET GO and Release, so that we can Receive
Within this 8.8 Portal we are in a higher consciousness, and creating contact to the higher worlds of knowledge and wisdom. Beautiful Light beams stream through us, activating and awakening our DNA, and raising our vibrational frequencies in the progression of our path and purpose.
During this Lions Gate Activation, we will place emphasis on the 3rd Chakra. The Solar Plexus is the Personal Power of our Embodiment, it’s how we act/re-act to people, places and situations around us. We will Activate the 3rd Chakra to expand your energy as it begins to realign the upper chakras all the way up to the Crown. As the Alignment begins, you start to fuel your embodiment from the Star Sirus to your Cosmic Powers. These energies are the next newer Codes that can be download from this planet to help in your Awakening Process. We are constantly receiving, and with the help of the Lions Gate on 8.8, we are provided a much greater affect to the embodiment. Can you imagine your Personal Power opening up through this Portal? Activating the Embodiment to be the Receiver and the Transmitter, what an Amazing Gift to receive and give.
It’s time to
REMOTE Light Language-Light Code 8.8. Activation ~ Meditation
Please join us on 8.8 @ 8:00 pm YOUR TIME, as we emerge and immerse ourselves into this astounding Light Code Frequency Field. 
The majority of this 8.8. Activation-Guided Meditation will be transmitted via Light Language. Language of Light is a Higher Presence of Energy that is emitted through Sound Frequency, Sacred Geometry and Rays of Light, producing and formulating a Divine Essence. The incantation of this Sacred Light produces an energy formula that may activate the imbalanced or depleted area (s) that need the life force to flow again. As the Intonements are chanted, Sparks of Golden Light Ignite the sleeping cells, sending positive subliminal messages and frequency of this Golden Light into the entire embodiments system, that may begin to remove obstructed, lodged, stuck or dormant energy. Once it is lifted, this Golden Light begins to create and blend “new” energies over-lighting the old, to Rejuvenate, Repair and Regenerate the embodiment. Your Higher Self knows this Language of Light, and when the Ego is Released from trying to understand it, the Heart is Free to Receive the Magical and Harmonious Energy it provides.
Each participant will receive a pre-recorded Light Language Light Code Audio-Activation Recording. As you go deep into your meditation, you’ll not only activate the 3rd Chakra, but the Crown as well, so that these two Chakras can make a greater Contact for ebb and flow needed within. As these two Chakras merge the New Light Codes, you will also begin to realign into the higher self, and create a whirling new energy to create a Daily Shielding of Protection around you. Like a good Insurance Policy, there is a lot of Coverage blanketed over you.
8.8 is a great time to integrate this new Energy pouring into us, as it continues throughout the month of August. 

What:     REMOTE Light Language - Light Code 8.8 Activations

When: Monday, 8.8. @ 8:00 pm YOUR TIME
***Please note, IF you are unable to join and receive on Monday, 8.8. @ 8 pm, there will a Light Language-Light Code Activation Pre-recorded Audio for you to listen to ANYTIME.  
Where:          In YOUR own Personal Space
Exchange:    Donation (thank you)
(Venmo or Zelle, please contact me if you would like to donate using this method)
May you be Blessed and offered the multiple Gifts of Grace and Love upon you this day and always. 
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In Love and Light,
Mary Martin
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