The Lions Gate

A Day of Prayer
8.8 The Lions Gate

On 8.8 we are in the Lion’s Gate Portal, which is a time of Increased Energy Flowing between the Spiritual and Physical Realms. Many people use this date as an opportunity to increase their own personal levels of energy, for humanity and our earth. It’s a perfect and beautiful time to immerse the embodiment into this 8.8 Portal

The Lion’s Gate occurs when the Sun is in an alignment with the astrological sign of Leo. The Lion is of Strength, bravery and determination.  The Leo Strives on Creative Expression, is warm-hearted and is very generous. 

During this Lion’s Gate on 8.8, we are given the opportunity to anchor our crystal codes within our House (our embodiment). This Portal offers us a time to LET GO and Release, so that we can Receive

Within this 8.8 Portal we are in a higher consciousness creating contact to the higher worlds of knowledge and wisdom. Beautiful Light streams through us, activating and awakening our DNA, and raising our vibrational frequencies in the progression of our path and purpose. 

This date is an excellent day to Pray for Self, Other, Nature, Humanity, Earth and so much more. 

Prayer is a Practice of bringing forth the Light of Source through Hope, Healing's and Answers from that of what is asked of. 

I would like to Pray for You and with You on this 8.8 Date!!!

Whatever your Prayer need is, please find peace of mind, that you are not alone.

Your Prayer request is of sacred trust, and is kept confidential.

Praying with you, permeates an Energy throughout the universe, sending powerful Energetic Transmissions to you and your loved ones, increasing the success of these Prayers being Prayed for.

On Saturday, 8.8 (The Lions Gate) I will hold Sacred Space, Pray and offer Blessings for You!!! 

There isn’t any specific time for this offering,
it is whenever you are ready to Reflect and Receive

If you or someone else you know would like to participate, simply respond to this email with your names and intentions, or click this Link to share with others.

Please send your Prayer Request for a General Prayer, a Loved One who is Sick or Dying, Emotional trauma, Pet or Animal, Nature, Events, Addictions, Healing (of any type), for Family and Friends, or whatever Prayers you would like to ask of. 

This is also a great opportunity to Anchor the Light Codes within, as to House and Hold the New Energy Codes we are receiving, that will help upgrade our sacred system.

May You Be Blessed and Enriched with the Light of Healing and Love. 

Please feel free to share this Message with others.

Mary Martin Medium

Guided Hands offers Energy Experiences to assist in Spiritual Activation's, while Awakening the Embodiment’s System during this Accessional Process.
As a Minister, Messenger, Medium, Mentor, Mediator, Muse and Modern-Day Mystic, Mary helps people connect to their Spiritual Embodiment, through their Akashic Records, Activation's, Karmic Balancing, Attunement's, Clearings, Healings, and Blessings by Teaching and Assisting one to raise and maintain their own vibrational frequency.
As a Humanitarian and Spiritual Teacher, she has dedicated her life and abilities to helping people Worldwide and is committed in these services through travels, healings, messages, teachings and charitable offerings as a Mother of Many.

Guided Hands is open for Full Services via Phone or In-Person. Please contact Mary for availability.

Thank you and Blessings.

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